UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 18-19, 1956

Volume 7 - Pages 200-207

                    UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA
                       REGENTS MEETING
                      January 18, 1956

The Board of Regents met in regular session in the President's
office on Wednesday, January 18, 1956.  The meeting was called
to order by the Chairman at 9:45 A.M.  Present:  Regents Hardy,
Grant, Thompson, Lombardi, Ross; Comptroller Hayden and President

Reporters who covered the morning session were Bob Laxalt, Bryn
Armstrong, Jim Hulse and Bob Bennyhoff.

 1.  Minutes of Previous Meeting

     Motion by Mr. Grant carried unanimously that the minutes
     of the regular meeting of December 17, 1995 be approved.

 2.  Comptroller's Claims

     Claims were presented, as follows, for approval of the
     Board, having been previously approved by the Executive

         Regents Checks, Nos. 56-98 to 56-114 inclusive for a
         total of $199,177.60 for December.

         State Claims, Nos. 56-69 to 56-81 inclusive for a
         total of $129,858.46 for December.

     Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the claims
     be approved.

 3.  Bid Opening - Demolishing Victory Heights

     Report was presented as follows:

         On Friday, January 6, 1955, at 4 P.M., a meeting was
         held in the President's office for the purpose of open-
         ing bids for demolishing a portion of the Victory
         Heights Housing Project, as per notice duly published
         in local papers.  Present:  Comptroller Hayden, Engi-
         neer Poolman and President Stout.

         Only one bid was received, that from Joseph D. Ballinger
         and Company of Oakland, California.  It was opened by
         President Stout and did not meet the specifications of
         the bid notice.  It was, therefore, ordered returned.

     Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the report be
     accepted and the action approved.

     Mr. Hayden discussed the matter, pointing out that the only
     bidder had asked for payment to him, whereas the University
     had requested payment from the bidder.  Since 2, and pos-
     sibly 3, more buildings will be vacated during the coming
     Summer, he proposed to readvertise for demolishing all of
     the vacant buildings at that time, giving opportunity for
     bidders to offer to pay the University or to be paid by the

     Upon recommendation by President Stout:

     Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the Univer-
     sity proceed to have the units removed, first by contacting
     the State Prison regarding use of Prison labor; and if that
     is not successful, to advertise for bids for demolishing,
     removal of the buildings and cleaning up the premises.

Dean Bertrand came into the meeting at 9:50 A.M.

 4.  Personnel Recommendations

     Recommendations were presented by President Stout.

     Motion by Mr. Grant carried unanimously that they be ap-
     proved, as follows:

     College of Education

     1)  Supervising Teachers for Fall semester 1955, as follows:

         Louise Mendive               Sparks High School    $180
         Sessions Wheeler             Reno High School      $ 60*

        *This in addition to the contract for same amount approv-
         ed December 3, 1955)

     College of Arts and Science

     1)  Resignation of Betty J. Eilertsen as Assistant Professor
         of Foreign Languages, effective December 30, 1955, for
         reasons of health.

     Las Vegas Evening Division

     1)  Reappointment of Paul L. Gardner as Lecturer in English
         at a salary of $450 for the period November 14, 1955 to
         January 28, 1956.

     2)  Reappointment of Frank E. Iddings as Lecturer in Music
         at a salary of $112.50 for the period November 14, 1955
         to January 28, 1956.

     3)  Reappointment of Chester B. Sobsey as Lecturer in Jour-
         nalism at a salary of $337.50 for the period November
         14, 1955 to January 28, 1956.

     Mackay School of Mines

     1)  Appointment of Robert Carlton Horton as Assistant Mining
         Engineer, Nevada Bureau of Mines, at a salary rate of
         $5520 per year, effective January 1, 1956.  This is a
         replacement for Mr. Victor Kral, who resigned December
         31, 1954.

 5.  Farm Sale and Purchase of Property

     a)  Sale of South Virginia Street Farm - Mr. Hayden reported
         that Mr. Le Vere Redfield had made payment, as per his
         agreement, in the amount of $600,000.  The check not
         being a cashier's check and being drawn on a out-of-town
         bank, was referred to a local bank for clearance.

     b)  Purchase of Gilbert Property - Mr. Ross, on the morning
         of the Regents' meeting, was served with a writ of at-
         tachment showing Henry F. Bennett as Plaintiff, and
         Robert S. Gilbert as Defendant.  Letter was also re-
         ceived by Mr. Ross and acknowledged by him in the meet-
         ing advising that Messrs. Hawkins, Rhodes and Hawkins,
         and Mr. Sidney Robinson were acting as counsel for Mr.
         Bennett in connection with his claim for real estate
         broker's commission as against Robert S. Gilbert,
         arising out of the sale of the Gilbert Ranch to the

