UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 9-10, 1976


Pages 1-23



January 9, 1976

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Student Lounge,

Clark County Community College, 3200 East Cheyenne Ave., North

Las Vegas.

Members present: Fred M. Anderson, M. D.

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Mr. John A. Buchanan

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Molly Knudtsen

Miss Brenda Mason

Mr. John Tom Ross

Members absent: Louis E. Lombardi, M. D.

Miss Helen Thompson

Others present: Chancellor Neil D. Humphrey

President Charles R. Donnelly, CCD

Vice President Arthur Gentile, UNLV

President Max Milam, UNR

President Lloyd P. Smith, DRI

Mr. Tom Bell, University Counsel

Dr. Eugene Grotegut, UNR Faculty Senate

Miss Delia Martinez, Unit Faculty Senate

Dr. Henry Sciullo, UNLV Faculty Senate

Mr. Joseph Warburton, DRI Faculty Senate

Mr. Robert Rose, WNCC Faculty Senate

Mr. Paul Swartz, CCCC Faculty Senate

Mr. Patrick Archer, ASUN

Mr. Joseph Karaffa, CSUN

The meeting was called to order at 9:50 A.M. by Chairman James


1. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the regular session of November 20-21, 1975

were submitted for approval with the following correction:

On Item 12 ("Request for Interfund Loan"), page 75, the last

sentence of the paragraph preceding the Chancellor's recom-

mendation should read, "The loan will be repaid by November

1, 1977 from the sale of the booklet."

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval of the minutes with the cor-

rection noted above. Motion seconded by Miss Mason, carried

without dissent.

2. Report of Gifts and Grants

Acceptance of the gifts and grants as reported by the Di-

vision Presidents was recommended. (Report identified as

Ref. 2 and filed with permanent minutes.)

Miss Mason moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

Upon motion by Mrs. Fong, seconded by Miss Mason, and unanimous

vote, three additional items were added to the agenda.

3. Amendment to Regulations for Tuition Charges

President Donnelly proposed that Title 4, Chapter 21 of the

Board of Regents Handbook be amended as follows:

Section 3. Tuition Changes

Tuition shall be charged to those persons classified as

out-of-state students registering for 7 credits or more

in a given semester at any Division of the University of

Nevada System; provided, however, that registration in

Community College Division community service courses

which are not State funded shall not cause tuition to be

assessed, nor shall such enrollment be included in "date

of matriculation" for evaluation of residency.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Miss Mason moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Ross,

carried without dissent.

4. Request for Approval of Budget Augmentation, NNCC

President Donnelly requested an augmentation of $30,000 for

the 1975-76 work program for Northern Nevada Community

College, subject to approval by the State Budget Office

and the Governor. It is anticipated that this amount in

excess of budgeted revenues will come from registration fees

and Federal subvention for vocational and cooperative edu-

cation. Of the $30,000, $28,000 would be allocated for

part-time instructional positions and $2,000 for instruc-

tional supplies. Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss

Mason, carried without dissent.

5. WNCC Construction, North Reno

President Donnelly reported that final plans for the second

increment of Phase II of the WNCC facility to be constructed

on the North Reno site have been completed and are now out

to bid. He introduced Mr. Harry Wood for approval and

asked for permission to poll the Board for concurrence with

the recommendation of the Public Works Board regarding the

award of a contract, once bid results are known. Chancellor

Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

6. Approval of Budget Transfers, CCD

President Donnelly requested approval of the following fund


A. Clark County Community College Contingency Reserve

#1061 $6,000 to Postage, Operating for postage needs

to year's end.

#1062 $6,000 to General Expense, Operating for in-state

travel, supplies and duplicating and printing.

#1063 $10,000 to Student Services, Classified Salary,

for two additional positions necessary for main-

tenance of student records and processing regis-

tration input and reports.

#1064 $15,000 to Student Services, Operating for print-

ing the 1976-77 catalog and program brochures.

#1065 $17,000 to Occupational Instruction, Classified

Salaries, for three new positions: one new posi-

tion each in the areas of culinary arts training

center, word processing center evening service,

and word processing center reproduction machine


#1066 $100,000 to Occupational Instruction, Operating,

for equipment and supplies.

#1067 $50,000 to University Parallel Instruction, Oper-

ating for equipment and supplies.

#1068 $10,000 to Part-Time Instruction, Professional

Salary, for additional part-time salaries.

#1069 $5,000 to Library, Classified Salary, for one

new position in audio-visual support services.

#1070 $10,000 to Library, Operating, for book process-

ing, microfilming and book binding.

#1071 $50,000 to Library Book Acquisition, Operating,

for purchase of additional library books and


#1072 $5,000 to Buildings and Grounds, Classified

Salary for two new positions as groundskeepers.

#1073 $150,000 to Buildings and Grounds, Operating,

for increased utility costs and security.

B. Western Nevada Community College

#1065 $7,500 to Admissions and Records, Classified

Salary, to provide additional clerical assist-

ance in student records.

