UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 12-13, 1996


Pages 139-161

                         BOARD OF REGENTS


                         January 12, 1996

The Board of Regents met on January 12, 1996 in the Conference

Room, Southern Nevada Science Center, Desert Research Institute,

Las Vegas.

Members present:  Mr. Madison Graves, II, Chairman

                  Mr. Mark Alden

                  Ms. Shelley Berkley

                  Dr. Jill Derby

                  Dr. James Eardley

                  Mr. Joseph M. Foley

                  Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

                  Mr. David L. Phillips

                  Mrs. Nancy Price

                  Mrs. Carolyn M. Sparks

Members absent:   Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

Others present:   Chancellor Richard Jarvis

                  General Counsel Donald Klasic

                  Vice Chancellor John Richardson

                  Vice Chancellor Tom Anderes

                  President Joseph Crowley, UNR

                  President Carol Harter, UNLV

                  President Richard Moore, CCSN

                  President James Randolph, WNCC

                  President Ronald Remington, GBC

                  President James Taranik, DRI

                  President Kenneth Wright, TMCC

                  Secretary Mary Lou Moser

Chairman Graves called the meeting to order at 10.45 A.M. with

all Regents present except Mr. Klaich and Mr. Phillips.

 1.  Chairman's Report

     Chairman Graves thanked Ms. Berkley for representing the

     Board at the opening of the building on the West Charleston

     Campus, CCSN, on January 9, 1996.  He expressed his ap-

     preciation and thanks to the Regents, the Chancellor and

     staff and the President and Campus Administrators for their

     effort in accomplishing the major shift in Board activities

     in the committee structure.  He stated he felt this new

     structure is working well.

     Mr. Graves reminded the Board of its policy on out-of-state

     travel for Board members:  attendance at one national and

     one regional meeting annually.  He announced two upcoming

     meetings:  ACCT Legislative Session in Washington, D. C.,

     in February and the AGB Conference in Chicago in March,

     both national meetings.

 2.  Chancellor's Report

     Chancellor Jarvis announced the resignation of Mr. Tom

     Radko, Director of the University of Nevada Press, who has

     been named to a similar position in Los Angeles.  Mr. Radko

     became Director in 1989.  At that time the Press was pub-

     lishing an average of 10 books per year with sales of

     $250,000.  In 1995 the Press published 35 books and had

     $650,000 in sales.  Chancellor Jarvis related that Mr.

     Radko has been an outstanding Director and a delight to

     work with.  A recognition event will take place late this


     A recent edition of "The Nevada Lawyer" featured an article

     by the Chancellor and Chairman Graves on a public Law School

     in Nevada.  Chancellor Jarvis expressed his thanks to Ms.

     Connie Howard, UCCSN Public Information Officer, for an out-

     standing job in assisting with the article.

     The latest issue of "Community College Times" had a cover

     story on the projected enrollment booms at the Community


     President reports:

     President Crowley, UNR, reported that UNR's 5-year Capital

     Campaign ended December 31, 1995, going over the top of the

     $105 million goal.  On January 20, 1996 the Foundation and

     Alumni will sponsor a dinner to announce the amount reached

     ($124.5 million).  Several other functions have been plan-

     ned to highlight this endeavor.  On February 8, 1996 two of

     the oldest dormitories on the Campus, Manzanita Hall and

     Lincoln Hall, will celebrate their 100th anniversary.  Both

     were completed in 1896.  Manzanita Hall was designed as a

     women's dorm and has remained so to the present time.  Lin-

     coln Hall was, and continues to be, a men's dorm.  Lincoln

     Hall also houses the UNR Honors Program.

     President Harter announced that Dean Dale Anderson has been

     chosen President of the American Association of Colleges of

     Teacher Education.  Fund raising efforts at UNLV have raised

     $7 million in private funds from 100 donors in the first 6

     months of the fiscal year.  Mr. Fred Albrecht, Executive

     Director of Alumni and Community Relations, has been awarded

     the Tribute Award from CASE for his many years of service

     to that organization.  It is anticipated that UNLV will be

     soliciting bids for the 3rd time for the Architecture build-

     ing on March 1, 1996.  The State Public Works Board and the

     architects, Tom Schuman and Bill Snyder, have been revising

     the plans for the building.  The building is a key issue for

     accreditation for the School of Architecture.  The UNLV

     Sierra Wind Quintet has been honored by being asked to per-

     form for the Kennedy Center's 25th Anniversary Event on

     February 28.  They will also perform at Ohio State Univer-


     President Jim Randolph, WNCC, announced that they will soon

     be presenting College Bylaws for consideration by the Re-

     gents.  The revision of the Bylaws has been an all-College

     effort.  Planning is underway for a new 105,000 sq. ft.

     building (Phase V) for the Carson Campus.  The student gov-

     ernment has been spending many hours and much effort to

     present the first ever rock concert in Carson City.

     President Ken Wright, TMCC, related that negotiations are

     underway for a new Technology building.  The appointment of

     two new Vice Presidents will change the institution in that

     they will be back to an executive team once again.  Dr.

