UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 12-13, 1981


Pages 1-9

                          BOARD OF REGENTS

                     UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA SYSTEM

                          January 12, 1981

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the William Carlson

Education building, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present:  Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

                  Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

                  Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

                  Mrs. Lilly Fong

                  Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

                  Mr. Chris Karamanos

                  Mr. John R. Mc Bride

                  Mr. John Tom Ross

                  Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present:   Chancellor Donald H. Baepler

                  President William Berg, NNCC

                  President Joseph Crowley, UNR

                  President Jack Davis, WNCC

                  President James Eardley, TMCC

                  President Judith Eaton, CCCC

                  President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

                  President Clifford Murino, DRI

                  Vice Chancellor Larry Lessly

                  Secretary Bonnie Smotony

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairpersons and Student Body

Officers from each of the Institutions.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 11:05 A.M.

The Honorable William Beko, District Judge from Nye County, ad-

ministered the Oath of Office to newly elected Regents Frankie

Sue Del Papa and Dorothy S. Gallagher, and to reelected Regents

Chris N. Karamanos and June F. Whitley.

 1.  Election of Officers

     A.  In accordance with the provision contained in the Board

         of Regents Bylaws, that "the Chairman and Vice Chairman

         shall be elected from among the membership of the Board

         at the organization meeting of the Board in January of

         the odd-numbered years and shall serve two-year terms",

         Chairman Cashell asked for nominations for Officers.

         Mr. Buchanan nominated Mr. Ross for Chairman.

         Mr. Mc Bride nominated Mr. Cashell.

         Mr. Buchanan moved that nominations for Chairman be

         closed.  Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried without


         Mrs. Fong requested that election occur by secret bal-

         lot.  Counsel advised that voting for Officers could

         occur either by voice vote, or by written ballot; how-

         ever, if by written ballot, the vote of each person

         must be disclosed.

         It was agreed that votes would be cast by written

         ballot.  Ballots were collected and the vote reported

         as follows:

             Mr. Cashell - Mrs. Whitley, Mr. Karamanos, Mrs.

                           Gallagher, Ms. Del Papa, Mr.

                           Mc Bride, Mr. Cashell

             Mr. Ross    - Mrs. Fong, Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Ross

         The Chairman called for nominations for Vice Chairman.

         Mr. Ross nominated Mrs. Fong for Vice Chairman.

         Mrs. Whitley nominated Mr. Mc Bride.

         Ballots were collected and the vote reported as follows:

             Mr. Mc Bride - Mr. Cashell, Mrs. Gallagher, Ms.

                            Del Papa, Mr. Mc Bride, Mrs.


             Mrs. Fong    - Mr. Karamanos, Mrs. Fong, Mr. Ross,

                            Mr. Buchanan

     B.  Selection of Secretary - In accordance with the provi-

         sion that "a Secretary of the Board, who shall also

         be designated as Clerk of the Board, shall be selected

         by the Board from without its membership from among a

         panel of persons nominated by the Chancellor of the

         University", Chancellor Baepler recommended that Mrs.

         Bonnie Smotony be so designated to serve for the ensu-

         ing two year period.

         Mr. Mc Bride moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mrs.

         Fong, carried without dissent.

 2.  Approval of Minutes

     The minutes of the regular meeting of December 13, 1980

     were submitted for approval with the following requests

     for corrections:

     (1)  Mrs. Fong noted that on Page 98, with respect to her

          proposal to seek legislation to limit campaign spending

          for election to nonpaid positions, the minutes reflect

          consensus, whereas, she stated, it was Ms. Del Papa who

          suggested this was not an appropriate project for the

          Board, and that Mr. Cashell agreed, suggesting that if

          Mrs. Fong wished to pursue it, she should do so as an


     (2)  The Secretary reported that Mr. Monte Miller of Valley

          Bank had requested the following correction with re-

          spect to the report of the Investment Advisory Commit-

          tee, Page 93:

          Minutes read:  "Mr. Miller requested cancellation of

          the remainder of the open orders and purchase of the

          following" (with three stocks listed), and should

          read:  "...requested cancellation of the remainder

          of the open orders for the purchase of stock which

          were as follows:...".