#1067 $13,449 to University Parallel, Operating, as

matching funds for Title VI-A equipment grant.

#1068 $8,500 to Admissions and Records, Wages, for

part-time help at Spring and Spring Alternate


#1070 $8,500 to Business Office, Wages, for part-time

help at Spring and Spring Alternate registration.

#1071 $3,750 to Admissions and Records, Operating, for

in-state travel during registration and for reg-

istration supplies.

By way of background, President Donnelly commented that the

philosophy at CCCC is that individualized learning centers

be utilized both to obtain the maximum use of available

space and to expand the effectiveness of the instructors.

Such an approach enables students to proceed at their own

pace with the aid of written material and audio and video

tapes. Because more students can be taught in this way

with fewer instructors, there have been substantial savings

in professional salaries. At the same time, however, the

individualized learning centers require larger expenditures

for supplies and equipment, as well as for instructional

support positions. Additional salary savings have resulted

from the fact that many full-time instructional positions

are unfilled; classes have been assigned to part-time

instructors, who are paid less per credit taught than full-

time faculty members.

Mr. Ross questioned the use of part-time instructors and

expressed concern that such salary savings might encourage

continued use of too many part-time rather than full-time


Dr. Anderson emphasized the importance of retaining flexi-

bility in the use of available funds through the mainte-

nance of contingency funds and the capability of effecting

budget transfers when necessary. He also commented that

there is no evidence that part-time instructors are infe-

rior to full-time faculty.

Dr. Eugene Grotegut, Faculty Senate Chairman, UNR, was

recognized by Chairman Buchanan and expressed the follow-

ing concerns on behalf of the Executive Board of the Senate:

1. Over-use of letters of appointment may avoid the appli-

cation of affirmative action policies and may not re-

sult in the hiring of the best qualified people avail-

able in the market. He would therefore hope that the

present 50:50 ratio of part-time to full-time faculty

at CCCC would not become established policy.

2. Use of media does not necessarily reduce the faculty,

but may instead increase that need. Because this has

important implications for educational philosophy, he

called for examination by a Systemwide committee of

the questions and problems raised by use of media.

3. The 30:1 student-faculty ratio at CCCC may be too high

and may have implications for the next budget request

to the Legislature. (Note: This figure was disputed

by President Donnelly.)

Mr. Robert Rose, Faculty Senate Chairman, WNCC, supported

the necessity of the fund transfers for his Campus. He

recognized the necessity for improving the ratio of full-

time to part-time instructors, but viewed it as a goal

shared with the Administration. Chancellor Humphrey had

recommended approval of the transfers.

After further discussion, Mrs. Fong moved approval of the

fund transfers for Clark County Community College. Motion

seconded by Mr. Ross, carried without dissent.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval of the fund transfers for

Western Nevada Community College. Motion seconded by Dr.

Anderson, carried without dissent.

7. Change in Policy Regarding Administrative Withdrawal, UNR

President Milam reported that the Administrative Withdrawal

policy now in effect has not worked well. He endorsed a

recommendation of the Academic Standards Committee and the

Undergraduate Council of the Faculty Senate that it be re-

scinded through the following two changes to Title 4 of the

Board of Regents Handbook:

A. That Chapter 10, Section 15.6 (a) be modified as


A student wishing to withdraw from UNR should appear for

a terminal interview in the Office of Student Services

to secure the proper withdrawal form. A withdrawal

which occurs after the first eight weeks of the semester

requires each instructor to indicate whether the student

is passing or failing. The withdrawal is official only

after the completed and signed forms have been filed

with the Registrar. A student who leaves UNR without

officially withdrawing receives a failing grade in all


B. That the following paragraph be deleted from Chapter 10,

Section 18.1 (a):

It is the prerogative of an instructor to assign the

grade of W when in his judgment no other grade is more

suitable. Such a grade would be warranted by disap-

pearance of the student at an early stage of the course,

or by circumstances which preclude the awarding of

either a passing or failing grade. As with assigning

of all grades, the giving of W is an act of good faith

on the part of the instructor; it must not be used as a

means of avoiding decisions that may fairly be made,

however onerous to the student or instructor. This

policy may be made retroactive if, in the President's

judgment, circumstances warrant application of the


The policy change would be effective Spring semester. Re-

sponsibility for withdrawal from a course would become the

responsibility of the student. He noted that it is planned

to implement an appeals process for hardship cases. Chan-

cellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. John

Buchanan, carried without dissent.

8. Nevada State Health Laboratory

President Milam recalled that in January, 1975 the Board of

Regents had approved a ground lease agreement with the State

to allow the Nevada State Health Laboratory, Department of

Human Resources, to construct a building on the UNR Campus

near the Anderson Health Science building. The lease pro-

vided 26,500 sq. ft. of ground area, required that 25 park-

ing spaces, a lawn and a sprinkler system be provided, and

gave the Board of Regents power to approve the exterior

architectural treatment. Dr. Milam reported that the State

Public Works Board had requested approval of an increase in

the size of the leased area to 38,000 sq. ft.

