UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 10-11, 1985


Pages 54-76



January 10-11, 1985

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Lobby of Ham

Concert Hall, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Mr. Daniel J. Klaich, Chairman

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mr. Joseph M. Foley

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Joan Kenney

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

Mrs. Carolyn M. Sparks

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Anthony Calabro, WNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President V. James Eardley, TMCC

President George Hidy, DRI

President Robert C. Maxson, UNLV

President Paul Meacham, CCCC

Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Mr. Mark Dawson, Deputy Chancellor

Dr. Warren Fox, Vice Chancellor

Mr. Ron Sparks, Vice Chancellor

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs John Clevenger (TMCC),

Myrlene La Mancusa (UNLV), Robin Nelson (CCCC), John Watson

(DRI), Joan Zenan (UNR) and Student Association Officers.

The meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman Gallagher at

9:10 A.M.

1. Oath of Office

President Robert C. Maxson, UNLV, administered the Oath of

Office to newly elected Regents Joseph M. Foley and Carolyn

M. Sparks, and to reelected Regent Daniel J. Klaich.

2. Election of Officers

In accordance with the provisions contained in the Board of

Regents Bylaws, Article IV, Section 2, an election of Offi-

cers was held.

Mrs. Whitley nominated Mr. Klaich for Chairman. Mrs. Kenney


Mrs. Sheerin moved to close nominations. Mrs. Sparks

seconded. Motion carried.

Mrs. Gallagher declared the nomination of Mr. Klaich for

Chairman closed by acclamation.

Mr. Karamanos nominated Mrs. Kenney for Vice Chairman.

Mrs. Sheerin seconded.

Mrs. Whitley moved to close nominations. Mrs. Gallagher


Mr. Klaich declared the nomination of Mrs. Kenney for Vice

Chairman closed by acclamation.

Motion carried.

Mr. Klaich made the following address:

In the days preceding this election, I have been asked

many times why I want to be Chairman of this Board and

what my goals were for the next two years. A good deal

of introspection on these questions lead me to conclude

that they were irrelevant. My desire to be Board Chair-

man would be hollow in the absence of your support re-

garding my agenda -- clearly, that is a contradiction

in terms. Only the Board acts and only this Board can

have an agenda.

If there is meaning in this election, then it must be

that in my beliefs regarding the governance of higher

education, you have found a style of leadership with

which you agree, and in my dreams for this System you

see the reflection of your own hopes and goals.

We are here for a single reason -- a commitment to

attain excellence in higher education in Nevada. That

is our duty and our constitutional mandate -- and how

well we discharge this trust begins with the manner in

which we approach governance.

We are a public body, and we are committed to free and

spirited discussion of the people's business in open

meetings. You will know how and why we have arrived at

decisions and will enjoy the confidence that this System

is governed by the Board at public meetings, not by a

clique in confidence. This method of governance is the

root of credibility and public trust.

Public discussion of tough issues by a strong willed

and talented Board means that we will inevitably dis-

agree. Yet we pledge to conduct ourselves with dignity

and respect.

Our decisions will be grounded in a firm understanding

of our role as policy makers for the System. We do not

have the time or expertise to background every problem,

nor, sometimes, the proximity to recognize one in its

early stages. But that talent is in this room.

We seek and welcome the advice of student and faculty

leaders. You are present in these meetings because we

understand that the student and his professor are the

heart of the System and, therefore, your input to our

decisions is indispensible.

We have strong, responsive, seasoned executive Offi-

cers -- both in our Presidents and our Central Office.

They enjoy our confidence and we rely on their ex-

perience and advice in arriving at our decisions and

pledge to respect their judgement as the administra-

tors of the System.

This Board will not meddle in the administration of

University affairs. I emphasize this particular com-

mitment and our respect for the collegial framework so

that each of you will fully understand your responsi-

bility in this regard. While this Board has tradition-

ally been and will continue to be open and accessible,

you cannot publicly demand that we enact policy and

privately ask us to intervene in administrative squab-

bles or to "juice" something through. If you do, you

must know that this Board will deflect such inquiries

to our Executive Officers.

