UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 14-15, 1922

Volume OE - Pages 311-313

                         Reno, Nevada
                       January 14, 1922

The Board of Regents, all members present, met in the Office of
President Clark at 10 o'clock Saturday morning, January 14, 1922,
having been called together by the President to draft resolutions
on the death of Vice President Lewers, January 12, 1922.

Mr. Pratt moved that Chairman Curler and Mrs. Hood be appointed
a committee for this purpose.  Vote:

    Mr. North            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye

After some discussion, it was moved by Mr. Pratt that Regents
Curler and Talbot be appointed to act as honorary pallbearers.

    Mr. North            Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye

On motion of Regent North, Regent Pratt was added to the member-
ship of the Committee on Resolutions by the following vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

President Clark called the attention of the Regents to the recent
gift of one of the 70 reproductions of the celebrated "Codice
Trivulziano", published by Ulrico Hoepli of Milan, under the
supervision of the Dante Society of Italy, which 70 reproduc-
tions, on the initiative of Mr. Lugi Carnovale have been pre-
sented by the Italians of the United States to leading American
Universities, to the President of the United States for the White
House Library and to the Library of Congress in commemoration of
the 600th anniversary of the death of Dante, September 14, 1921.
But 350 of these reproductions are in existence and it will be
impossible at any time in the future to reproduce this work,
owning to the difficulties of a technical nature.  Therefore the
University of Nevada is indeed fortunate to be the possessor of
one of these volumes.  Upon motion of Regent Pratt, Judge Talbot
and Mr. North were appointed a committee to acknowledge receipt
of this wonderful book for the Regents.  Mr. Carnovale's head-
quarters are 20 North Michigan Boulevard, Chicago.  Vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye

President Clark read a letter from Adjutant General P. C. Harris
of the War Department in which he enclosed a certificate from
the Federal Government in recognition of this University's serv-
ice in establishing and maintaining a unit of the Students' Army
Training Corps during the year 1917-18.


Carolyn M. Beckwith


On the 12th day of this present month Robert Lewers, Vice Presi-
dent of the University of Nevada, passed from this sphere of
earthly activities, and met the final summons with that same
unflinching courage that ever marked his earthly conduct.

Born where stretch the evening shadows of that mighty mountain
range whose heaven-kissed, snow-crowned and pine-clad peak stands
sentinel alike over the valley of his birth and the Campus of his

Worthy scion of one of the strong pioneering families of the
West, he inherited and exemplified those sterling qualities which
caused those sturdy pioneers to brave the trackless waste or con-
quer the uncharted Sierras, to plant within the very heart of the
desert this sovereign State.

Called to service in the University of Nevada on the 1st day of
September, 1890, he continued from that day to the day of his
passing more than a quarter of a century, with marked ability
and unswerving loyalty to serve this Institution.

In 1906 in recognition of his splendid service to the University,
he was appointed to the office of Vice President, and during the
years 1912, 1914 and 1917 was its Acting President.

He saw this Institution grow from its modest beginning, when
its entire teaching staff numbered a bare half dozen, and its
study body a mere handful to its present state of efficiency, a
state to which he contributed his part.

Probably no other person in the entire State of Nevada was so
intimately associated with the life and growth of this Institu-
tion as was Robert Lewers, and none contributed more faithfully
to that growth.

As the Board of Regents of the University, it is impossible for
us to express the measure of the life and service of Robert
Lewers to this Institution, nor is it necessary that we should
do so, for his life and service is woven into the very warp and
woof of its fabric, and his loving memory will remain with us
so long as we shall endure.

The two outstanding characteristics of his life as reflected in
this Institution were his splendid unselfishness and absolute
fidelity.  Service was the motto of his life.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that we, in appreciation of that
splendid service, declare that in the untimely passing of Robert
Lewers, this Board of Regents has lost an efficient and loyal
co-worker; the University a most valued servant and the State
at large a citizen, who in character and worth had no superior.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that these resolutions be spread at large
upon the minutes of the Board of Regents and that copies thereof
be transmitted in loving memory to his bereaved wife, brothers
and sister.

Done at a Special Meeting of the Board of Regents, called for
that purpose, on this the 14th day of January, 1922.

                             Eunice E. Hood
                             Walter E. Pratt
                             G. F. Talbot