     Mrs. Fong moved approval of the minutes as corrected.  Mo-

     tion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride, carried without dissent.

 3.  Appointment of Athletic Director, UNLV

     President Goodall reported that the Search Committee for a

     new Athletic Director at UNLV had completed its assignment

     and he commended them for an excellent job.

     Dr. Goodall recommended the appointment of Dr. Bradley L.

     Rothermel as Director of Athletics at UNLV, effective no

     later than the end of February, 1981, at an annual salary

     of $40,500, on an "A" contract.  Information concerning Dr.

     Rothermel, including biographical data, was distributed and

     is filed with permanent minutes.

     Mr. Mc Bride moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Karamanos, carried without dissent.

 4.  UNLV Relationship with Western Athletic Conference

     President Goodall recalled that at the December 30 meeting,

     the Board had tabled a motion to authorize UNLV to consider

     other alternatives to membership in WAC, including affili-

     ation with other conferences or a decision to remain as an

     independent.  Dr. Goodall announced that the WAC Commis-

     sioners had placed UNLV's application for membership in an

     inactive status, and suggested that it was now appropriate

     to remove this motion from the table.

     Mr. Mc Bride moved that the motion be removed from the table

     and that the Board authorize UNLV to look at other alterna-

     tives to membership in WAC, including affiliation with other

     conferences or a decision to remain as an independent.  Mo-

     tion seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried without dissent.

 5.  Proposed Fee Structure for Off-Campus Videotape Courses,


     President Goodall requested approval of a special fee struc-

     ture for off-campus television courses to be offered by

     UNLV.  Consumers of these courses include various industrial

     firms and governmental agencies such as Nellis Air Force

     Base.  First, for those courses being given at the request

     of industrial firms which sponsor the courses for employees

     at their work site $500 per credit, to be paid by the spon-

     soring employer, with the students paying regular registra-

     tion fees.

     For those agencies which cannot make such payments (primar-

     ily governmental agencies such as Nellis Air Force Base) -

     $50 per credit in addition to the regular registration fees.

     Dr. Goodall reported that these special fees would be used

     to help support the special operating cost of the television


     Mrs. Fong moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mrs.

     Gallaher, carried without dissent.

 6.  Appointment to TMCC Advisory Board

     President Eardley recommended approval of the following

     appointments to the TMCC Advisory Board:

     New Appointments - for two year terms beginning January,


         Holly Crawforth, Training Director, Northern Nevada

             Educational Electrical Apprentice Program

         Edie Cartwright, Businesswoman, Owner of Cartwright


         Dr. Leonard Dalton, Superintendent, Washoe County

             School District, Ex Officio

         Jim Gardner, Owner Of Rauch-Gardner Engineering

         Jackie Jones, Principal, Wooster High School

         Judy Kosinski, Training Officer, State Mental Health


     Reappointments - for two year terms beginning January, 1981:

         Dr. Lloyd Diedrichsen, Dentist, Member of Washoe County

             School Board

         Dr. Marvin Picollo, Retiring Superintendent, Washoe

             School District

         Ted Sanders, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ex


         Frank Titus, Businessman

         Shirley Wedow, State Board of Education

         Hans Wolfe, Vice President, First National Bank

         Paul Bible, Attorney

     Reappointments - for one year term beginning January, 1981:

         Estela Delgado, Centro De Informacion Latino Americano

         Fred Dolven, Architect, Dolven, Larson and Daniels

         Jim Elliott, Station and Sales Manager, KCRL Television

         Luther Mack, Businessman, Mc Donald's

         Mike Newmarker, Administrator, Washoe Medical Center

         Ronald Player, Mayor of Sparks

         Carlos Romo, Human Relations Officer, Community Services


         Don Stevens, Treasurer/Controller, Harrah's

     Mr. Ross moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

     carried without dissent.