Most importantly, this Board commits itself to System

governance. We reject political, regional and paro-

chial concerns and pledge that our decisions will be

guided solely by what is best for the University of

Nevada System.

I submit that this style of leadership in higher educa-

tion -- not by me, but by every member of the Board --

will create the positive environment in which the

critical business of the Board can be conducted effec-

tively -- and efficiently.

We are at a crossroads in this System and in this State,

and we on the Board are privileged to serve in a time of

decision where our commitment to education can really

make a difference. We inherit from the prior Board a

thoughtful, aggressive, and wholly defensible budget

that displays the Board's commitment to quality educa-

tion and econominic diversification. No item of busi-

ness is more urgent that our presentation of this budget

to the Legislature and the securing of adequate funding

for this System as requested. In this regard, we look

confidently for the full support of the Governor and

the Lt. Governor -- both strong friends of education.

And we expect to forge an alliance with the Legislature,

which has displayed an understanding of the role of edu-

cation as the keystone in this State's future.

Our responsibility to the Legislature and the people of

Nevada, however, goes well beyond this biennial request.

We have heard the calls for comprehensive, long-range

planning from such persons as Assemblyman Erik Beyer,

who Chairs the Education Committee and who has taken

the time to be with us today. We share the vision of

this call and realize the opportunity. It will not be


We cannot hope to right all of our problems in one ses-

sion of the Legislature. We can, however, reverse

trends and set common long-range goals for the Univer-

sity System.

This Board, with the support of the Legislature, must

pledge to offer first-class undergraduate education at

our two Universities. We have the obligation to make

UNR and UNLV institutions of choice and stop the in-

tolerable brain drain created by the migration of our

best students out of state.

We must recognize that our Community Colleges are the

primary trainers of the technical, vocational and oc-

cupational workforce of this State, and must insure

that our State funding and this Board's policies will

be formulated so that they may accomplish this critical


We must recognize that research, whether at DRI or else-

where in the System, is not only a valid function, but

an indispensible one. The State can abandon a commit-

ment to research only if it is content forever to follow

and never to break new ground.

Finally, we recognize another indispensible player on

the team of education -- the private sector. Never be-

fore has the private and business community been so in-

volved or given so much to this System. In the past

two years private support has exceeded $20 million dol-

lars. This giving represents the potential for a margin

of excellence, and we not only thank our patrons, but

look forward to a stronger partnership with business

for our mutual benefit in the future.

These are our challenges -- our hopes; their achievement

is our goal. The undertaking is not only truly excit-

ing, but a heavy responsibility for each of us. But

together with teamwork, respect and diligence, I am

confident that we will be successful.

3. Proposal for Amendments to Regents Bylaws

The first reading of proposed Board of Regents Bylaws amend-

ments relating to Board organization was held. Copies of

the proposal were distributed and are filed with the perma-

nent minutes as Ref. B.

General Counsel Klasic explained that the amendments would

include the reinstatement of two standing committees, the

Audit Committee and the Investment Committee.

4. Appointment of Regent Committees

Chairman Klaich appointed the following committees for the

coming year:

Academic Affairs Committee

Jo Ann Sheerin, Chair

Joan Kenney

Joseph M. Foley

Budget and Finance Committee

Carolyn Sparks, Chair

Frankie Sue Del Papa

Dorothy S. Gallagher

Chris Karamanos

Chairman Klaich stated that the Investment and Audit Commit-

tees will be ad hoc committees until Regent Bylaw changes

have been approved by the Board.

