UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 12-13, 1951

Volume 6 - Pages 280-287

January 12-14, 1951

The Board of Regents met in regular session in the President's
office on Friday, January 12, 1951. The meeting was called to
order by the Chairman at 10 A.M. Present: Regents Lombardi,
Hardy, Crumley and Ross; Comptroller Hayden and President Love.
Reporter Gillis of the Gazette was also present.

Chairman Ross welcomed the newly elected members of the Board,
saying that he expressed the best wish he knew in hoping that
they will get the same amount of satisfaction and real happiness
in serving the University as he had.

Organization of the Board

Mr. Ross called for nominations for Chairman, Vice Chairman
and 3 members of the Executive Committee for the coming bi-

Mr. Hardy placed the nomination of Mr. Ross for Chairman, Dr.
Lombardi seconded the nomination, and Mr. Crumley moved that
the nominations be closed. Mr. Ross was elected by unanimous

Mr. Ross thanked the Board stating, "I will attempt to do as
good a job as my ability will permit, with the guidance of
the Supreme Being, and your cooperation."

Dr. Lombardi nominated Mr. Crumley for Vice Chairman. Mr.
Hardy moved that the nominations be closed. Mr. Crumley was
elected by unanimous vote.

For members of the Executive Committee, Dr. Lombardi, Mr.
Hardy and Mr. Ross were nominated and were elected by unani-
mous vote.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the minutes
of the meeting for December 1-2, 1950, which had previously
been distributed, be approved as submitted by the Secretary,
and that the reading thereof be dispensed with.


Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the following
claims, approved by the Executive Committee, be approved
by the Board:

Regents Checks, Nos. 01-117 to 01-149 inclusive for a
total of $181,311.42.

State Claims Nos. 01-66 to 01-195 inclusive for a total
of $38,698.54.

Las Vegas Extension Center

The President reported that he had talked with officials of
Nellis Air Base while in Las Vegas, and that they feel that,
because of the present emergency and the resulting turnover
of personnel, no plans could be made for offering courses
to the men at the present time.

President's Recommendations

1 - Associated Students Fee

A letter from the Graduate Manager was read as follows:

On Wednesday, December 6, the Associated Students of the
University of Nevada, in a special election, voted 373
to 53 to amend their Constitution. The amendment changed
the membership fee in the Association from $13 per semes-
ter to $14 per semester. The additional dollar shall be
allotted to student publications and controlled by their
Publications Board.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the Comptrol-
ler be authorized to collect the $14 ASUN fee, beginning
with the Spring semester 1951, and to credit it to the As-
sociated Students account in his office.

2 - Degrees

A list of candidates for graduation at the end of the present
semester was presented.


Bachelor of Arts

Joseph Barnes Berry Albert Carl Nocciolo
William S. Briner Dwight W. Peterson
John Logan Campbell Robert John Rankin
Bruno Lido Coli Frank Windle Robins
Alan G. Dondero Wilburta Shidler Rowe
Doris Ann Dyer Barbara Schreiner
George M. Eustachy Jacqueline Dora Sirkegian
Harry Kenton Gould Robert M. Slover
Jacque Hickman Charles Hogue Smith
Edmund A. Jones Paul Joe Stimac
Elmer Robert Knudson Robert Crawford Strang
Robert M. Mc Leod Louanna Tietje
Richard Lloyd Miles Franklyn James Tower
Michael A. Mirabelli

Bachelor of Science

Bruce Russell Kewley Jacques Edward Welin
Robert William Korb Bryon W. Works
Billie Cavitt Smith

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Joseph Dini, Jr. Frederick Lee Purtill
Frederick M. Drewett Olinto A. Ricci
Floyd Edward Gori Ernest William Wennerberg
Ralph Pollard Leupold


Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

William Berry Charles Robert A. Mac Diarmid
Richard N. Fulstone Ernest N. Scruggs

Bachelor of Science in Home Economics

Virginia Shaw Henningsen Gertrude Sanford Rice


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Milton Herschal Hasler, Jr. Ray F. Scoffield

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Richard C. Chatterton Howard Spencer Olson
Loren T. Doxey

Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering

Enfield B. Bell Craig D. Thompson

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

John Wesley Boynton, Jr. Lee R. Setterquist

Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering

Emmett Borden Ball, Jr. William Donald Packard
Darrell Stephen Nall


Master of Arts

Louise Endecott Norris

Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that those on the
list be approved for the indicated degrees and diplomas upon
satisfactory completion of their work and upon recommenda-
tion of the general faculty.

3 - Bequest Forms

A letter from the Attorney General's office was read giving
the opinion that bequest forms, if printed in the University
catalogue, should serve as suggestions only; and that the
catalogue might include, also, extract from the statute which
empowers the Board of Regents to accept such grants.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the bequest
forms, as approved in the December meeting be included in the
forthcoming University catalogue as suggested forms only; and
that the catalogue also include an extract from the statute
of the State which empowers the Board of Regnets to accept
and take in the name of the University, such grant, gift,
devise or bequest for the use of the University.

