UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 18-19, 1957

Volume 7 - Pages 301-303

                    UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA
                       REGENTS MEETING
                      January 18, 1957

The Board of Regents met in regular session in Room 205, Morrill
Hall, University of Nevada, on Friday, January 18, 1957.  The
meeting was called to order by Chairman Grant at 9:30 A.M.  Pres-
ent:  Regents Lombardi, Thompson, Anderson, Grant; and President
Stout.  Present to discuss the Mc Henry Report:  Deans Weems,
Adams, Carlson, Holstine, Irwin, Mobley, Yingling, Moose, Palmer,
Scheid; Academic Vice President Wood, Engineer Poolman, Librarian
Hill and Comptroller Hayden.  Reporters who covered the meeting:
Laxalt, Armstrong, Hulse, Finch and Bigler.  Mr. Neil Humphrey
of the Nevada Taxpayers Association and Mrs. Dorothy Caffrey
were present as observers.

 1.  Minutes of Previous Meeting

     Motion of Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the minutes
     of the regular meeting of January 4, 1957 be approved.

 2.  Mc Henry Report

     Copies of the report by Dr. Dean Mc Henry and his survey
     committee had been distributed to members of the Administra-
     tive Committee for study and consultation with their Depart-
     ment Heads and faculties.  They have now been asked to pre-
     sent to the Regents the points in the report which they be-
     lieve to be good, and also to note those facts which are
     wrong.  Dr. Stout called on Dr. William R. Wood to present
     the Academic Deans.

     Dr. Wood suggested that in final consideration of the report
     3 main points be studied - (a) the purpose of the study,
     (b) the method of the study itself and (c) the conclusions
     or findings.

     Dr. Wood called on the following for brief report and dis-

         Dean Stanley G. Palmer, College of Engineering
         Dean Vernon Scheid, Mackay School of Mines
         Dean Ralph Irwin, College of Arts and Science
         Dean James E. Adams, College of Agriculture
         Dean Garold D. Holstine, College of Education

Dr. S. W. Leifson, Chairman of the University Committee on
Nuclear Engineering, came into the meeting during the morning,
to discuss the work and recommendations of his Committee.

The meeting recessed at 12:00 noon for luncheon in the University
Dining Hall.

The recessed meeting was called to order at 1:05 P.M. by Chairman
Grant, with all present who were at the morning session, except
Mrs. Caffrey (observer).

     Dr. Wood called on the following for brief report and dis-

         Dean Robert C. Weems, Jr., College of Business
         Dean Joe Moose, Research and Graduate Studies
         Mr. J. J. Hill, Librarian

Student Body President Charles Coyle and Associated Women Stu-
dents' President Barbara Cavanaugh came into the meeting at 2:10
P.M. as observers.

     President Stout called on the following for brief report and

         Mr. P. W. Hayden, Comptroller
         Dean William D. Carlson, Student Affairs
         Miss Elaine Mobley, Dean of Women

Mrs. Mabel Isbell and Mr. James Bailey of the Washoe County As-
sembly delegation came into the meeting to hear the report on
building needs of the University.

     President Stout called on Mr. Poolman, University Engineer,
     who discussed the Mc Henry Report as it pertained to his
     area of work.

     Mr. Poolman then distributed duplicated copies of "Capital
     Outlay Financing, a study to present the problem of the
     University in its building program, and suggesting a solu-
     tion by permissive legislation for revenue financing."  He
     followed with a general discussion of the University's
     building program.

Mrs. Isbell and Mr. Bailey left the meeting, after thanking the
Board of Regents for the privilege of attending this portion of
the meeting.

     Dr. Wood discussed, in general, the recommendations of the
     Mc Henry Report.

     In the above discussions on the Mc Henry Report, it was
     brought out that many of the conclusions reached were based
     on insufficient information.  Some Deans reported that mem-
     bers of the survey team had spent little or no time with
     them or with members of their staff.  All believed that the
     recommendations concerning the various areas of University
     work are worthy of careful study and consideration.  In
     some instances, recommended improvements are already under
     way, others are being studied and others are not possible
     at this time for financial or other reasons.

 3.  President's Recommendations

     President Stout presented the following recommendations,
     based on the findings of the Mc Henry Survey Committee:

     (1)  That the University seek legislation removing it from
          the control of the State Purchasing Department, the
          State Personnel System and the pre-audit.

          Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the
          recommendation be approved.

     (2)  That the University seek permissive legislation to
          enable it to improve the retirement program, and to
          provide a participating insurance program for health,
          hospitalization and death benefits, in line with
          resolutions from the special faculty committees ap-
          pointed to study these matters.

          Motion by Dr. Anderson carried unanimously that the
          recommendation be approved.

     (3)  That the University seek permissive legislation to
          enable it to issue revenue bonds for University

          Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the
          recommendation be approved.

     It was agreed, by consensus, that the President seek the
     advice of the Attorney General in the above items, (1),
     (2) and (3), and that they be discussed with the legisla-
     tive committees concerned, prior to presenting them to the

     President Stout recommended that a statement of intent be
     adopted for the Governor and the Legislators that of the
     7 1/2% requested for salary increases for each year of the
     biennium, 5% will be used for across-the-board increases,
     and 2 1/2% will be available for merit increases.

     Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the state-
     ment be approved and made a part of the minutes of this

 4.  New Building - Reno

     Referring to action of the Regents at the meeting of
     January 4, 1957,

     Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the building
     being erected on the site of the old Chemistry building be
     named Silas E. Ross Hall.

     A letter was read from the State Planning Board stating that
     the Board had taken action to invite the Grand Lodge of Free
     and Accepted Masons of Nevada to lay the cornerstone of the
     Silas E. Ross Hall.

 5.  Signatures for Change Orders

     In order that University building construction might not be
     delayed by the necessity of mailing change orders to and
     from the Chairman of the Board,

     Motion by Dr. Anderson carried unanimously that either the
     Chairman or the Vice Chairman of the Board of Regents be
     authorized to sign change orders on University buildings.

 6.  Las Vegas Building

     The State Planning Board has set March 17, 1957 at 2 P.M.
     as the date and time for laying the cornerstone of the Las
     Vegas Classroom building.

The meeting adjourned at 5:35 P.M.

                             A. C. Grant

Alice Terry