Ad Hoc Investment Committee

Frankie Sue Del Papa, Chair

Jo Ann Sheerin

Carolyn Sparks

Ad Hoc Audit Committee

June F. Whitley, Chair

Dorothy S. Gallagher

Chris Karamanos

Ad Hoc Legislative Liaison

Dorothy S. Gallagher, Chair

Joseph M. Foley

Joan Kenney

Daniel J. Klaich

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the Regent Committee appoint-

ments. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

5. Presentations

The Presidents of the institutions made the following pres-

entations to the Board:

University of Nevada, Reno

President Crowley announced 3 major goals he had set for

UNR 7 years ago. They are as follows:

1. To build bridges towards the community.

2. To refashion leadership of the institution.

3. To build academic quality of the institution.

He continued with the following present goals for UNR:

1. To work closely with the Legislators to strengthen

planning for higher education.

2. To continue to further construct private and Univer-

sity partnerships.

3. To strengthen TMCC and UNR relationship.

4. To continue to work with and strengthen the reorgan-

ization of Campus Administration.

5. To work with recruitment and retention of minority

faculty and students, and the Office of Minority

Student Affairs.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

President Maxson stated his goals for 1985-86 as


1. Enhance the academic reputation of the University.

2. Strengthen the role of the Presidency at UNLV with

special emphasis upon institutional control in all

areas over which the University should maintain

authority and ensure accountability.

3. Provide essential fund raising for academic programs

and for faculty and student development.

4. Attract to UNLV the brightest and best students from

the State of Nevada.

5. Develop an Honors Program which will provide a spe-

cial institutional and academic environment for

Nevada's academically talented students.

6. Attract sufficient public and private support to

develop a first-rate School of Engineering at UNLV.

7. Earn accreditation for all of our academic programs

that have an accrediting body.

8. Develop and implement additional selective and ap-

propriate academic programs at the baccalaureate,

master's and doctoral levels.

9. Earn the confidence of the Regents, faculty and

students in the President's ability to lead the


Truckee Meadows Community College

President Eardley stated that the environment for stu-

dents at TMCC has improved greatly and he hopes that

with the goals he has set the environment will continue

to be enhancing for the students. He stated his goals

for 1985-86 as follows:

1. Concentrate on the reasons why the students are at-

tending TMCC.

2. Bring the Reno area to TMCC.

3. Continue additional construction on the building.

4. Concentrate on accreditation visit in October, 1985.

5. Improve classroom instruction of the part-time

faculty, and enhance staff development.

6. Improve environment and industry awareness between


Western Nevada Community College

President Calabro stated his goals for 1985-86 as


1. Continue to emphasize and develop the planning proc-

ess throughout all College operations.

2. Review and revise all occupational programs.

3. Continue to plan and enhance College facilities

within the scope of available resources.

4. Develop the College Business Office structure and

related computer support systems.

5. Implement staff development programs for full-time

and part-time professional employees and classified


6. Complete a needs assessment of the total College

service area and continue to improve the College

awareness and relationships with the communities


7. Communicate the needs of the College to funding

agencies and potential external funding sources.

8. Establish a balanced approach in programs at WNCC.

Desert Research Institute

President Hidy stated his goals for 1985-85 as follows:

1. Recruit a new, permanent Executive Director for the

DRI Atmospheric Science Center, and stabilize this

organization for aggressive pursuit of new achieve-

ments in atmospheric research.

2. Through DRI staff and Foundation Board of Trustees,

recruit at least one industrial (or other) lessee

for the Dandini Research Park.

3. Expand the DRI capabilities to include at least one

major initiative in applied science which can lead

to commercialization of its research products.

Clark County Community College

President Meacham stated his goals for 1985-86 as


1. Develop effective delivery of instruction.

2. Prepare for accreditation visit on October 19, 1985.

3. Secure adequate funding from the Legislature for

salaries and programs and to get a commitment from

the Legislature regarding quality, usefulness and

evidence of cost effectiveness.

4. Inform the public of quality education at CCCC.

5. Enhance the self respect of the Administration,

students and faculty before the Board, Legislature

and community.