4 - Book Store

A letter from the Graduate Manager was read thanking the
Administration for its help to the Associated Students in
securing the University Book Store. The letter further

The following action was unanimously approved by the
Finance Control Committee on Wednesday, December 13,

We of Finance Control Board stipulate that:

1. The net profits from the Book Store shall be used

a. repay interest bearing notes,
b. build up a working capital,
c. repay Associated Students, University of
Nevada Saving Fund,
d. other borrowed funds.

2. Net profits, after borrowed money has been re-
paid, shall be placed in a Student Union Building

Amendment to the Motion

The net profits shall go into the Student Union
Building Fund and any deviation shall be subject to
the approval of the Board of Finance Control, the
Alumni Executive Committee and the President of the

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the students,
through their Finance Control Board, be commended for the
progress they are making and for their good judgment in al-
locating profits from the Book Store.

Mr. Arentz came into the meeting at 11:15 A.M., his delay due to
late arrival of his plane.

5 - Student Fees

The following list of fees, as recommended by the Administra-
tive Council, was presented.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the list be
approved for inclusion in the forthcoming catalogue.


Fees Increase
Agricultural Mechanics
210 221 331 335 341 354 356 5.00 None
Agricultural Mechanics
312 10.00 2.50
104 205 346 354 359 360 468 5.00 None-3.00
364 10.00 None
Animal Husbandry
443 453 464 5.00 None-3.00
Animal Husbandry
364 10.00 None
Animal Husbandry
101 303 304 344 433 474 503 504 5.00 None-3.00
101 102 105 107 115 121 251 252 253
254 257 258 261 355 356 359 360 362 3.00 None
103 363 364 5.00 None-1.00
Art (Visitor's Fee) 10.00 None
Associated Students Fee 14.00 1.00
351 10.00 5.00
350 3.00 3.00
103 104 222 231 315 317 375 491 492 5.00 1.00-4.00
355 364 370 475 476 10.00 6.00-8.00
Business Administration
221 222 5.00 None
Change of Registration per Course 1.00 None
124 242 453 454 553 554 5.00 None-1.00
101 122 231 232 271 312 333 341 342
391 443 497 498 10.00 2.00
599 (fee per credit hour) 5.00 1.00
Civil Engineering
241 363 5.00 None-2.00
Civil Engineering
242 367 369 374 10.00 5.00-6.00
Dairy Husbandry
301 5.00 None
Deposit, General 10.00 None
Deposit, Military
For Basics Taking Drill 20.00 None
For Basic Not Taking Drill 5.00 None
For Advanced Students Arranged Each Year
*Diploma (degree or certificate) 10.00 4.00
141 388 3.00 None-1.50
133 5.00 1.00
Electrical Engineering
368 375 5.00 None
Electrical Engineering
231 232 233 234 353 354 391 392 393
394 462 463 464 469 481 482 10.00 None-5.00
325 351 478 3.00 1.00-3.00
211 212 352 370 377 5.00 2.00-5.00
Health Service 6.00 None
Home Economics
133 253 334 436 477 478 487 488 3.00 None-3.00
Home Economics
115 116 118 250 366 367 495 5.00 None-1.00
Home Economics
131 132 357 483 484 496 10.00 2.00-6.00
Home Economics
255 499 15.00 None-3.00
Home Economics
494 18.00 3.00
355 5.00 3.00
**Late Registration 5.00 None
Library 5.00 2.50
Matriculation (new students only) 5.00 None
Mechanic Arts
203 205 226 10.00 None-5.00
Mechanic Arts
207 10.00 per credit
Mechanic Arts
220 15.00 7.50
Mechanical Engineering
464 465 15.00 10.00
356 471 5.00 None
368 480 481 10.00 5.00
341 20.00 5.00
Physical Education (Men) 1.00 None
Physical Education (Women) 3.00-10.00 .50
103 104 153 154 3.00 None-.50
119 357 358 368 377 378 483 484 5.00 None
375 376 10.00 2.00
Physics (per credit)
205 206 493 494 3.00 .50
Physics (per credit)
599 5.00 5.00
Poultry Husbandry
331 10.00 5.00
411 3.00 3.00
Reexamination Fee 3.00 1.50
Registration 15.00 2.50
203 212 317 318 323 425 5.00 None-2.00
Special Examinations for Entrance or
Advanced Standing, each 3.00 None
Sports (Women, depending upon activity)1.00-12.00 None
Teacher Appointment Service 5.00 2.50-3.50
Transfer Credit Evaluation 3.00 None
***Transcripts of Student Record 1.00 None
Tuition of Non-Nevadans 100.00 None
Veterinary Science
301 302 5.00 3.00
Visitors (per hour) 5.00 3.00
368 3.00 3.00
101 103 322 333 335 337 364 463 491
492 5.00 1.00-5.00
209 211 346 359 370 420 10.00 5.00-10.00
Correspondence Study (per credit) 6.00 1.00
Summer Sessions Fees (per term)
Residents 23.00 3.00
Non-Residents 38.00 3.00
Health Fee 2.00 None
If enrolled for 3 hours or less
Health Fee per credit hour 7.00 None
Late Registration 2.00 None