Mrs. Fong commended President Eardley on the Fire Safety Report,

prepared for TMCC, stating that it was very thorough and well-


 7.  Report of Finance Committee

     Mr. Mc Bride reported that the Finance Committee had met

     earlier in the morning for the purpose of receiving a report

     from Kafoury, Armstrong and Company concerning the audit of

     UNLV Intercollegiate Athletics as requested by the Board

     earlier.  He stated that the audit report had discounted

     some of the innuendos which had been circulating concerning

     the fund raising efforts and had offered several recommenda-

     tions which President Goodall had agreed to pursue.  Those

     recommendations concerned the present procedure for signing

     off on uncollected pledges, and an inconsistency in the pol-

     icy which precludes $600 donors from buying extra tickets.

     Mr. Buchanan suggested that this report had revealed no

     inadequacies, no irregularities in the Athletic Department

     and asked why it had been done, how much it had cost and

     where the funds for it had come from.

     Mr. Mc Bride recalled that at its meeting of October 24,

     1980 the Board had voted to request this audit and had pro-

     vided funds from the Board of Regents Special Projects Ac-

     count.  He suggested that the audit was worthwhile and had

     cleared up a number of areas where inconsistency in practice

     and procedure had existed.  For example, he stated, the

     present procedure provides that a $600 donor does not have

     the privilege of buying extra tickets, but a $1000 donor

     does.  The audit revealed that in some instances, the $600

     donor has been permitted the purchase of extra tickets.

     He suggested that this inconsistency was unfair to the

     $1000 donor and should be corrected.

     Mr. Cashell suggested that one of the reasons the audit

     report appears so satisfactory is because of the work that

     Dr. Goodall and Mr. Westfall and his staff have put into

     establishing some controls.

     Mr. Karamanos agreed and suggested that commendation should

     also go to Dr. Pearson and his staff.  Mr. Karamanos also

     spoke of a letter he had received questioning the status of

     34 tickets which were said to have been given out from the

     Athletic Director's Office, stating that he has not been

     able to learn what has happened to those tickets.

     President Goodall agreed that he would have a written report

     on this matter for the Board at its next meeting.

Mr. Karamanos requested that the Board go into Personnel Session,

stating that there has been some dissension among the members and

he wished to clear that up, and asked for advice from Counsel as

to whether such a session is permissible.

Mr. Lessly agreed that it is permissible for the Board to meet

in Personnel Session to discuss its own professional competence.

The Chair declared the open meeting adjourned, requesting that it

reconvene following lunch.

The meeting reconvened at 1:45 P.M. with all Regents and Officers

again present.

 8.  Report and Recommendation Concerning 1981-1983 Biennial


     Mr. Cashell requested that Vice Chancellor Partridge review

     for the Board the budget parameters and concepts used in the

     development of the budget request, and to summarize briefly

     the material he had distributed to each of the Regents.

     Mr. Partridge referred to his memorandum included with the

     agenda which reviewed the Governor's Budget Recommendation

     for 1981-1983, and which is included here for the record:

         The faculty received pay raises of 8% and 6% for last

         year and for the present year.  As all are aware, in-

         flation was significantly higher than these raises.

         The Governor's Office is recommending pay increases of

         14% and 9% during the next biennium.  These increases

         will restore the purchasing power lost by the faculty

         during the present biennium, but will provide virtually

         no relief even if inflation slows to a single digit


         The Governor's recommendation includes a 10% increase

         in the student/faculty ratios.  Prior to the last bi-

         ennium, it was hoped that the ratio for the Universi-

         ties could be held at 18:1; however, we were funded at

         a 20:1 ratio and the recommendation will further erode

         the ratio to 22:1.

         The Community Colleges are seeing the same types of ero-

         sion in student/faculty ratios, which makes the concept

         of occupational instruction virtually intolerable.

         The increases in student/faculty ratios will place the

         University of Nevada System among the highest ratios

         of Universities and Colleges in the United States.

