UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 12-13, 1912

Volume OD - Pages 394-396

                         Reno, Nevada
                       January 12, 1912

There was a called meeting of the Regents in their Office at
the University at 10 A.M. Friday, January 12, 1912.  The follow-
ing members were present:  Regents Codd (Chairman), Reid and
O'Brien, and President Stubbs.  Absent:  Regents Williams and
Henderson.  Mr. Walter D. Bliss of San Francisco, Architect
for the Electrical building; Mr. Hooper, Superintendent of
Construction; and Mr. Mc Ginty, Contractor, were also present
at the request of the Chairman.

The meeting was called because there had arisen some conflict
between the Contractor and the Superintendent of Construction
and some changes.  The Regents and the President thought the
best way to clear the matter was to have the Board, the Archi-
tect, and the parties between whom the differences were face to
face and the difficulties overcome.  Mr. Mc Ginty, Contractor,
was called upon, as was Mr. Hooper, the Superintendent of
Construction.  Mr. Mc Ginty asked if Mr. Hooper had the author-
ity to stop construction or refuse to allow material to be used,
the controversy arising from the fact that Mr. Hooper objected
to the lumber used for sheeting, etc., on account of grade --
loose knot holes, large knots, etc.  Mr. Hooper explained that
as he understood his duties, this was what he was here for.
Architect Bliss upheld the position of Mr. Hooper, saying he
was right in the matter and that he acted for the owners, but
within specifications.

Dr. Reid for the purpose of clearing the atmosphere and to avoid
any later complications of this nature made the following motion:
I move that the Architect be instructed, in conjunction with the
President, to write a letter to Mr. Hooper, with a copy to Mr.
Mc Ginty, setting forth just what province Mr. Hooper has in the
matter, and that any change to be made in material or construc-
tion must be brought to the attention of the President and the
Regents.  Seconded by Mr. O'Brien.  Carried.

Moved by Dr. Reid as follows:  I move that a letter be written
setting forth the facts of any change with the compensation
(that is, where a change is made with a difference of cost).
Seconded by Mr. O'Brien.  Carried.

This latter motion was made to cover complaint made by Contractor
Mc Ginty that some changes made were oral agreements, and in some
cases the matter of difference of cost of materials on account of
the change was not specified.  Letter in above motion to be writ-
ten to Mr. Mc Ginty.  Mr. Hooper brought up matter about finish-
ing the toilet rooms, suggesting that they be left incomplete
until another appropriation be obtained.  Architect Bliss said,
however, to finish with cement floor as this would be necessary
anyway under tiling; to run the plaster clear down to floor, and
to put the fixtures in so that marble could be put in later on
the walls without removing the fixtures, this plan being prefer-
able.  After the matter of the Electrical building was completed,
Mr. Hooper and Mr. Mc Ginty retired.

The following resolution was passed:  Moved by Dr. Reid, seconded
by Mr. O'Brien, that Dr. Stubbs be given a leave of absence of
one month to make a trip to New York and Washington on business
for the University.  Carried.

President Stubbs gave notice that on account of the Weights and
Measures Law going into effect January 1, 1912, it was absolute-
ly necessary for the Department of Weights and Measures to have
the necessary apparatus to begin the work, the least possible
equipment being the following, with cost:

    Portable sealing outfit          $122.50
    Primary Standards                 735.40
    Oak case for housing same         187.00

This material was ordered from the W. & L. E. Gurley Company,
necessary standards ordered sent to the Bureau of Standards,
Washington, for sealing.

It was moved by Mr. O'Brien, seconded by Dr. Reid, that the
action of President Stubbs in ordering these supplies be ap-
proved.  Carried.

It was moved by Dr. Reid, seconded by Mr. O'Brien, that the
Commercial Department be instructed to purchase a No. 5 Underwood
typewriter, at the price allowed the Department, $50.  Carried.

No further business appearing, the meeting adjourned, subject to
the call of the Chairman.

                             A. A. Codd

Louise Blowery Twaddle
Secretary Pro Tem (LBT)