         The following letter was received by the Comptroller and
         referred to the Regents:

             Comptroller                    January 17, 1956
             University of Nevada
             Reno, Nevada

             Dear Sir:

             This letter is to advise you that I have heretofore
             entered into an agreement to trade my property on
             which you now hold an option to Ancil Hoffman and
             his wife, Maude.  This agreement is made subject
             to your option.  All dealings that you may have
             regarding the property should be had with Mr. Hoff-
             man and his wife.

             The Washoe Title Insurance Company has been so

                             Yours very truly,

                         /s/ Robert S. Gilbert

Mr. Gilbert came into the meeting at 10:25 A.M.

         Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that, proceed-
         ing on the assumption that instructions have been fol-
         lowed, as stated in the minutes of the meeting of
         December 17, 1955, and that all papers have been filed
         necessary to the consummation of the transaction,
         $525,000 be placed in escrow for the purchase of the
         Gilbert property with the Washoe Title Insurance Com-
         pany, subject to the check of Mr. Redfield being

         Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the filling
         out of papers in this connection be delegated to Regent

         Motion by Mr. Grant carried unanimously that the Board
         authorize the payment of 1/2 of the title insurance fee
         and 1/2 of the escrow fee on the Gilbert property, and
         that the best deal possible be worked out in regard to
         these fees.

         Comptroller Hayden received word from the local bank
         that the Redfield check had been cleared.

Mr. Gilbert left the meeting at 10:50 A.M.

         Farm Budget and Plan of Operation

         Dean Bertrand presented his proposed plan for taking
         possession of the Gilbert property, and President Stout
         recommended that the plan be approved.

         Motion by Mr. Grant carried unanimously that the recom-
         mendation be approved, and the steps taken as follows:

         1.  Full payment should be made on January 18.

         2.  Mr. Gilbert should be permitted to keep possession
             of a portion of the land, corrals and barns until
             March 1, if necessary, in order to give him a
             reasonable period of time to make adjustments in
             his cattle operations.  He, of course, would con-
             tinue to pay costs related to the operation of his
             business while he is on the property.

         3.  Returns from rental units would be paid to the Uni-
             versity commencing on January 18 provided payment is
             made by the University on that date.  The University
             would in turn begin paying for utilities on the
             same date.

         4.  Mr. Gilbert would be permitted to retain the use of
             the main house and his hired man's house until he
             vacates the ranch on or before March 1.

         Dean Bertrand next presented his proposed budget for
         establishing operation on the Main Station Farm, showing
         a 5-year building program in the amount of $582,100, a
         building program for the first 2 of the 5 years in the
         amount of $384,200, and a restricted 2-year building
         program of $175,000.  Dean Bertrand discussed his pro-
         posals, explaining his plan for equipment and car pools,
         and for the general development of the project to meet
         the agricultural needs of the University and the State.
         Action was postponed.

Dean Bertrand left the meeting at this point.

         President Stout discussed the outstanding qualities of
         Dean Bertrand as Head of the College of Agriculture,
         and recommended that a place be provided on the Gilbert
         Ranch for his residence.

         Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the
         house in which the Gilberts have been living be desig-
         nated as a home for the Dean of Agriculture as an in-
         crease in his compensation, as of March 1, 1956, rent
         free and including utilities.

The meeting recessed at 12:05 noon for luncheon, and was called
to order by the Chairman at 2:35 P.M.  Dean Bertrand came into
the meeting in addition to those present for the morning session.

Reporters who covered the afternoon session were Bob Laxalt, Bob
Bennyhoff, Carl Digino, Ed Olsen and Jim Hulse.

 6.  Student Affairs

     a)  Student Union Fee - A group of students presented them-
         selves as a Student Union Board.  Mr. Hannifan, Chair-
         man, stated that there was some dissatisfaction among
         the students because the fee for the Student Union had
         been collected before bids were let on the building.
         The students approved the Student Union Constitution
         providing for the collection of the fee when bids were
         let.  When the Fall semester started, it was the belief
         of the students that bids would be let early in the
         semester.  On that basis, the Leadership Conference
         authorized the Administration to collect the $5 fee
         for the Fall semester 1955.  Mr. Hannifan explained
         that it is now apparent that bids will not be let for
         some time, causing the students to question the col-
         lection of the fee.

