UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 24-25, 1901


Volume OC - Pages 205-208

Reno, Nevada

January 24, 1901

At a meeting of the Board of Regents held January 24, 1901.

Present J. N. Evans, W. E. F. Deal and W. W. Booher. Also

Dr. J. E. Stubbs, President of the State University being in


The following preamble and resolution was adopted:

WHEREAS, the sum of Seven Hundred dollars has been received

from Dr. Herbert Z. Kip as a donation,

RESOLVED, that the same be expended in the payment of the

following claims:

Gustavus D. Julien $160.00

A. Lietz Co. 240.00

Geo. H. Taylor 263.25

E. A. Fish 12.00

J. H. Dye 17.00


Total Paid $692.25

The following claims were presented, allowed and ordered to be


Agriculture and Mechanical College Fund - No. 2786-2813

January Payroll Salaries $1754.17

Peter Frandsen 2.00

Gus Kappo 3.25

C. P. Andrews 51.55

C. W. Prentiss 7.00

J. R. Bradley Co. 4.50

Richards & Co. 6.47

William H. Guild Co. 7.10

Wempe Bros. 15.00

Payot Upham & Co. 7.45

A. Lietz Co. 10.38

Mining & Metallurgical Journal 2.50

Munu Co. 7.00

Geo. H. Taylor 104.67


Total $1983.04

Experiment Station Hatch Fund - No. 2828-2852

January Payroll - Salaries $ 764.35

January Payroll - Labor 139.50

R. B. Howcroft 78.00

Franklin Engineering Co. 11.00

Wm. R. Jenkins 9.50

Reno Mercantile Co. 11.65

B. J. Genesy 6.00

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 5.04

Geo. H. Taylor 23.95


Total $1048.99

Contingent University Fund & Interest Account - No. 1-8

January Payroll - Salaries $1184.14

Ada Torreyson 3.25

Estate S. A. Wells 243.00

Reno Water, Land & Light Co. 75.00

Gabriel Lafayo 19.00

R. B. Howcroft 24.75

Cann Drug Co. 13.75

C. F. Weber & Co. 62.25


Total $1625.14

RESOLVED, that hereafter no debts be contracted and that no

bills be run or expenses incurred for any purpose whatsoever

except after an order made authorizing the same at a meeting of

the Board of Regents, except in case of absolute necessity and

then only upon the written recommendation of the President of

the University, approved by the President of the Board of Regents

in writing.

RESOLVED further, that after the present month, a meeting of the

Board of Regents be held each and every month on the last Thurs-

day of each month at 10 o'clock A.M., except during vacation


It is unanimously RESOLVED, that whensoever a student shall have

been suspended for immorality, that such student shall not be

permitted to return to the University except by the order of the

Board of Regents made at a meeting of the Board.

RESOLVED, that his Excellency the Governor of the State, the

Honorable the State Senators, the Honorable the members of the

Assembly be and they are hereby cordially invited to visit and

carefully examine the State University at any and all times to

determine for themselves the condition and necessities of the


RESOLVED, that the Secretary of the Board forthwith communicate

to the Governor, the State Senators and the Assembly, the action

of the Board.

It was unanimously ordered that a contract for plastering the

first and second floors of the new Hatch building be awarded to

A. W. Holmes for Three Hundred and Thirty Two 50/100 dollars


It was ordered that the following bills for rebuilding, refitting

and changing the new Mining building be paid:

Insurance Building Fund - No. 45-55

H. S. Starrett $ 30.00

Geo. H. Taylor 12.50

Reno Ledger 5.00

Geo. H. Taylor 9.50

E. R. Dodge 10.00

F. M. Schadler 40.00

Caine & Schadler 1000.00

Gazette Pub. Co. 6.00

C. H. Marshall 6.50

Caine & Schadler 1460.00

F. C. Savage 520.77


Total $3100.27

It was ordered that a complete steam heating apparatus with all

connections and everything else necessary for heating purposes

be purchased and installed for a price not to exceed $864 for

the new Hatch building.

The Secretary is hereby ordered to copy from the minutes of the

Board, all orders, rules and resolutions for the Government of

the University and have the same ready by the next meeting of the


It is ordered that the State University register for the year

1900 be and the same is hereby approved.

It is ordered that the Board adjourn until the next regular

meeting or until call by the President of the Board.

J. N. Evans


W. E. F. Deal

Secretary Pro Tem