     Wright again complimented Vice President Rita Gubanich for

     her efforts while assuming the Interim President position.

     President Richard Moore, CCSN, announced the opening of the

     new building on the West Charleston Campus, with its center-

     piece of a well-developed computer lab that is open to the

     general public, as well as being available for students.

     Prior to the opening, 80 students were enrolled on that

     Campus for computer education.  This Spring semester there

     are over 2000 students enrolled.  Overall Spring enrollment

     is expected to increase by 3000-5000 more students.

     President Jim Taranik, DRI, announced that the Institute is

     now one of 9 National Environmental Research Laboratories

     in the country.  He distributed a brochure explaining the

     efforts of the laboratories:  "Exploring, examining and ex-

     plaining the basic components and forces of our world and

     how they interact is the very business of the Environmental

     Research Laboratories (ERL), composed of 12 Federal Labora-

     tories and 9 Joint Institutes, their University partners.

     This cooperative research effort, part of the National

     Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), attracts

     world-class scientists who investigate the atmosphere, the

     oceans and large lakes, and the space environment."

     President Remington, GBC, related that in response to great-

     er Campus access, GBC is offering 20% more courses this

     Spring, including 5 intensive weekend programs.  Through the

     funding provided by SB204, GBC will have an interactive work

     hookup between Elko and Ely, which will provide more in-

     struction for Ely.  GBC is partnering with the Elko Police

     Department, Elko County Sheriff's Office and the Elko School

     District planning efforts for their area.

 3.  Regents' Workshop:  Intercollegiate Athletics

     President Crowley, UNR, and Carol Harter, UNLV, presented a

     workshop on Intercollegiate Athletics.  They had just re-

     turned from the 1996 NCAA Convention where a number of re-

     forms were enacted in initial eligibility, continuing eli-

     gibility, transfer eligibility, practice and competition

     limits and graduation rate reporting, all of which becomes

     effective in August, 1996.  (Handouts from UNR and UNLV are

     on file in the Regents Office.)  President Crowley reviewed

     the national picture outlining the academic reforms, cer-

     tification and the President's role.

     During the presentation on "Governance and Commitment to

     Rules Compliance", Dr. Crowley reviewed the operating

     principles which included Institutional Mission, Institu-

     tional Control, Presidential Authority, Governing Board,

     Shared Responsibilities, Assignment of Rules-Compliance

     Responsibilities, and Rules-Compliance Accountability.

     Mrs. Price questioned the role of the Board of Regents.

     President Crowley explained that its role was one of

     oversight, they receive periodic reports on athletics,

     provide broad policies for Intercollegiate Athletics.  Mrs.

     Price continued that Nevada was unique in that there is

     sports betting in the State and she questioned what dis-

     cussion had taken place between NCAA and Congress regarding

     this issue.  President Crowley replied that when that oc-

     curred there was very little mention of Nevada and the feel-

     ing had been there was no useful purpose to try to remove

     gambling, because it was legal here.  There was just no

     concern about Nevada.  NCAA did have an unwritten policy

     to avoid holding meetings in Nevada; however, during his

     time on the NCAA Board, Dr. Crowley has been able to change

     some of this and a number of committee meetings have been

     held in the State.  President Crowley stated that he did

     not see this as a problem in Nevada and feels that Nevada

     is protected because of the extensive regulation of gam-

     bling.  Mrs. Price questioned whether the Board would have

     any input on discussion at a national level on gambling

     and sportsbook.  Dr. Crowley replied that he did not know.

     There has been no problem with events in Nevada to date.

     Mrs. Price questioned whether UNLV had an organization like

     UNR's Wolf Club with their reporting structure.  President

     Crowley replied that almost all Universities have something

     similar.  The Wolf Club's reporting structure is similar to

     that of an alumni organization.  There are external audits

     of these types of organizations.  Mrs. Price then asked

     whether UNR would be bringing a Men's Track Program back in

     the future.  President Crowley stated there was no consider-

     ation for adding sports until the goals of gender equity are

     met.  Dropping or adding sports is reviewed through the Ath-

     letics Advisory Board.

Mrs. Berkley left the meeting.  Mr. Phillips entered the meeting.

     President Crowley reported that gender equity covers all 13

     programs in recruiting, supplies, salaries, etc. and will

     cost $1.5-$2 million for UNR to reach those goals.  UNR and

     UNLV will be presenting for Board consideration a tuition

     waiver policy which will assist in meeting some of these

     goals, particularly with respect to women's programs.

Mrs. Gallagher left the meeting.  Ms. Berkley entered the meet-


     In answer to a question from Mr. Foley, President Crowley

     stated that there have been NCAA reforms concerning due

     process.  Concerning open hearings, it is felt that viola-

     tions would not be reported if the nature of the offense

     was made public.  NCAA is very sensitive to due process.

     They have provided procedures for institutions to report

     violations.  An extensive report is made public following

     the hearings, and the institutions have the right of appeal.