Northern Nevada Community College

President Berg stated his goals for 1985-86 as follows:

1. Improve quality of student life.

2. Automate Learning Resources System in Ely and Win-


3. Strengthen educational programs.

4. Reorganize instructional administration of instruc-

tional programs.

5. Improve efficiency of Student Services operations.

6. Introductions

Mrs. Sparks and Mr. Foley introduced their family members

in attendance.

Mr. Klaich introduced his family members and Assemblyman

Erik Beyer, Chairman of the Assembly Education Committee.

General Councel Klasic introduced Ms. Elizabeth Nozero,

Assistant General Counsel.

President Meacham introduced Dr. Jean Thomas-Sims, Dean of

College Services.

7. Approved the Consent Agenda

Approved the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and filed

with the permanent minutes) containing the following items:

(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held Novem-

ber 30, 1984.

(2) Approved the gifts, grants and contracts as listed in

Ref. C-1, filed with the permanent minutes. These

items were accepted on behalf of the Board by the

Chancellor on December 31, 1984, in accordance with

Board policy, Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 10, Section 6.

(3) Approved the appointment of Lynn Atcheson as a new

member to the College of Education Advisory Committee

at UNR.

(4) Approved the following leases:

A. UNR and Crises Call Center, Inc.

The Crisis Call Center, Inc. has been associated

with UNR for some time. This lease continues that

association. Dean Paul Page, College of Arts and

Science, and Ms. Connie Steinheimer, Chairman of

the Board of Crisis Call Center, recommended ap-


B. UNR and Gannett, Inc.

In conjunction with the January 12 premiere show-

ing of "The Space Shuttle: An American Adventure"

at the Fleischmann Planetarium, the Reno Gazette-

Journal is providing heavy print advertising for

the event in view of their subsidization of the

film production.

They have proposed a continuation of prominent pub-

licity for a month after the premiere, providing

UNR will agree that 1/2 the proceeds of the public

opening (the day after the premiere) and 50 cents

on each ticket for one month of showings be applied

to the Gannett Corporation's project to restore the

Statue of Liberty.

This joint venture between the University and the

public sector will be beneficial for all concerned.

Mrs. Kenney moved for adoption of the Consent Agenda and

approval of the prepared agenda with the authority to change

the order of items as specified throughout the meeting. Ms.

Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

Chairman Klaich recessed the meeting until Friday, January 11,

1985 at 9:30 A.M.

8. Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Robert Bersi reported on the following events of

concern to the System:

A. Consul General of the People's Republic of China in San

Francisco, Tang Shubei, visited the Las Vegas area. He

is very much interested in the political and economical

aspect of the free market and quite interested in UNLV.

China is moving away from the Soviet style of Communism

and is looking at other sources. Consul General Shubei

met with Las Vegas business leaders and received the

Key to the City.

B. Japanese Ambassador to United States, Yoshio Okawara,

visited Reno and Las Vegas. The visitation was coordi-

nated through YKC, U. S. A.'s Operations Manager, Jim

Grey and UNS. YKC, U. S. A. is a United States firm

located in Japan that produces semi conductor manufac-

turing equipment. They are interested in the overall

quality of life in Nevada and in the robotics program

at UNR.

C. The Governor's Task Force is in its development stage.

Chancellor Bersi noted that Xebec is continuing to work

wih the University facilities and that Atari is planning

to relocate in the Reno area.

9. Report of the Budget and Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee met on January 10, 1985,

and Mrs. Carolyn Sparks, Chair, submitted the following re-

port and recommendations:

(1) Recommended acceptance of the report by Vice Chancel-

lor Sparks on an update of the 1985-87 Biennial Budg-

et. The budget hearing process has been completed

and further information on budget recommendations

will be released upon notification from Governor


(2) Recommended authorization of the establishment of a

$500,000 Line of Credit with Valley Bank of Nevada,

under the same terms and conditions as are held with

the present bank (Nevada National), for the purpose

of providing investment flexibility in its cash


(3) Recommended adoption of the Investment Subcommittee's

recommended policy, governing the investment of cash

assets, as noted in Ref. B-3, filed in the Regents

Office. Ref. B-3 was amended as follows:

(Under I. Policy Guidelines, addition of:

C. UNS investments shall have a maturity of no longer

than 5 years unless specifically approved by the

Board of Regents.)