         Motion by Mr. Grant carried unanimously that the Comp-
         troller not collect the Student Union Fee of $5 for the
         2nd semester of the current school year, nor until such
         time as the contract has actually been let, in line with
         the provisions of the Student Union Constitution.

         Mr. Hayden estimated that there is now in the neighbor-
         hood of $6000 in the Fund, collected during the 1st
         semester of the school year.  At the suggestion of the
         student group, it was decided by consensus to keep the
         money already collected in the Student Union Fund to be
         used by the Student Union Board.

         Mr. Hannifan asked the Regents to urge the State Plan-
         ning Board to proceed on the Student Union building as
         soon as possible, because the need for the building is
         so great.  Mr. Eaton suggested that the next time the
         Regents meet with the State Planning Board, the student
         group be notified so that they, too, might be represent-

     b)  Student Survey Group and Legislative Session - Mr.
         William Eaton spoke for the group of students who con-
         ducted a survey among students to get their expression
         of the needs of the University.  He said that the pur-
         pose of the survey was to help the Administration get
         its program before the Legislature.  He offered the
         assistance of the students in any way, including their
         appearance before the Finance Committee, along with the
         President and the Regents.  He expressed the hope that
         the Regents would appear as a body to back up the re-
         quest of the President.

         Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the
         Regents appear in a body with the President at the
         meeting with the Governor and the Legislative Finance

         Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the
         offer of the students to support the Administration
         at this meeting be accepted with appreciation.

The students left the meeting at 3:30 P.M.

 7.  Budget - Main Station Farm

     After further discussion, it was agreed that only those
     items would be considered for the present which were con-
     sidered necessary for moving the Farm.

     President Stout recommended that $175,000 be placed in a
     reserve fund with a "hold" for a period of 1 year upon which
     the future budget for the new Farm may be drawn by the Col-
     lege of Agriculture, with the budget presented as rapidly as
     it can be made specific; the items for moving would be con-
     sidered necessary at this time.

     Motion by Mr. Grant carried unanimously that the Comptroller
     be instructed to place $100,000 on time deposit in a sepa-
     rate bank from that in which other University funds are
     kept, and that the remaining $75,000 be kept for the prudent
     use of the College of Agriculture in moving from the South
     Virginia Street Farm to the new Main Station Farm.

 8.  Names - Agricultural Buildings

     President Stout read a letter from Mr. Parsons, architect,
     asking that the Regents instruct him as to the exact names
     to be used for the two new Agricultural buildings - the
     classroom building and the Home Economics building.  Since
     the buildings are being made possible by the Fleischmann
     Foundation, it was the consensus of opinion that the group
     should be consulted.  The President was instructed to pre-
     sent the matter to the Trustees of the Fleischmann Founda-
     tion, before action is taken by the Board of Regents.

 9.  Remodeling Manzanita Hall

     Upon receipt of bids by the State Planning Board, the allot-
     ment for remodeling Manzanita Hall proved to be insufficient
     to carry out the original plans.  Mr. Poolman worked with
     the State Planning Board to find ways of using the allotted
     sum to the greatest advantage and to do as complete a job
     as possible with Manzanita Hall.  He suggested that built-in
     furniture be included in the remodeling on the 1st and 2nd
     floors, pointing out that it would not be necessary for this
     item to be handled by the State Planning Board and out of
     Legislative appropriation.

     Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the plan, as
     described and recommended, be approved.

     Motion by Mr. Grant carried unanimously that the Comptroller
     be authorized to advertise for bids immediately for the
     built-in furniture and floor covering to be paid from Uni-
     versity Dormitory funds.

10.  Farm Purchase (Continuation of Item 5b)

     Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that Chairman Ross
     be authorized to sign the check for payment of the Gilbert
     Ranch property.

     Mr. Thompson and Mr. Hayden left the meeting to deposit the
     check with the Washoe Title Insurance Company.

11.  Fees

     President Stout recommended approval of the proposals of the
     Fee Study Committee to establish fees for non-credit courses
     and to increase the present auditing fee.

     Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the Presi-
     dent be authorized to establish, when necessary, special
     fees for non-credit courses, conferences, workshops, post-
     graduate professional seminars and similar educational of-
     ferings, such fees to cover instructional and administrative

     Motion by Mr. Grant carried unanimously that, because of the
     sharp increase in auditors within the last 2 years, the in-
     crease in the costs of instruction, and the increase in the
     fee schedule for regular students, the auditing fee be in-
     creased from $5 to $7.50 per credit equivalent, effective
     July 1, 1956.