     Concerning finances, Dr. Crowley, in answer to a question

     from Mrs. Price, related that at UNR, $2 of the Student

     Activity Fee goes to athletics.  With regard to advertising,

     President Crowley related that spaces on the scoreboards and

     stadiums are purchased on an annual basis and that advertis-

     ing requested by gaming is considered the same as any other


     Mr. Alden asked whether student athlete eligibility was

     determined on an average of the semesters, or each semester.

     Both President Crowley and President Harter replied it is

     determined each semester.  Mr. Alden questioned whether

     there was compliance on the Campus.  President Crowley re-

     plied that compliance is required by NCAA, and UNR's Com-

     pliance Coordinator reports directly to the President, not

     the Athletic Director.  In answer to Mr. Alden's question

     concerning mission statement, Dr. Crowley related that is

     handled at the Department level.  Dr. Harter stated UNLV is

     in the process of writing their mission statements and it

     will be handled at the University level.  Dr. Crowley stated

     that the mission is a product of the institution, and that

     the President must approve Department mission statements.

     Mr. Alden questioned fund raising by Booster organizations,

     and both Presidents stated that any organization affiliated

     with the institution is governed by that institution.  Mr.

     Alden stated he understood that in 1992 and 1993 there were

     tuition waivers for athletes.  Dr. Crowley stated that there

     had not been tuition waivers for athletes since 1979, and

     that the cost would be prohibitive; however, if the State

     would pay for those waivers, it certainly would be accept-

     able to the institutions.

     President Harter stated that Joe Crowley is the leading

     authority on Intercollegiate Athletics in the country, and

     represents Nevada extremely well at the NCAA.

     Dr. Harter presented a handout (filed in the Regents Office)

     on Intercollegiate Athletics at UNLV.  Projected revenue

     from joining the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) this year

     will be much higher than it has been in the past.  UNLV has

     pledged to use every allowable scholarship this next year

     and is emphasizing increasing its student athlete gradua-

     tion rate.

Mrs. Gallagher returned to the meeting.

     President Harter related that UNLV has the same athletic

     committees as UNR.  They seek opinions from the Student

     Athletic Advisory Board on each issue.  NCAA has instituted

     a certification process which UNLV will undergo in 1998.

     UNR was among the first 60 institutions nationwide to be

     involved in the process and was given certification.  Pres-

     ident Harter stated that for UNLV to secure gender equity,

     the cost would be $2-$3 million.

     Mr. Graves stated that Nevada is very fortunate to have

     such successful and knowledgeable Presidents in athletics.

     Dr. Derby commended both Presidents, stating that with this

     report she is very reassured the programs will be well


     President Harter introduced Dr. Myrlene La Mancusa, who has

     been a faculty representative on Athletics Boards at UNLV

     for a number of years.  Dr. La Mancusa stated she reviews

     every athlete's file every semester for compliance and

     eligibility.  Student athletes are required to make prog-

     ress toward a degree.

Chairman Graves introduced Mrs. Lillian Hickey, Chairman of the

State Board of Education.

 4.  Approved Provost Appointment, UNLV

     Approved the appointment of Dr. Douglas Ferraro as Provost,

     UNLV, effective March 1, 1996, with tenure as a full profes-

     sor in the Department of Psychology.  In accordance with

     policy, Chancellor Jarvis had approved the annual salary of


     Mr. Alden moved approval of the appointment of Dr. Douglas

     Ferraro as Provost at UNLV, effective March 1, 1996, with

     tenure as a full professor in the Department of Psychology.

     Mrs. Sparks seconded.  Motion carried.

 5.  Approved Vice Presidential Appointments, TMCC

     Approved the following Vice Presidential appointments at


     A.  Dr. Shanon Christiansen, Vice President for Academic

         and Student Affairs at TMCC, effective January 15, 1996.

         In accordance with policy, Chancellor Jarvis had ap-

         proved a salary of $82,000.

     B.  Mr. Davis J. Keebler as Vice President for Resource

         Management at TMCC, effective January 15, 1996.  In

         accordance with policy, Chancellor Jarvis had approved

         a salary of $82,000.

     Dr. Eardley moved approval of the appointments of Dr. Shanon

     Christiansen as Vice President for Academic and Student

     Affairs and Mr. David J. Keebler as Vice President for Re-

     source Management at TMCC, appointments effective January

     15, 1996.  Dr. Derby seconded.  Motion carried.

 6.  Closed Session

     Upon motion by Dr. Eardley, seconded by Dr. Derby, and in

     compliance with NRS 241.030, the Board moved to a closed

     session for purposes of discussion of the character, alleged

     misconduct, professional competence, or physical or mental

     health of persons who are employees of the UCCSN.

The Board recessed for the Closed Session at 12:05 P.M. and re-

convened at 1:25 P.M. with all Regents present except Mr. Klaich,

Mr. Phillips and Mrs. Gallagher.