(Delete item B.2)

(4) Recommended authorization of the use of cash accounts

for investing UNS surplus operating cash, one with

Prudential-Bache Securities and one with Paine, Web-

ber, Jackson and Curtis Incorporated. These cash ac-

counts have been used with these firms for a number

of years and will comply with investment policies and

objectives established by the Board.

(5) Recommended approval of the Summer Session Estimative

Budgets totaling:

UNR Summer Session Estimative Budget - $755,444

UNLV Summer Session Estimative Budget - $952,000

NNCC Summer Session Estimative Budget - $ 13,100

TMCC Summer Session Estimative Budget - $132,159

For detailed information on the above budgets, see

Budget and Finance Committee Agenda, filed in the

Regents Office.

(6) Recommended acceptance of the report made by President

Maxson regarding Tonopah Hall Refund Policy at UNLV.

The report noted that the Tonopah Hall Rebate Program

has realized a net difference, less rebate costs, of

$76,377.50 and will be continued, subject to annual


(7) Recommended approval for use of Capital Improvement

Fee Funds for TMCC and WNCC as follows:

A. Recommended approval of President Eardley's re-

quest to use $140,000 in Capital Improvement Funds

for remodeling of the west wing, with a completion

date planned for Fall, 1985, which will enable

TMCC to provide space for the transfer for the

Engineering Technological Programs as well as

other general instructional needs.

B. Recommended approval of President Calabro's re-

quest to use $203,000 in Capital Improvement Funds

at WNCC for the following purposes:

Upgrade of heating and cooling equipment

Landscaping and drainage

Telephone and communications conversion

Upgrade of electrical system

Minor remodeling

Remodeling of the accounting and admissions

areas of the Carson Campus

(8) General Counsel Klasic presented to the Board the

Early Retirement Policy, with changes to the policy

that were recommended by the Budget and Finance Com-

mittee, in which the Board concurred.

(9) Recommended consideration of the proposed Code changes

in subsections 5.5.1, 5.5.2 and 6.2.2 with action to

be taken at the February meeting. The Code changes

pertain to development, review and rank related salary

schedules, and prohibited activity; i. e., allows dis-

ciplinary action for violations of Board of Regents


(10) Recommended that UNS seek clarification from the Ne-

vada State Legislature whether UNS professional em-

ployees are included in the State's longevity pay

program. After clarification is received, a report

will be made to the Board of Regents.

Discussion revealed opposition to longevity pay, if

funding from the 1985-87 salary request, by Regents,

UNS Compensation Committee Chairman, Gary Jones, and

Faculty Senate Chairs from the institutions.

Ms. Del Papa moved to amend the Budget and Finance Committee

recommendation to accept recommendation A from the Presi-

dents which included opposition to the program unless a

separate appropriation is made, above the biennial budget

request, with which it would be funded. Mrs. Gallagher

seconded. Motion lost by Roll Call Vote.

Yes - Regents Del Papa, Foley, Kenney, Sheerin

No - Regents Gallagher, Sparks, Whitley, Karamanos,


Ms. Del Papa expressed the need to have input from Faculty

Senate Chairs on any compensation issues. The reason given

for the Faculty Senate Chairs not having formal input on

this item was because of the lack of time prior to the re-

quired Board consideration before approaching the Legisla-


Mrs. Sparks moved for approval of all Budget and Finance

Committee recommendations. Motion carried.

10. Report of the Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee met on January 10, 1985, and

Mrs. Sheerin, Chair, submitted the following report and


(1) Recommended acceptance of the report as amended on

Developmental and Remedial Education. The UNS Academic

Affairs Council will report back to the Committee with-

in 6 months.