*If two diplomas are granted in one year, the charge will be
$10 for the first and $9 for the second; if three diplomas
are granted in any one year, the charge will be $10 for
the first and $9 each for the second and the third. These
prices are subject to change according to prices charged to
the University.

**Each student who fails to complete his registration by 4:30
of the day his registration card is issued shall pay $1 for
each day or fraction of a day thereafter until his regis-
tration is completed (increase of 25 cents).

***When two or more transcripts of record are asked for at the
same time, each additional transcript will be 50 cents (no

The Board recessed at 12:15 noon for luncheon in the University
Dining Hall.

The Board met at 1:20 P.M. for an informal discussion meeting,
and recessed at 5:15 P.M. Reporter Burns came into the meeting
at 2 P.M. and remained throughout the afternoon.

The recessed meeting of the Board was called to order by the
Chairman at 9:40 A.M., Saturday, January 13, 1951, in the Pres-
ident's office. All Regents, the Comptroller and the President
were present. Reporters Curtis and Gillis were also present.

6 - Personnel Recommendations

a) Motion by Mr. Crumley carried, Regents Lombardi, Hardy
and Crumley voting "aye" and Regents Arentz and Ross
voting "no", that Ernest L. Inwood be granted leave of
absence, without pay, from the close of the current
semester to June 30, 1951, in order that he may serve
as consultant in the Economics Stabilization Agency in
Washington, D. C.

b) The President read the letter of resignation of Ira E.
Gunn, Jr., Instructor in the Department of Business,
Economics and Sociology, effective the end of this
semester, to accept a position with the U. S. Government
in Washington, D. C.

c) Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that James
R. Brown be appointed as Lecturer in Animal Industry
during the Spring semester 1951, at a salary of $500
for the semester, payable in 5 monthly installments.

d) Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that Fred C.
Batchelder, County Extension Agent, be granted a leave
of absence, without pay, for one year commencing January
1, 1951, to enable him to attend Oregon State College
Graduate School.

e) Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that Robert J.
Whalen be appointed as County Extension Agent for Persh-
ing County, effective January 1, 1951, at a salary of
$3900 per year, in the place of Mr. Batchelder, on leave.

f) Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that Frank
Morrow be appointed as Assistant District Extension Agent
for Eureka and White Pine Counties, effective January 5,
1951, at a salary of $3600 per year, in the place of Mr.
Whalen, transferred.

g) Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that Mrs.
Margaret Williams be appointed as Assistant in Mathe-
matics for the Spring semester 1951 at a salary of $375,
payable in 5 monthly installments.

h) Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that Wilbur
S. Shepperson be appointed as Instructor in History and
Political Science for the academic year 1951-52 at a
salary of $3600 for the year.

i) Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the Presi-
dent be authorized to give whatever notice he feels ap-
propriate to those who are now on temporary appointment
as members of the faculty, and who will not be continued
during the coming year.

7 - Athletics

Matters relative to the athletic program were discussed and
at 10:05 A.M. the Board recessed as a general meeting and
met as a Committee on the Whole, with the Regents, the
Comptroller and the President present. Mr. Sheeketski was
asked to come into the meeting to present a plan for main-
taining an athletic program at the University.

The meeting recessed at 12:30 noon for luncheon in the University
Dining Hall.

The meeting, in regular session, was called to order at 1:20
P.M. by the Chairman with all Regents, the Comptroller, the Pres-
ident and Mr. Sheeketski present. Reporters Gillis and Curtis
were also present.

7 - Athletics (continued)

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the Presi-
dent be authorized to establish a Department of Athletics as
a part of the University program.

Regent Arentz offered a motion directing the Administration
to start immediately to enforce the action of the Board of
Regents last April regarding no further extension of credit
for fees, board or room, to men attending the University on
athletic scholarships. The motion was dropped for lack of a

In further discussion of present indebtedness to the Univer-
sity by the Downtown Boosters and Alumni Association for
room, board and fees for students, Mr. Arentz asked, in the
absence of Regents' action to discontinue credit, that the
minutes record his statement that he refuses to share in any
responsibility for deficits which might occur during the cur-
rent year.