 7.  Academic, Research and Student Affairs Commitee Report and


     Chairman Shelley Berkley reported that at the meeting held

     December 14, 1995, a quorum of the Committee was not present

     and the report on Prison Education was postponed and will be

     heard at a future meeting.

     7.1  Approved UCCSN Organizational Units - Approved 3 exist-

          ing organizational units which had been in operation

          for several years:

              Biomechanics Research Laboratory, UNLV, Ref. D

              Muscle Metabolism Laboratory, UNLV, Ref. E

              University Center for Economic Development, UNR,

                  Ref. F

              (Reference material filed in Regents Office.)

          Mrs. Berkley moved approval of the Biomechanics Re-

          search Laboratory and Muscle Metabolism Laboratory,

          UNLV, and the University Center for Economic Develop-

          ment at UNR.  Mr. Alden seconded.  Motion carried.

     7.2  Approved Waivers of Out-of-State Tuition for Graduate

          Fellowships - Approved waivers of out-of-state tuition

          for graduate fellowships.  Recently policy was changed

          in order for graduate students enrolled in UCCSN, liv-

          ing in Nevada and employed in support of instructional

          research programs, to be eligible for out-of-state

          waivers.  Graduate fellowships should have been includ-

          ed in that change, but were inadvertently overlooked.

          This request would correct that oversight.

          Ms. Berkley moved approval of the Handbook change,

          Title 4, Chapter 15, Section 4, to include out-of-state

          tuition waivers for graduate fellowships.  Mr. Alden

          seconded.  Motion carried.

Ms. Berkley left the meeting.

 8.  Audit Committee Report and Recommendations

     Chairman Alden reported there were no information items on

     the agenda for the December 12, 1995 meeting of the Audit


     8.1  Approved the UCCSN Consolidated and Campus FY 95

          Financial Statements and Constructive Management

          Letters - Mrs. Sandi Cardinal, Director of Internal

          Audit, reported that each of the opinions issued for

          the UCCSN Consolidated and Campus FY 95 Financial

          Statements were clean.  The Fund balances increased

          to $54 million in FY 95.  Cash bank reconciliations

          at CCSN and UNLV are being addressed by the 2 Campus-

          es.  Until these reconciliations are cleared up, the

          Committee will receive update reports.  Mr. Alden

          commended Mrs. Cardinal for her efforts.

          Mr. Alden moved approval of the UCCSN Consolidated and

          Campus FY 95 Financial Statements and Constructive

          Management Letters.  Mrs. Sparks seconded.  Motion


     8.2  Approved the Report on Institution Cash Counts, UCCSN -

          Mrs. Cardinal reported that Internal Audit had held

          surprise cash counts on the Campuses.  At UNLV the

          embezzlement of approximately $2500 was found and is

          currently under litigation.  A report will be made to

          the Audit Committee at the conclusion of the litiga-

          tion.  Each Campus has responded to recommendations

          made on procedures for handling cash.

          Mr. Alden moved approval of the report on Institution

          Cash Counts as provided by Internal Audit.  Dr. Eardley

          seconded.  Motion carried.

 9.  Campus Environment Committee Report and Recommendations

     Approved the report of the Campus Environment Committee

     presented by Chairman Jill Derby.  The Committee met on

     December 14, 1995.  A quorum was not present; however, the

     Campuses provided reports that addressed 1)  the organiza-

     tional structure responsible for providing Campus safety

     and security, and, 2)  issues and concerns on each Campus

     in regard to safety and security.  (Outlines of the organ-

     izational structures for safety are on file in the Regents


     All Campuses expressed concern about the growing demand of

     environmental health and safety issues and their limited

     abilities to meet mandated levels of health and safety.

     DRI faces a particular challenge as they receive no state

     funding for safety; all activities are funded from overhead


     The meeting provided an open forum for discussion of issues.

     It was suggested that the Committee could take the lead in

     raising the awareness of the Board, and others, to this

     issue, and to understand the magnitude and expense, and the

     Committee and the Board should also address how to set pri-

     orities between this issue and others the UCCSN must face.

     Dr. Derby moved to accept the report.  Mr. Alden seconded.

     Motion carried.

     Mr. Graves stated safety on Campuses for students is a

     major concern of the Board.

Mr. Foley left the meeting.  Ms. Berkley returned to the meeting.

10.  Finance and Planning Committee Report and Recommendations

     Dr. Eardley, Acting Chairman, reported that the Finance and

     Planning Committee met December 12, 1995.  In discussion on

     the development of the 1997-99 Biennial Budget request, it

     was learned the Council of Presidents is addressing priority

     needs to be brought to the Committee and the Board at future

     meetings.  The System has hired a consultant on enrollments,

     with a report and recommendations to be made to the Chan-

     cellor on possible changes for projected enrollments in the


     The Business Officers are reviewing the current formulas on

     how they impact each institution and how these formulas

     might be strengthened.  Their report will be presented to

     the Chancellor and Presidents to review.  The need for a

     formula study was discussed, which would include not only

     System members, but others as well.  It would be difficult

     to complete a thorough study in time for inclusion in the

     1997-99 requests.