(2) Recommended approval of the policy on Community College

advisory boards as presented by the Community College

Presidents, filed in the Regents Office.

(3) Recommended approval of the concept of the proposal

from Regent Kenney on the Artist in Residence Program

and referred it to UNLV for further consideration.

(4) Recommended approval of the change in the Handbook,

Title 4, Chapter 16, Section 4, Early Studies Programs

at UNLV, to increase the grade point average required

for eligible high school students.

(5) Recommended approval of the Phase I Proposal for a

baccalaureate degree in Computer Science at UNR, filed

in the Regents Office.

(6) Recommended approval of a proposal to provide for a

limited exchange of students between UNR and Lassen

Community College in California. This program will

consist of 10 selected lower division Agriculture stu-

dents from Nevada and 10 upper division Agriculture

transfer students from Lassen Community College. A

report will be made on the program within a year.

(7) Regent Kenney distributed to Regents a draft report of

the Joint Council on Occupational Education asking for

comments. Report is filed in the Regents Office.

(8) Recommended approval of implementation of the new

University admission policies in Fall, 1989. The ex-

ception policy was discussed and approved in concept,

with clarification to follow.

Added to the list of Committee priorities a review and

report of Affirmative Action in the System.

Mrs. Sheerin moved for approval of all Academic Affairs

Committee recommendations. Motion carried.

11. Report on Planning Document for 1984 Legislative Session

At the November meeting of the Board, general discussion

took place as to the scope and content of the Legislative

Planning Report. The report is required by NRS 396.505

in which the Board of Regents must prepare a comprehensive

System plan for submission to the Legislature by February 1.

Vice Chancellor Fox reported that a draft of this document

has been submitted to the Chancellor's staff and Presidents

for their comments. The document will be presented to the

Regents at the February meeting. He emphasized that this

report is an update to the previous report entitled, "Nevada


Mrs. Gallagher requested that the draft document be sub-

mitted to the Regents for their comments before the February


12. Report on 1985-87 Biennial Budget

Vice Chancellor Sparks discussed this issue during the Budg-

et and Finance Committee. See above item 9 for discussion.

13. Conflict of Interest Policy

General Counsel Klasic, with the concurrence of the Council

of Presidents, proposed an amendment to Title 4, Chapter 10,

Section 1 of the Board of Regents Handbook, as follows:

Conflicts of Interest Prohibited.

(a) In addition to such conflicts of interest prohibit-

ed by law, it shall also be prohibited for a member

of the Board of Regents or an employee of the Uni-

versity of Nevada System:

(1) to become a contractor or a vendor for the

purchase of supplies, equipment, services and

construction under any contract or purchase

order of any kind authorized by the University

of Nevada System under the provisions of this

chapter, or

(2) to be interested, directly or indirectly,

through any member of a Regent's or employee's

household, as defined by NRS 281.431, or any

business entity in which the Regent or em-

ployee has a financial interest, as defined

by NRS 281.431, in any kind of contract or

purchase order so authorized by the receipt

of any commission, profit or compensation of

any kind.

(b) Except where may be prohibited by law, exceptions

to this policy may be permitted:

(1) for contracts or purchase orders for which

the proposed contractor or vendor is the sole

source for the contract or purchase order,

has taken no part in developing the plans or

specifications for the contract or purchase

order and has not participated in or other-

wise actively influenced the consideration

or acceptance of offers for the contract or

purchase order, or

(2) when, in the judgment of a President of a

member institution, the public interest would

best be served by making such an exception.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the Conflict of Interest

Policy. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

14. Emergency Item: Authorized Finalization of Contract on

Silver Bowl

President Maxson requested approval to consider an emergency

item on the agenda concerning the Silver Bowl.

