UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 17-18, 1967


Pages 29-30

                        BOARD OF REGENTS

                      UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA

                        January 17, 1967

The Board of Regents met in special session, called by the

Chairman of the Board, on January 17, 1967 in the Hardy Room of

the Jot Travis Student Union.  Present were Regents Anderson,

Grant, Hug, Jacobsen, Lombardi, Ronzone, Seeliger and White;

President Armstrong, Vice President Humphrey and Chancellors

Miller and Moyer.  Also present for portions of the meeting were

Mr. Nick Smith of Burrow, Smith and Company and Mr. John Warden

of First National Bank of Nevada.

 1.  Revenue Bonds, Nevada Southern University Student Union

     Dr. Anderson explained that the reason for the special

     session of the Board was to consider offers for the purchase

     of the revenue bonds for NSU Student Union.  Offers were

     presented by Mr. Nick Smith for the John Nuveen and Company

     and by Mr. Warden from White, Weld & Company.

     Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Ronzone, carried

     unanimously that the offer of John Nuveen and Company of

     Chicago, Illinois to purchase $1,500,000 University of

     Nevada Student Fees Revenue Certificates (Student Union

     building, NSU) at a rate of 4.8622 percent be accepted and

     the Chairman of the Board be authorized to sign the

     appropriate papers.  (The offer from White, Weld & Company

     was at a rate of 4.9239 percent).

 2.  Title III, Higher Education Facilities Act of 1963

     Mr. Humphrey explained the necessity of the University mak-

     ing an application by January 28, 1967 for Title III loan

     monies for part of the funding for Phase I of the Physical

     Science building, Reno.  The Board approved a recommenda-

     tion that the Administration request the Legislature to

     pass the enabling legislation required prior to the Uni-

     versity filing the application.

 3.  Independent Audit, Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1967

     It was moved and carried that the Board of Regents designate

     Kafoury, Armstrong, Bernard and Bergstrom to do the audit of

     the fiscal year ending June 30, 1967.

 4.  Nevada Historical Society

     It was moved and carried that the Regents authorize the

     Administration to enter into a contract with the Nevada

     Historical Society along the lines outlines in the attached

     document (see permanent minutes).

 5.  Proposed Animal Research Laboratory

     It was moved and carried that the proposed Animal Research

     Laboratory, to be used jointly by the Laboratory of Environ-

     mental Patho-Physiology and the College of Agriculture, be

     approved in principal and that the Administration continue

     to work with the Trustees of Washoe Medical Center toward

     development of this facility.  The Regents voted to match

     funds provided by the Washoe Medical Center up to $300,000,

     using non-appropriated funds.

The meeting adjourned at 11:20 A.M.

                             Fred M. Anderson, M. D.


Bonnie M. Smotony