UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 11-12, 1896


Volume OC - Pages 89-91

                          Reno, Nevada

                        January 11, 1896

The Board of Regents met at their Office on January 11, 1896.

Present:  H. L. Fish and H. S. Starrett.  Absent:  W. E. F. Deal.

The Board visited Lincoln Hall building, accompanied by E. D.

Kelly of the Nevada State Journal and A. C. Bragg of the Evening

Gazette, making a thorough inspection of same.

The President of the University reported valuable donations for

the Mechanical Department as follows:

    Steam pump from D. R. Lyman, Virginia City

    Blower from R. P. Keating, Virginia City

    Concentrator from Evan Williams, Empire, Nevada

On motion of H. S. Starrett, the Secretary was instructed to

record the following resolution and transmit a copy of same to

the above named gentlemen:

    WHEREAS, D. R. Lyman, R. P. Keating and Evan Williams have

    presented to the Mechanical Department of the University a

    steam pump, blower and concentrator; therefore,

    RESOLVED, that Regents extend the cordial acknowledgement of

    the Board and the President of the University for same.

It was ordered that the students residing at their homes in Reno

be exempt from the Hospital fee of $1.50 per term upon making an

Agreement or a Certificate when entering the University that they

will pay their own expenses, in case of sickness.

Richard Brown, Superintendent of Buildings, reported that Mr.

Ryland, the Contractor, had finished and completed the Boys

Dormitory building satisfactorily.  Mr. Ryland exhibited receipt-

ed vouchers to the satisfaction of the Board when a claim was

allowed him for $3990.00 balance due on contract.

Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved.

It was ordered that Bender & Fish, Agents, write a policy of

insurance on the new Mechanical building for $2000.00 on machin-

ery and tools, $1000.00 and on boiler and engine, $500.00 on

contents of said building.

Claims for the month were allowed as follows:

    Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund

        Salaries                Profs & instr.        1511.66

        John Sunderland                                  1.50

        Geo. W. Alexander                                1.50

        Geo. H. Taylor                                  10.19

        John Taylor & Co.                               14.35

        P. Westerman & Co.                               4.30

        A. C. Mc Clury & Co.                             1.23

        John Wiley & Sons                                1.70

        D. Van Nostrand & Co.                            8.40


    Insurance Fund of Agricultural and Mechanical College

        Geo. W. Alexander       Tools & machinery      609.69

        Geo. H. Taylor          Freight bills           85.41

        J. E. Stubbs            Expenses                16.50


    Contingent University Fund

        Salaries                Prof & instr.          531.66

        Salaries                Janitors                90.05

        Salaries                Student labor           33.99

        Salaries                Secty Board             25.00

        Salaries                Office work             12.50

        Evening Gazette                                  4.50

        C. J. Praaline                                   2.35

        J. F. Aitken                                    19.50

        Reno Mercantile Co.                            117.49

        H. H. Peek                                      60.49

        Nevada Bell Telephone Co.                        5.00

        Nevada Bell Telephone Co.                        7.57

        Reno Borax Co.                                   4.25

        W. C. Lamb                                      28.40

        Geo. H. Taylor                                  48.16

        Peter Howard                                   439.13

        Genesy & Savage                                 59.00

        Reno Mill & Lumber Co.                          66.97

        Richard Brown                                    5.50

        Reno Water Co.                                 100.00

        J. E. Stubbs                                    11.50


    Library Fund

        Wm. Daxey                                        8.10

        Osborne & Alexander                              8.95


    Building Fund, Boys Dormitory

        John F. Aitken                                  10.00

        Richard Ryland                                  50.00

        Richard Ryland          Balance on contract   3990.00

        A. H. Manning Plumbing Co.                    2089.95


    Insurance Fund of Mechanics Building

        Charles E. Clough       1st pymt on contract  1500.00

    Building Fund, Boys Dormitory - Deficiency Claims

        S. Willemer                                     52.50

        Genesy & Savage                                197.20


No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

                             H. L. Fish


Geo. H. Taylor