UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 18-19, 1886


Volume OB - Pages 23-25

                           State of Nevada

                    Carson City, January 18, 1886

Pursuant to the call of the President, the Board of Regents met

at the Capitol.  Present:  Regents Getchell and Shaw, the latter

acting as Secretary of the Board in lieu of M. D. Noteware, who

was not present.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved.

On motion of Regent Getchell, Regent Shaw was appointed a commit-

tee of one to confer with the State Capitol Commissioners in re-

gard to obtaining a room in the Capitol for an Office and place

of meeting for the Board.  Recess ordered for fifteen minutes.


M. J. Curtis, Supervisory Architect, reported that the University

building at Reno would be completed in about ten days and that

the contractors would be ready to turn the building over to the

Board on 30th inst.  He also reported that he had caused iron

tops to be placed on the flues in the University building, the

same being absolutely necessary for the safety of the property.

The First National Bank of Reno reported a balance of $395.50 on

hand to the credit of the Board of Regents.  Ordered filed.

Hon. J. F. Hallock submitted a report showing that there is now

to the credit of the State University Fund (90,000 Acre Grant)

the sum of $29,153.36.  Ordered filed.

Hon. C. S. Preble, State Land Registrar, by M. D. Noteware,

Deputy, submitted a report in writing, showing the lands applied

for under 2,000,000 Grant, during the eight ending January 7,

1886.  Laid on the table.


Application of H. F. Baker, of Matoon, III., for the Office of

Principal of the State University.  Filed.

Application of J. F. Mc Cammon, of Palisade, Nevada, for Princi-

pal of State University.  Filed.

Communication of Hon. Charles E. Laughton informing the Board

that the Board of State Capitol Commissioners had assigned to

the use of the Board of Regents, the room adjoining the Lt.

Governor's Office.  Filed.

On motion of Regent Shaw, the Board proceeded to the election

of a Principal of the University, and Professor Orvis Ring of

Reno was nominated and duly elected, his compensation to be $200

per month and his services to begin on February 15th.

On motion of Regent Getchell, Hon. C. J. Young, Superintendent

of Public Instruction, was invited to confer with the Board

respecting course of studies.

On motion of Regent Getchell, Regent Shaw was appointed a commit-

tee of one to prepare a program of courses of studies, terms of

admission, and regulations for the government of the University,

and to report the same to the next meeting of the Board.

Recess of one hour.

On motion of Regent Shaw, it was resolved that when the Board

adjourned, it adjourn to work at Reno, on Saturday, 30th, inst.

On motion of Regent Shaw, Regent Getchell was appointed a commit-

tee of one with power to effect an insurance for $15,000 on the

University building at Reno.  Also, to appoint a Janitor to take

care of the property.

The claim of "Morning Appeal", for printing letterhead and envel-

opes, amounting to $5.00 was approved.

Also claims for handling expenses of Regents Getchell and Shaw.

The Board thereupon adjourned.

                             L. W. Getchell

                             President, Pro Tem

H. G. Shaw

Secretary, Pro Tem