UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 16-17, 1900


Volume OC - Pages 184-185

Reno, Nevada

January 16, 1900

The Board of Regents met at the Office of the Board on Tuesday,

January 16, 1900 at 10:00 A.M., a full Board being present.

Minutes of meeting held January 4, 1900 read and approved.

The following resolution offered by Regent Starrett and seconded

by Regent Deal was adopted unanimously.

WHEREAS, at a meeting of the Board of Regents of the State

University of the State of Nevada, held on January 4th,

1900, Dr. J. E. Stubbs, President of the University, in-

formed the Board that he had been appointed by the Governor

of the State of Nevada as representative to attend the

National Stock Growers' Association, now in session at

Fort Worth, Texas, and

WHEREAS, the President at the same time informed the Board

that a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Association

of American Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations,

of which he is the President, had been called to meet at

the City of Washington on the 8th day of February, 1900,


WHEREAS, the President informed the Board that the National

Educational Association, of which he is a member, and at

which meeting matters of the greatest importance to the

State University would be discussed and settled, would meet

at the City of Chicago about January 24, 1900, and

WHEREAS, the President requested the Board of Regents to

grant him leave of absence for the purpose of attending

such meetings, and

WHEREAS, in the judgment of the Board of Regents it would

be beneficial to the State University and to the State of

Nevada that the President should attend such meetings, and

WHEREAS, important business connected with and essential to

the best interests of the State University made it necessary

that the President should have leave of absence to attend to

such business, the Board granted the President leave of

absence for sufficient time to attend such meetings and to

attend to the business of the University intrusted to the

President, and

WHEREAS, it was necessary that one of the Professors of the

State University, having not only executive ability to per-

form such duties, but upon whom the Regents could depend to

be present at and attend to the duties of President, should

be appointed by the Board of Regents to act as President of

the State University in the absence of the President and

perform his duties, and

WHEREAS, Professor Henry Thurtell was by the Board of

Regents appointed to act in the President's place during

his absence, and

WHEREAS, at the meeting of the Board the President of the

University was directed to inform Professor R. D. Jackson,

Professor of Mining and Metallurgy, that the Board of

Regents were anxious that he should continue to act as such

Professor, but upon the express condition that he would

personally attend to the duties of his position, which he

had not done either in the year 1897 or 1898 by reason of

leaves of absence granted him by the Board at his request,

to attend to his private business, and by reason of the

leave of absence for the whole of the Fall term of 1899,

obtained by him from the President without the knowledge

and against the will of the Board of Regents, after the

Board of Regents had refused him such leave of absence, and

WHEREAS, Professor Jackson felt slighted at the selection of

Professor Thurtell as Acting President instead of himself,

and by reason thereof, as reported to the Board by the Pres-

ident, Professor Jackson sent in his resignation as Profes-

sor in the following communication:

Reno, Nevada, January 10, 1900

President J. E. Stubbs,

Dear Sir:

I regret to inform you that recent action taken by the Board

of Regents render it impossible for me to remain longer as a

member of your faculty. I therefore hereby resign my posi-

tion as Professor of Mining and Metallurgy.

With best wishes for the success of the University in all of

its Departments,

I am, Yours truly,

R. D. Jackson

and WHEREAS, the President accepted such resignation, sub-

ject to the approval of the Board of Regents,

THEREFORE, be it RESOLVED, that Professor Jackson's resig-

nation be and the same is hereby accepted.

and WHEREAS, on the 13th day of January, 1900, Professor

J. Warne Phillips caused to be published in the Nevada State

Journal, a newspaper published in Reno where the State Uni-

versity is situated, the following communication:

Reno, Nevada, January 13, 1900

Professor Henry Thurtell,

Acting President of the University

My Dear Sir:

I learn from the University bulletin that our honored and

esteemed associate, Professor R. D. Jackson, has resigned

the Professorship of Mining and Metallurgy in the Univer-

sity, which, it is intimated, has been forced from him.

Officially, as a member of the faculty, I know nothing of

it. The faculty has not been convened to inaugurate the

work of the term. No statement has been made and no oppor-

tunity has been given us to express the deep regret we feel

on account of his departure.

I regret that I am impelled to say that I cannot meet my

students to give them instruction until the faculty receives

a statement from the President or the Board of Regents vin-

dicating their recent action taken in regard to Professor

Jackson and removing the cloud under which he is leaving us.

I desire you in your official capacity to have my classes

taken care of, that my students may not suffer from my


Respectfully yours,

J. Warne Phillips

and WHEREAS, this communication was published not only in

the absence of the President of the University but in the

absence of Professor Thurtell, the latter of whom was absent

from the State upon business of the University made neces-

sary by the resignation of Professor Jackson, and

WHEREAS, Professor Phillips knew or could have known the

reason of the action of the Board of Regents above set

forth from the President of the University, the President

of the Board or from Professor Jackson himself, and

WHEREAS, Professor Phillips has not performed or offered

to perform any of the duties of his position since the

commencement of the present term of the University, and

has neither made nor offered any explanation of his conduct

to the Board of Regents or any member thereof, except such

as was obtained from the Nevada State Journal,

THEREFORE, be it RESOLVED, that Professor J. Warne Phillips

be and he is hereby removed from his position, and that the

Secretary of the Board inform Professor Phillips in writing

of the action of the Board.

Be it RESOLVED further, that the Acting President be and he

is hereby requested to nominate some competent person to act

as Professor of the State University in place of Professor


RESOLVED further, that if any other vacancies occur in any

of the Chairs of the University that the Acting President

be and he is hereby authorized, after consultation with the

President of the Board, to fill such vacancies until the

Board of Regents can meet.

Acting President, Henry Thurtell placed in nomination J. E. Ross

for Assistant Professor of Mathematics at an annual salary of

Twelve Hundred dollars to be paid in equal monthly payments com-

mencing from January 15, 1900.

On motion, the above nomination was duly confirmed.

Acting President, Henry Thurtell placed in nomination Dr. D. G.

Lauderback for Professor of Chemistry and Physics.

On motion of Regent Deal, said nomination was confirmed and Dr.

Lauderback was appointed Professor of Chemistry and Physics at

a salary of Eighteen Hundred dollars per annum, payable in equal

monthly payments commencing from January 20, 1900.

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

J. N. Evans


Geo. H. Taylor