     A System committee is reviewing deferred maintenance proj-

     ects.  Preliminary requests, in priority order, will be

     presented for consideration in March, with action to be

     taken at the April meeting.

     The Computer Planning and Policy Committee (CPPC) is re-

     viewing computing for the System and whether computing

     should be centralized or de-centralized.  Campuses are

     identifying services for which they will be responsible

     and the Computing Services' role in such change.  A time-

     line will be established for each institution.

     The Committee members agreed that the current structure of

     holding meetings separate from the regular Board meetings

     works well in that it provides time for in-depth discus-

     sions, time which probably would not be available if the

     meeting were held in conjunction with the regular Board


     Dr. Eardley moved approval for the report of the Finance

     and Planning Committee.  Mr. Alden seconded.  Motion car-


Dr. Eardley left the meeting.

11.  Investment Committee Report and Recommendations

     Chairman Carolyn Sparks reported that at the Board's Decem-

     ber meeting, the Committee had provided the Board with a

     copy of Statement of Investment Objectives and Policies for

     the Endowment Fund with action to be taken in January.

     These procedures are found in the Handbook, Title 4, Chapter

     10, Section 3.4.

     Mrs. Sparks moved approval of the Statement of Investment

     Objectives and Policies for the Endowment Fund.  Dr. Derby

     seconded.  Motion carried.

12.  Approved Consent Agenda

     Approved the Consent Agenda identified as Ref. J, as fol-


      (1)  Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held

           December 1, 1995.

      (2)  Approved emeritus status to the following:

           Dr. Paul E. Burns, Emeritus Professor of History,

           effective December 31, 1995

      (3)  Approved Sabbatical Leaves, 1996-97

           Nevada Revised Statutes and Board of Regents Policy

           provide for the total number of sabbatical leaves

           which may be awarded each year.  Utilizing the cri-

           teria followed in previous years, the Chancellor and

           the Council of Presidents recommended the following:

           A.  University of Nevada, Reno - President Crowley

               recommended the sabbatical leaves available to

               UNR be awarded to the following:

               Deborah Achtenberg, Philosophy, Academic Year

               Joel Berger, Environmental and Resource Science,

                   Fall, 1996

               Maria Boutte, Anthropology, Academic Year

               Dhanesh Chandra, Metallurgical Engineering, Aca-

                   demic Year

               Ron Dillehay, Psychology, Academic Year

               John Frederick, Chemistry, Spring, 1997

               Joanna Freuh, Art, Fall, 1996

               Cheryll Glotfelt, English, Academic Year

               Philip Goodman, Internal Medicine, Academic Year

               Bruce Johnson, Electrical Engineering, Fall, 1996

               Thomas Nickles, Philosophy, Academic Year

               Stephen Tchudi, English, Spring, 1997

               Frank Tobin, Foreign Languages & Literature,

                   Spring, 1997

               Tom Wright, Managerial Sciences, Academic Year

               Joseba Zulaika, Basque Studies, Academic Year


               Rafik Beekun, Managerial Science, Academic Year

               See Ref. C-3A, for summary of proposed projects.

           B.  University of Nevada, Las Vegas - President

               Harter recommended the sabbatical leaves avail-

               able to UNLV be awarded to the following:

               Virko Baley, Music, 1/2 Year

               Dolores Brosnan, Public Administration, Full Year

               Stephen Caplan, Music, 1/2 Year

               Sue Fawn Chung, History, Full Year

               Frank Dempster, Counseling & Educational

                   Psychology, Full Year

               Derrick Du Bose, Mathematical Sciences, Spring,


               Boyd Earl, Chemistry, Full Year or Spring, 1997

               Daniel T. Erwin, English, Full Year

               Donald Hardigree, Finance, 1/2 Year

               James Hazen, English, Full Year

               David Kreamer, Geoscience, Full Year

               Robert E. Parker, Sociology, Fall, 1996

               Lorne Seidman, Finance, Spring, 1997

               Larry Strate, Finance/Business Law, Spring, 1997

               Jeffrey Waddoups, Economics, Full Year

               Martha Young, Instruction & Curricular Studies,

                   Fall, 1996


               C. S. Chan, Mathematical Sciences, Full Year

               Paul Schollmeier, Philosophy, Full Year

               See Ref. C-3B for summary of proposed projects.

           C.  Community College of Southern Nevada - President

               Moore recommended the sabbatical leaves available

               to CCSN be awarded to the following:

               Thymios Carabas, English, Full Year

               Robert Diaz, Architecture & Graphics, Fall, 1996

               Ruth Dudley, English, Full Year

               John Esperian, English, Fall, 1996

               Sachie Karasawa, Foreign Language, Full Year

               Stephen Liu, English, Fall, 1996

               James Pomeroy, Architect & Graphics, Spring, 1977

               Barbara Smigel, Science, Spring, 1997

               See Ref. C-3C for summary of proposed projects.