Reporter Burns came into the meeting at 1:50 P.M.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried, Regents Crumley, Hardy,
Lombardi and Ross voting "aye" and Regent Arentz voting "no",
that the University Administration continue its present ar-
rangements with the Alumni Association as to payment of ath-
letic scholarships until the end of the present semester;
that the Alumni Association be advised that beginning next
semester money for scholarships is to be paid directly to
the students concerned; and that payment of any amounts due
the University will then be the responsibility of the stu-
dents themselves.

Policy - Board of Regents

Chairman Ross offered for consideration a statement of policy
for the Board of Regents, which he suggested would be used
as a guide for their thinking and so that others concerned
may be informed as to their basis of thinking.

Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the policy be
adopted, as follows:


The Plan for the control of the University of Nevada
provides for a Board of Regents in which final authority
is lodged. This Board is a body corporate and thus be-
comes legally responsible for the final control of the

The President of the University is responsible directly
to the Board of Regents and all other administrative
officers and staff are subordinate to him and are respon-
sible to the Board through the President.

There is a rather universally accepted opinion that the
functions of a Board of Regents should be consideration
and approval of policies rather than the execution of
these policies.

Policy for University Boards has been developed through
years of experience. Today it is accepted policy that
the function of a Board of Regents is advisory and legis-
lative. They, then, delegate to the President, duties
which are initiatory and executive. It is the function
of the Board to approve or reject policies proposed by
him in the light of such objective evidence as he can
present. The President should develop educational pro-
grams for consideration and the Board should furnish the
necessary legislation and authority for him to carry
them out effectively. Sound administration springs from
professional leadership and lay control.

The Board of Regents should seldom, if ever, concern
itself with the details of administration. Upon the
basis of recommendations and data presented by the
President, it should determine how in general the
various problems and administrative jobs are to be
solved or handled, and should leave it to the Presi-
dent to apply the policies decided upon to single in-
dividual jobs or problems. Whenever a case arises
where no policy has been established, the President
should analyze the situation and determine the issue
upon which the Board needs to pass and it will then
be the function of the Board to settle the policy with
reference to this point. After the Board has acted,
the President will apply the new policy to all particu-
lar cases.

The Board should always act as a unit. It controls the
University as a body representing the people, and in-
dividual members have no authority singly. No member
can bind the Board by word or action, unless it has in
its corporate capacity designated him as its agent for
some specific purpose, and then he can go no further
than he has been empowered. Even during the regular
session of the Board, its control is exercised as a body
and the individual has no right beyond his own voice in
any matter.

The next meeting was set at the call of the Chair, probably dur-
ing the Legislative Session.

The meeting recessed at 3:20 P.M.

The recessed meeting of the Board of Regents was called to order
in the President's office at 9 A.M., Sunday, January 14, 1951,
with all Regents, the Comptroller and the President present. The
meeting was held in joint session with the State Planning Board.
The following members of the State Planning Board were present:
Ray Jefferson, I. J. Sandorf, A. M. Mackenzie, A. M. Smith, John
Scott, F. M. Young, A. J. Caton and Vice Chairman Archie Grant.

Chairman Ross opened the meeting by thanking the members of the
Planning Board for the privilege of meeting with them. He then
called upon President Love, who stated that while there were no
particular problems at this time, it was felt desirable that the
two Boards meet together so there will be a complete working re-
lationship between the two groups in the building plans of the

Mr. Grant, Vice Chairman, presided for the State Planning Board
in the absence of the Chairman. He explained that the 6-year
plan of the Planning Board includes the building program as ap-
proved by the Board of Regents, and that no provision was made
for the University heating plant since that was not requested by
the Regents.

A general discussion of building needs of the University followed
in which the President and the Regents agreed that the Agricul-
tural-Biological building is the number one need at the Univer-
sity at the present time, not only for agricultural but as a
service to other Departments as well. It was pointed out that
even though this building is constructed, there will still be
need for heat for the building. Mr. Arentz, who served as a
committee of one for the Regents in the study of heating plant
problems, reviewed his work and recommendations.

A central steam heating plant was considered the final answer for
the University's needs, but it was believed that the recommended
improvements contained in the current budget coupled with less
extensive, but similar improvements during coming years, would
allow the present central heating plant to provide for the Uni-
versity's needs for some years into the future. While agreement
was reached on a restudy of the proposed heating plant plans,
there was no understanding that such a plant would be required
ahead of other more vitally needed buildings on the Campus.

Motion by Mr. Young, seconded by Mr. Jefferson, carried unani-
mously by members of the State Planning Board, that the Planning
Board Engineers restudy the original plans, omitting those build-
ings designated by the University to be provided with separate
heating units.

Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously by members of the Board
of Regents that the Planning Board Engineers restudy the original
plans, omitting those buildings designated by the University to
be provided with separate heating units.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45 A.M.