UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 20-21, 1887


Volume OB - Page 37

                         State of Nevada

                           Carson City

                    Thursday January 20, 1887

Pursuant to adjournment the Board of Regents met in Carson City

this day, Thursday, January 20, 1887.  Present:  Regents J. H.

Rand and H. G. Shaw.

Regent J. H. Rand, President of the Board, occupied the Chair.

Regent H. G. Shaw acted as Secretary Pro Tem.

The claim of Messrs. V. L. Clinton for $3.00 for engraving finan-

cial exhibits to be attached to Biennial Report was approved and

ordered paid out of the Regents Fund.

The Board then proceeded to the consideration of the Biennial

Report and matters pertaining thereto, and after being in session

eight hours, adjourned to meet in Carson City tomorrow, Friday,

January 21, 1887.

                             J. H. Rand


H. G. Shaw

Secretary Pro Tem