UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 15-16, 1916

Volume OD - Page 626

                         Reno, Nevada
                       January 15, 1916

Board of Regents met in the President's Office 4 P.M., January
15, 1916.  Present:  Chairman Henderson, Regents Pratt, O'Brien,
Codd and Sullivan, President Hendrick.  Absent:  George H.
Taylor, Secretary.  C. H. Gorman acted as Secretary.

Minutes of meeting of December 14, 1915 read and approved after
being corrected.

Moved by Dr. Sullivan that plans for Veterinary buildings be
turned over to Architect De Longchamps and that the architect
take charge of the construction, etc., on a 6% basis.  Carried,
all voting aye.

Moved by Dr. Sullivan that Mr. C. E. Fleming be appointed as
Range Improvement Man to begin February 10, 1916 at a salary of
$2500 per year.  Carried, all voting aye.

Moved by Mr. Codd that the President be authorized to insure the
Australian sheep.  Carried, all voting aye.

It was moved by Mr. O'Brien that the Committee on Grades and
Honors be invited to appear before the Board at next meeting.

No further business appearing, the Board ajourned subject to the
call of the Chair.

                             Charles B. Henderson