           D.  Great Basin College - President Remington recom-

               mended the sabbatical leaves available to GBC be

               awarded to the following:

               Marilee Harper-Harrison, Child Development, Aca-

                   demic Year

               See Ref. C-3D for summary of proposed projects.

           E.  Truckee Meadows Community College - President

               Wright recommended the sabbatical leaves avail-

               able to TMCC be awarded to the following:

               John Cole, Counseling, 1996-67

               Cynthia Davis, Arts & Science, 1996-97

               Kelsie Harder, Public Services, 1996-97

               Linda Saunders, Health Sciences, 1996-97

               See Ref. C-3E for summary of proposed projects.

           F.  Western Nevada Community College - President

               Randolph recommended the sabbatical leaves avail-

               able to WNCC be awarded to the following:

               Cheryl Pawluk, Arts & Science, Fall/Spring 1996-97

               See Ref. C-3F for summary of proposed projects.

           G.  Desert Research Institute - President Taranik

               recommended the sabbatical leaves available to

               DRI be awarded to the following:

               Dr. David Mitchell, Atmospheric Sciences Center,

                   July, 1996 - December, 1996

               Dr. David Rhode, Quaternary Sciences Center,

                   October 1996 - September, 1997

               See Ref. C-3G for summary of proposed projects.

      (4)  Approved Handbook Changes, Title 4, Chapter 1,

           Sections 13 and 14.  These changes will allow for

           the Presidents' review of the Award Selection Com-

           mittee's recommendations for the Nevada Regents

           Award for Creative Activities and the Nevada Regents

           Researcher Award.  Ref. C-4 filed in the Regents


      (5)  Approved Handbook Changes, Title 4, Chapter 17,

           Section 7, Deferred Payment Policy.  Ref. C-5 filed

           in the Regents Office.

      (6)  Approved Handbook Changes, Title 4, Chapter 3,

           Section 26, Summer Term Salary Schedules, UNR and

           UNLV.  Ref. C-6 filed in the Regents Office.

      (7)  President Harter informed the Board that the Depart-

           ment of Educational Administration has voted to change

           its name to the Department of Educational Leadership.

           This change has the support of the Dean of the College

           of Education and the Provost.

      (8)  Approved the President's request of the following

           1996 Summer Session budgets:

           A.  UNLV 1996 Summer Session Budget

                                              FY 95       FY 96

               Beginning Balance          $  225,000  $  322,129

               Revenues                    3,671,347   3,854,914

               Total Source of Funds      $3,896,347  $4,177,043


                   Salaries & Wages       $2,921,062  $3,104,342

                   Operating                  80,484      84,548

                   Out-of-State                4,000      10,000

               Total Expenditures         $3,005,546  $3,198,890

               Transfer Out                  568,672     550,000

               Ending Account Balance        322,129     428,153

               Total Use of Funds         $3,896,347  $4,177,043

           B.  UNR 1996 Summer Session Budget

                                              FY 95       FY 96

               Beginning Balance          $  281,365  $  250,574

               Revenues                    1,320,418   1,426,051

               Total Source of Funds      $1,601,783  $1,676,625


                   Salaries & Wages       $  959,641  $1,050,232

                   Operating                  84,500      84,500

                   Out-of-State                5,906       6,000

               Total Expenditures         $1,050,047  $1,140,732

               Transfer Out                  301,162     283,955

               Ending Account Balance        250,574     251,938

               Total Use of Funds         $1,601,783  $1,676,625

           C.  CCSN 1996 Summer Session Budget

                                              FY 95       FY 96

               Beginning Balance          $  278,980  $  324,777

               Revenues                      798,389     997,986

               Total Source of Funds      $1,077,369  $1,322,763


                   Salaries & Wages       $  737,611  $  977,900

                   Operating                  14,981      16,086

                   Out-of-State                    0       4,000

               Total Expenditures         $  752,592  $  997,986

               Transfer Out                        0           0

               Ending Account Balance        324,777     324,777

               Total Use of Funds         $1,077,369  $1,322,763

           D.  WNCC 1996 Summer Session Budget

                                              FY 95       FY 96

               Beginning Balance          $   78,003  $   85,468

               Revenues                       85,767      98,632

               Total Source of Funds      $  163,770  $  184,100


                   Salaries & Wages       $   68,809  $   86,010

               Total Expenditures         $   68,809  $   86,010

               Transfer Out                    9,493      40,000

               Ending Account Balance         85,468      58,090

               Total Use of Funds         $  163,770  $  184,100

           E.  TMCC 1996 Summer Session Budget

                                              FY 95       FY 96

               Beginning Balance          $   64,275  $   70,823

               Revenues                      250,672     277,258

               Total Source of Funds      $  314,947  $  348,081


                   Salaries & Wages       $  213,944  $  271,098

                   Operating                  20,871      23,471

                   Out-of-State                    0           0

               Total Expenditures         $  234,815  $  294,569

               Transfer Out                    9,309       9,500

               Ending Account Balance         70,823      44,012

               Total Use of Funds         $  314,947  $  348,081

           F.  GBC 1996 Summer Session Budget

                                              FY 95       FY 96

               Beginning Balance          $    2,350  $    8,105

               Revenues                       53,200      55,000

               Total Source of Funds      $   55,550  $   63,105


                   Salaries & Wages       $   44,445  $   49,194

                   Operating                   3,000       5,000

                   Out-of-State                    0           0

               Total Expenditures         $   47,445  $   54,194

               Transfer Out                        0           0

               Ending Account Balance          8,105       8,911

               Total Use of Funds         $   55,550  $   63,105

      (9)  Approved the Fall 1995 enrollment report.  Ref. C-9

           filed in the Regents Office.