12.  Gifts

     Gifts received by the University were presented for accept-
     ance, as follows:

     a)  From Kennecott Copper Corporation, Nevada Mines Divi-
         sion, a check for $3500 to be used as follows:  $2000
         for purchase of library books and other reference mate-
         rial for the College of Business Administration; and
         $1500 for purchase of laboratory or other teaching
         equipment for the Mackay School of Mines.

     b)  From Dr. Arthur E. Orvis of Reno, $1000 payable to the
         President's Discretionary Fund.

     c)  From Sagen's (women's student organization) an annual
         scholarship award of $50, as follows:

                      THE SAGEN'S SCHOLARSHIP
                          Established 1955

         Award of $50 to a woman student.

         This annual award is presented by the Sagen's, the
         honorary service organization of the University of
         Nevada, to a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior
         woman student who has:

             1.  An overall grade point average of 2.75.
             2.  Outstanding character.
             3.  Been active in Campus activities.
             4.  Worthiness and financial need.

         The recipient will be selected by the Scholarships and
         Prizes Committee from a list of women students recom-
         mended by the Sagen's.

     d)  From Mr. A. E. Scolari of Ray Heating and Sheet Metal
         Works, Mr. H. E. Stewart of Nevada Transfer and Ware-
         house Company and Mr. Edward S. Parsons, architect, 3
         copies of Nation's Business each month, 2 copies to go
         to the College of Education and 1 copy to the College
         of Agriculture.

     Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the gifts
     be accepted and that a note of thanks be sent to the donors
     on behalf of the Board of Regents.

13.  Informal Report

     The informal report of the President was presented as

     a)  The 20th Century-Fox Film Corporation has made arrange-
         ments to film part of the picture "Hilda Crane" on the
         University Campus, and has agreed to pay to the Presi-
         dent's Discretionary Fund $1000 per day for each day of

     b)  Dean Palmer has held a meeting with the Civil Engineer-
         ing faculty, Mr. Shoupe and Mr. Guinn of the Highway
         Users, and Mr. Mills and Mr. Berning of the State High-
         way Department, in regard to the survey requested at
         the meeting of December 3, 1955.  Agreement was reached
         (1) to make a study of the employment offerings of pros-
         pective employers to see if the starting salaries, op-
         portunities for advancement and other desirable condi-
         tions of employment offered by the Nevada State Highway
         Department were below those of others, (2) to have
         representatives of the State Highway Department visit
         the Campus and talk to Senior classes of Engineering
         students to acquaint them with conditions of employment
         in the Highway Department.

     c)  A letter written by Mr. M. George Bissell of the State
         Planning Board addressed to Ferris & Erskine, archi-
         tects, was read as follows:

                                       Re Jot Travis Building
                                          University of Nevada


             The State of Nevada Planning Board at its January
             7, 1956 meeting directed this office to advise you
             that your current progress on the subject building
             is unsatisfactory and, to instruct you to proceed
             immediately with the work in strict accordance with
             the terms of the contract and their October 28, 1955
             directive to adhere to the written instructions of
             the University of Nevada Board of Regents.  It is
             requested that you immediately advise this office of
             your intent to comply with the instructions stipu-
             lated above.

     d)  President Stout reported that more than the $35,000 had
         been raised in Las Vegas for purchase of land and that
         all matters had now been cleared with the Bureau of Land
         Management.  Mrs. Wilbourn has received the patent from
         the Governor's office, all papers have been filed and
         the matter can now be closed.

     e)  Since Dean Palmer has indicated his desire to retire
         during the coming Summer, President Stout met with the
         Engineering College faculty and asked their cooperation
         by filling out a paper concerning the qualifications
         and selection of a new Dean.

Mr. Thompson and Mr. Hayden returned at 5 P.M.

14.  The Legislative Session

     President Stout distributed a summary budget sheet showing
     the following emergency needs for the operational budget,
     July 1, 1956 to June 30, 1957.

         Salary increases for staff              $329,687
         (other than classified personnel)

         Additional staff                         239,536

         Library                                   50,000

         Matching funds for research               13,000

     The meeting of the President and other University repre-
     sentatives with the Governor and the Legislative Finance
     Committee has been set for 1 P.M. on January 26, in the
     Governor's office.

     Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the Univer-
     sity present only those items to which the Governor agrees.

The meeting adjourned at 5:20 P.M. with the understanding that
the Regents will meet at the President's office on January 26 to
go in a body to Carson City.  The next meeting was set subject to
the call of the Chairman.