Ms. Del Papa moved to accept an emergency item concerning

the Silver Bowl. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

President Maxson explained that he inherited the problem of

ownership of the Silver Bowl, and that since his arrival on

Campus he has spent an inordinate amount of time bringing

this problem to closure. UNLV has received a gift of $1

million from Mr. Sam Boyd for the Silver Bowl, with incre-

ments being paid over a 10-year period. The cost of re-

surfacing is $1.2 million, which would provide for a re-

tractable surface, thereby allowing for a multi-use facil-

ity which, through proper management, could be self-sustain-


Dr. Maxson gave as reasons for an emergency item:

1. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Board

did not approve the transfer until the afternoon of

Wednesday, January 9, 1985.

2. A new playing surface must be installed prior to the

commencement of the 1985 football season.

3. UNLV has been informed that a new surface could not be

provided unless action were taken by January 1, 1985.

4. Since the Board of Regents does not meet until the lat-

ter part of February, that loss of time could preclude

the purchase and installation of the new surface.

Dr. Maxson stated that UNLV is asking for authority to ac-

cept the contract on the Bowl, thereby giving them owner-

ship. Preliminary discussions are that LVCVA would pay

$100,000 per year over an 8-year period and during that time

they would pay no rent, only expenses, of any events they

sponsor in the facility. Other items to be negotiated and


a. arrangement and financing for the purchase of the play-

ing field;

b. engineering and preparation of specifications required

to bid;

c. determination of whether this is a sole source item for

the retractable surface;

d. satisfactory completion of documentation with the County

and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority; and

e. stripping of the existing surface for preparation and

installation of the new playing surface.

Mrs. Kenney moved to approve giving Dr. Maxson authority to

finalize the contract. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Dr. Maxson assured the Board that the facility can operate

at no cost to the taxpayers and that he would not accept it

unless he felt it could: it will be used for other events;

there will be some funds left over which will be used for

operation and maintenance; and he will insist on building

up a contingency reserve for the facility for replacement


Mrs. Gallagher asked what the life of the surface would be,

and Dr. Maxson replied that there is an 8-year warranty,

hence the 8-year financing package; however, because it can

be rolled and stored under the bleachers and out of the hot

desert sun, it should last from 12-15 years.

Mrs. Gallagher also requested that all contracts be routed

through Mr. Klasic's office, with Dr. Maxson assuring her

that was his intention.

Mr. Karamanos asked for a policy on the kinds of events

which could be held within the Bowl, citing that when the

Thomas and Mack and Lawlor Events Centers were built, the

Board had set a policy that they would be for baseketball

only, and now there are all kinds of events taking place.

Further, he stated he has received some complaints from

casinos who state UNLV is taking business from them. Dr.

Maxson replied that UNLV feels the city has a need for more

family and cultural events; that they are ever mindful of

not being competitive with others; that they have surveyed

other Universities and how they meet this problem; and that

they always check the basketball schedules before finalizing

any event.

Mr. Klaich asked Mr. Karamanos to discuss his concerns with

Presidents Maxson and Crowley and their events center man-

agers and to report back to the Board. Mr. Foley asked that

he also be appointed to this function and Mr. Klaich agreed.

Ms. Del Papa congratulated both Presidents for their man-

agement of the facilities, and Mrs. Gallagher agreed, stat-

ing that the more expensive deferred maintenance would be

for these structures and that she approved of the contin-

gency fund for this purpose.

Mrs. Sparks asked whether the facilities would be available

for use by the Community Colleges.

Dr. Maxson indicated they would certainly be willing to work

out an arrangement for expenses only.

Mr. Klaich asked that Mr. Karamanos and Mr. Foley might also

assist with the contract if Dr. Maxson felt it was necessary

and asked that they assure themselves the LVCVA does not use

all the time for themselves. He then questioned the past

history of the Bowl, to which Dr. Maxson replied that it had

always been a losing proposition because of its limited use,

until last year, when it broke even under the able manage-

ment of Mr. Dennis Finfrock, who has used it as a multi-use

facility. Mr. Finfrock will also be assigned the management

of the Bowl so that another Director will not need to be

hired; however, they will have to add a maintenance crew.