     (10)  Approved the following Interlocal Contracts:

           A.  Board of Regents/UNR and Washoe County (Lease)

               Effective Date:  Extension through December 31,

                                1997 (original termination date

                                December 31, 1995)

               Amount        :  $38,940 original cost to UNR

               Purpose       :  Extension of lease of 159.6 acre

                                feet per year to Washoe County -

                                Artificial Recharge Demonstration

                                Project in East Lemmon and Golden

                                Valleys originally approved by

                                the Board of Regents in September

                                1989 and approved by Governor

                                Miller in October 1989.

           B.  Board of Regents/UNR and Washoe County (Interlocal


               Effective Date:  January 1 through December 31,


               Amount        :  $1.15 per mile logged by each

                                school bus

               Purpose       :  Lease of school buses to Washoe

                                County District.

           C.  Board of Regents/TMCC and the State Industrial

               Insurance System (Interlocal Contract)

               Effective Date:  January 15 to February 28, 1996

               Amount        :  $3200 to TMCC

               Purpose       :  TMCC to teach computer training


           D.  Board of Regents/UNLV and the Clark County De-

               partment of Family and Youth Services and the

               Clark County Department of Social Services (In-

               terlocal Contract)

               Effective Date:  Date approved by Board through

                                June 30, 1996

               Amount        :  $15,000 to UNLV

               Purpose       :  UNLV to develop core curriculum

                                to enhance public child welfare

                                training for case workers.

     Dr. Derby moved approval of the Consent Agenda and to change

     the order of items as necessary throughout the meeting.  Mr.

     Alden seconded.  Motion carried.

13.  Accepted Report of Facilities in Las Vegas, School of


     Accepted the Report of Facilities in Las Vegas for the Medi-

     cal School.  Dean Robert Daugherty, School of Medicine,

     stated that in August, 1994, the Board had approved the

     acceptance of a gift of land from the City of Las Vegas on

     which facilities for the Medical School would be built.  In

     October, 1994 the City of Las Vegas transferred title to the

     land, with the stipulation that ground must be broken by

     December, 1996.  Escrow closed in December, 1994.  The 10

     acre site is located in the City's Technology Center at

     Cheyenne and Interstate 95.  Mountain View Hospital and

     the headquarters of Sierra Health Service have facilities

     on either side of the site.

     A recent accreditation visit to the School, which resulted

     in a 7-year accreditation, commended the faculty and cited

     as strengths the School's general education initiative, the

     AHEC program, the open, insightful self-study, and having

     addressed the problems from the last report.  Weaknesses

     reported were space, staff and services of the Library.  In

     Fall, 1997 there will be an accreditation visit to see if

     progress has been made in addressing these concerns.

     Dean Daugherty provided a site map and preliminary archi-

     tectural drawing of the facilities which will house clinics,

     offices and laboratories in an 80,000 sq. ft. building to

     be built with private funds at an approximate cost of $14


     Mr. Alden moved to accept the report and that the School of

     Medicine should proceed with planning.  Mrs. Sparks second-


     Dean Daugherty stated that once plans have been finalized,

     whether in accepting the land, the program was approved at

     the same time.  The Dean reported that initial costs of

     construction will be met with private funds.  Operation

     and maintenance of space for offices will be funded through

     the budget process as are all other UCCSN facilities.  Some

     revenue will be produced through the Clinic for the upkeep.

     Ms. Berkley stated that the community has long wanted to

     interact more with the Medical School and this facility

     will provide that opportunity.  Dr. Derby questioned whether

     this was a part of the UNR and School of Medicine plans.

     Dean Daugherty replied that this project had been presented

     to the Board about 5 years ago and that in 1993 it was ap-

     proved for funding; however, funding was not forthcoming.

     In 1995 the facility was not on the Board of Regents ap-

     proved list, but since approval had been given earlier, it

     was assumed planning should continue.  It is included in

     the School's master plan.  In answer to a question from Mr.

     Phillips concerning maintenance and operating funds, Presi-

     dent Crowley stated that new buildings are an "add-on" for

     State funding, that the System has a formula for including

     new buildings in its budget requests.

     Motion carried.