         At the same time the registration fees are recommended

         to increase by $6 per credit hour at the Universities

         and $4 at the Community Colleges.  Out-of-State tuition

         will increase by $250 each semester.  These increases

         in tuition, along with the decreased quality of instruc-

         tion, will make the University of Nevada System less

         attractive, probably resulting in decreased enrollment

         and revenue.

         Some service positions have been eliminated from the

         recommendation.  At the same time, the UNS has seen

         good increases in enrollment for the past two years.

         The positions eliminated will hamper recruiting efforts

         and slow the processing of students who might elect to

         continue to come to the University of Nevada.

         The Governor's recommendation includes the classified

         salary adjustment money for the first time.  In the

         past, this has been a separate appropriation which

         distorts to a degree the amount of money provided to

         higher education.  In addition, the Budget office has

         factored in a mandated salary savings which appears to

         be twice the amount the UNS has realized in the past

         few years.

         Many Janitorial positions have been eliminated through-

         out the System, which will result in a severe decrease

         in the maintenance of the buildings.  The positions

         eliminated will result in the displacement of lowered

         salaried, and in many instances, minority persons.  The

         lack of Janitorial services will ultimately result in

         increased maintenance costs in years to come.

         Throughout the System utility costs appear to be under-

         funded.  With spiraling utility costs, this underfunding

         could become a very critical problem.  The Budget Office

         has been notified of our concern.  In addition, we have

         asked that a contingency plan be established to provide

         external relief should our fears prove to be real.

         The last problem on a System basis is the elimination

         of positions to staff new facilities that will be con-

         structed, such as the Fallon Center and the Henderson

         Campus.  This lack of staffing will make it very diffi-

         cult to open these new facilities as planned.

     Mr. Partridge continued by reviewing the various data in-

     cluded in the distributed material and explaining the pro-

     cedures which had been followed in the negotiations which

     have occurred between his Office and the State Budget

     Office, and in subsequent meetings of the Officers with

     Budget staff.  The most recent meeting occurred between

     the Chancellor and the Governor, resulting in the restora-

     tion of some funding which had not originally been in the

     Governor's recommendation, and the final recommendation

     contains $67,075,442 for 1981-82 and $75,760,522 for 1982-

     83, for the total System.

     Additional data contained in the material distributed by

     Vice Chancellor Partridge dealt with the shortfall estimated

     in positions other than instruction, shortfall in student

     revenue which will result from the difference between the

     Governor's recommendation for a fee increase and that which

     the Officers recommended to the Board; the estimated cost of

     restoring the institutions to the 1979-1981 Biennium stu-

     dent/faculty ratio; the budget changes required by the new

     enrollment figures; classified salary adjustment deficit;

     and operating allocations.

     Following Mr. Partridge's presentation and a short discus-

     sion among Regents and Officers, Mr. Buchanan moved that the

     Regents go into Personnel Session.  Motion seconded by Mrs.

     Fong, carried without dissent.

The Regents reconvened in open session at 3:00 P.M.

Discussion resumed on Item 8, Report and Recommendation Concern-

ing 1981-1983 Biennial Budget

     Mr. Cashell asked that the position statements prepared by

     each of the Officers for their institutions be distributed

     and that further discussion on the Budget be deferred to the

     January 23 meeting.  He also asked that the presentation of

     the Master Plans be deferred until a later meeting to permit

     some coordination by the Chancellor's Office.

     In response to a question from President Eardley Mr. Cashell

     stated that it would be the intention of the Regents to take

     an active leadership role, in concert with the Chancellor,

     in the advocacy of the University's budget request in the

     upcoming Legislative Session and he anticipated that several

     meetings with the Officers would be required as the budget

     strategy develops.  He also confirmed that it would be ex-

     pected that each of the Presidents would be expected to pre-

     sent and defend their respective institutional budgets.

The meeting adjourned at 3:05 P.M.

                             Bonnie M. Smotony

                             Secretary of the Board