Dr. Crowley assured the Board that the Lawlor Events Center

in Reno is not having financial problems, and that he, too,

has a most able manager in Mr. Dagitz. President Eardley,

who also serves on the Reno Sparks Convention Authority,

related that there is close cooperation between LEC and the


Mr. Klaich related to the Presidents that when the Board

gives thanks, they mean that the Presidents are doing the

job expected of them, doing it well, and cooperating with


15. Progress Report on Integration of Professional Staff Council

into Faculty Senate, UNLV

In January, 1984 it was brought to the attention of the

Board that a substantial number of professional employees

were no longer represented by the Faculty Senate at UNLV.

At that time recognition was given to the Professional Staff

Council for one year to act in their behalf and to be seat-

ed with Faculty Senates from all institutions, with the

proviso that the two groups at UNLV begin working toward

integration and to return in January, 1985 with a report

to the Board.

President Maxson stated that the integration of the Profes-

sional Staff Council with the Faculty Senate at UNLV will

be voted on in February and that he felt the Professional

Staff Council would integrate with the Faculty Senate.

Mrs. Gallagher expressed her appreciation to Mrs. Nancy

Flagg and Dr. Myrlene La Mancusa for working together on

faculty and staff problems.

16. Approved the Naming of Building at UNLV

Regent Whitley requested approval to name the Geoscience

building on the UNLV Campus in honor of Mrs. Lilly Fong.

Mrs. Whitley moved for approval to name the Geoscience

building at UNLV in honor of Mrs. Lilly Fong. Mrs. Kenney

seconded. A Roll Call Vote took place with all Regents

replying in the affirmative.

17. Approved Appointment of Dean of College Services, CCCC

Deputy Chancellor Dawson explained he inadvertently put this

item on the Information Agenda. He requested the matter be

put on the Regular Agenda and approved by the Board. Since

the matter was already a Board item, there is no need for

emergency consideration.

Approved the appointment of Dr. Jean Thomas-Sims as Dean of

College Services at CCCC, at an annual salary of $39,000,

effective January 10, 1985.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the appointment of Dr. Jean

Thomas-Sims as Dean of College Services at CCCC, at an an-

nual salary of $39,000, effective January 10, 1985. Mrs.

Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

18. Chairman's Report

Chairman Klaich announced that Mr. Foley would replace Mr.

Mc Bride on the DRI Liaison Committee and that there are now

two standing committees in effect, with two additional com-

mittees to be introduced in February, and two ad hoc commit-

tees (Events Center and DRI Liaison).

Mr. Klaich stated that the committees will report on items

for discussion and investigation to the full Board of Re-

gents and additional items will go through the Chairmen of

those committees.

19. New Business

A. Ms. Del Papa requested several items be added to the

Board calendar, such as President goals to be reported

at January meetings, an annual meeting with the State

Board of Education; an update report on the Church Fine

Arts building in February; and a discussion at the Feb-

ruary meeting regarding voluntary early retirement for

reasons of tenured faculty who would be allowed to go

to part-time tenure. This item should be discussed by

the Faculty Senates and the Presidents' Council before

reporting back to the Board.

B. Mrs. Sparks requested information on the policy on

choosing architects. A lengthy discussion took place,

with General Counsel stating that a policy is in place

with the State Public Works Board. This issue was re-

ferred to the Council of Presidents who will report back

to the Board.

C. Mrs. Kenney requested that Officer evaluations be placed

on the Board calendar for December.

D. Mrs. Gallagher requested that visits to all Campuses be

scheduled on the Board calendar for every other year.

Dr. Hidy suggested a visit to DRI during a Reno meeting

and extended to Mr. Foley and Mrs. Sparks a visitation

to DRI's facilities at their convenience.

E. Mrs. Kenney thanked the Board for their confidence in

electing her to the post of Vice Chairman.

The meeting adjourned at 11:35 A.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Secretary of the Board