14.  Accepted Report on Library Facilities, Reno, Medical School

     Dean Daugherty stated plans are underway for additional

     Library needs at Reno, which will address the accreditation

     program concerns.  This facility was included in the 1989

     master plan for UNR.  Private funds will be used for the

     $7-$9 million project which will house a Library Education

     Center and a Women's Health Clinic.  The School has received

     a $10 million grant from the Women's Health Initiative (WHI)

     for a 10-year study of women's health issues.

     Mr. Alder moved to accept the report.  Dr. Derby seconded.

     With regard to the grant from WHI, Dean Daugherty stated

     the $10 million grant will cover most of the costs and

     activities for the new building for the 10-year period.

     It is felt the program will continue growing, and that

     many other intervention studies will result.

     Motion carried.

15.  Report on UCCSN/Czech Republic Program

     Dean Daugherty introduced Dr. Mary Patterson, UNLV, who re-

     ported on a joint program involving UNR and UNLV's Health

     Science Programs, the School of Medicine and the Schools of

     Business at both UNR and UNLV, and 3 Universities in the

     Czech Republic.  The program is to improve health education

     for faculty and students.  Dr. Patterson is the coordinator

     for the program, which will introduce students to world

     health care.  Dr. Patterson introduced Dr. Sona Stranova,

     the Program Coordinator from the Czech Republic, representa-

     tive from Charles University in Prague.  She also introduced

     Dr. Pavel Dvorak, Dr. Ivan Maly and Dr. Jane Semberova,

     representatives from the University of South Bohemia School

     of Medicine, Dr. Ing Jiri Pavlicek, Dr. Roman Prymula and

     Dr. Jaroslava Mikulecka, representatives of East Bohemia


     This program will be an 18-month working relationship to

     familiarize Czechoslovakians with Nevada care.  Curricula

     and designing systems will be included in the second phase

     of the program.  The third phase includes sharing of prac-

     titioners, and the fourth phase will be an exchange of

     students and administrators.

     27 Universities presented proposals for this international

     program to the American International Health Alliance.

     Nevada's proposal was accepted.

16.  Approved Gift of Land, UNR

     Approved gifting land to the City of North Las Vegas.  In

     1983 Claude Howard donated to the School of Medicine a 1.4

     acre parcel of land on Lake Mead Boulevard in Las Vegas

     upon which the Belmont Square Shopping Center stands.  The

     School of Medicine received a monthly rental income from

     the property on a long-term land lease.

     The City of North Las Vegas, in conjunction with the Re-

     gional Transportation Commission and Nevada Department of

     Transportation, is planning to widen and reconstruct Lake

     Mead Blvd. beginning in March 1996.  The small strip of

     land the City wishes to acquire lies underneath the exist-

     ing sidewalk in front of the Shopping Center and contains

     an area of 997 sq. ft.  The parcel has been appraised at


     Since the area being affected is under existing public im-

     provements, which the City plans to remove and replace, the

     City of North Las Vegas has asked the UCCSN to consider

     donating the property.  The School of Medicine believes the

     planned improvement would be of significant value to both

     the Shopping Center and the City and feels a gift of the

     small strip of land would benefit all concerned.

     Ms. Berkley moved to approve gifting the 1.4 acre parcel

     of land on Lake Mead Blvd. to the City of North Las Vegas.

     Mrs. Sparks seconded.  Motion carried.

17.  Approved Resolution, WNCC

     Approved a resolution for WNCC in support of the proposal

     by the WNCC Foundation to the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation

     in the amount of $2,100,000 for the construction of the

     buildings in the College's Trade and Industrial Complex.

                         RESOLUTION NO. 96-1

         The Board of Regents of the University and Community

         College System of Nevada do hereby resolve that the

         Trade and Industrial Center proposed by Western Nevada

         Community College conforms to the College's strategic

         plan and facilities master plan.  BE IT RESOLVED, that

         the Governing Board does approve the submission of the

         Donald W. Reynolds Foundation Summary Proposal as pre-

         pared by the Western Nevada Community College Founda-


     President Randolph stated these 3 buildings in the Trade

     and Industrial Complex have been a part of WNCC's master

     plans since 1971.

     Mr. Alden moved approval of Resolution No. 96-1.  Dr. Derby


     President Randolph stated that Phase V for the Carson City

     Campus, $14.5 million, will include a 70,000 sq. ft. build-

     ing, a new parking lot and entrance for the College and

     remodeling of existing buildings.  The proposal to Donald W.

     Reynolds Foundation is for 3 buildings for the Complex to

     house a 3,000 sq. ft. Technology building, 5,000 sq. ft.

     Welding building and a 20,000 sq. ft. Automotive building.

     Motion carried.

18.  Approved Change for Meeting Date

     Approved a change for a Board of Regents meeting from June

     26-27, 1997 to June 19-20, 1997 because of a conflict with

     a national meeting.

     Dr. Derby moved approval to change the June 1997 meeting

     date to June 19-20, 1997.  Ms. Berkley seconded.  Motion


19.  Public Comments


The meeting adjourned at 2:40 P.M.

                             Mary Lou Moser