Mr. Harry Wood presented a sketch showing the exterior

architectural treatment of the building.

President Milam recommended approval of the expanded lease

area. Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

Dr. Anderson moved approval of the proposed increase in the

area of the ground lease and of the exterior architectural

treatment of the Nevada State Health Laboratory building.

Motion seconded by Mr. Ross, carried without dissent.

9. New Bank Account for Processing of BankAmericard Charges

for University Press

President Milam requested authorization to open a new ac-

count at Nevada National Bank. This would be for the pur-

pose of processing BankAmericard charges for purchases from

the University Press. He reported that it would not be

necessary for the University to pay the usual charges for

the use of BankAmericard, but that the agreement extends

only to the University Press. Signature authority would be

held by Vice President Pine or Controller Henry Hattori.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

10. Restoration of Morrill Hall, UNR

President Milam presented for the Regents' approval, an

agreement with the UNR Alumni Association under which work

on the restoration of Morrill Hall would proceed in five

phases, as follows:

1. Structural study of the building. Completed

2. Structural rehabilitation and new roof. $ 70,000

3. Plumbing, heating, air conditioning and

electrical. 247,077

4. Restoration and rehabilitation. 279,300

5. Construction of north porch. 45,000


He noted that the Alumni Association presently has over

$150,000 in hand, or more than enough to proceed with the

second phase of the work. He asked the Regents' approval

of the plan to proceed with the succeeding phases as money

becomes available. Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Anderson,

carried without dissent.

11. Change in Requirement for Associate of Science Degree in

Electronics Engineering Technology

President Milam recommended that the number of credits re-

quired for the Associate of Science degree for Electronics

Engineering Technology be reduced from 70 to 68. He noted

that this results from a study by the Engineering Council

on Professional Development, the national accrediting as-

sociation, which prescribes the courses that must be taken

to satisfy the requirements for that degree. Chancellor

Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

12. Laboratory and Special Course Fees, UNR

President Milam requested the following changes in special

fees for medical technology courses, effective Spring

semester, 1976:

Now Proposed

Med. S. 303 Hematology $50 $25

Med. S. 304 Immunohematology 50 25

Med. S. 305 Urinalysis & Body Fluids -- 25

Med. S. 306 Clinical Microbiology I 55 25

Med. S. 307 Clinical Microbiology II 55 25

Med. S. 409 Clinical Chemistry 50 25

The above fees are in addition to the per-credit registra-

tion fee. Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

13. Fee for Use of Louis Lombardi Recreation Building, UNR

President Milam relayed a recommendation from the ASUN

that the fee for use of the Louis Lombardi Recreation

building be increased from $1 to $2 per semester, effec-

tive Fall, 1976.

This would increase the ASUN fee from $21 to $22. In addi-

tion, he requested that the special fee for use of the

building by graduate students and part-time undergraduates

be increased from $1 to $2 for those who wish to use the

building. The additional $5,000 per semester thus gener-

ated would be used for additional checkout equipment.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Anderson,

carried without dissent.

14. Request for Approval of Fund Transfers, UNR

President Milam requested approval of the following fund


Budget Transfers (State Appropriated Accounts)

#250 $200 to the Chemistry Department to provide work-

study funds for a student assisting in an elementary


#260 $5,341.76 to the Learning and Resource Center to cover

a portion of the annual salary for an audio-visual


#262 $1,683 to the Division of Curriculum and Instruc-

tion to cover a portion of the salary for a senior

clerk stenographer.

#285 $4,870 to the Music Department to provide funding

for temporary classified employees.

#302 $3,000 to Civil Engineering to cover student wages

for assisting in laboratory and reading reports.

#306 $1,717 to the Division of Curriculum and Instruc-

tion to cover operational expenditures.

#307 $21,493 to the Office of Institutional Planning

and Budget to provide funding for operating and salary


#309 To President's Office, $6,250 to allow for the estab-

lishment of a new professional position, Administra-

tive Assistant to the President, not later than

February 15, 1976. The cost of this position will

be offset by reassignment or attrition of classified

personnel in the offices of the President and the

Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Estimative Budget Accounts (All transfers are from the

Contingency Reserve within each individual account.)

#287 $18,648 to cover operating requirements in the

School of Medical Sciences Investment Income Account.

The funds were originally programmed in the profes-

sional salary category.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Anderson, carried without dissent.

15. Revision of Estimative Budget, UNR

President Milam requested approval of the following revision

to the Chemistry Department budget in order to program the

actual beginning balance and to reflect more accurately the

anticipated revenues and projected expenditures:

Account Name: Chemistry Breakage Sales

Current Revision Revised

Budget Requested Budget

Source of Funds

From Opening Balance $ 6,800 $ 5,600 $12,400

Student Breakage Fees 7,200 7,200

Recharge Credits 10,200 6,800 17,000

Total $24,200 $12,400 $36,600

Application of Funds

Wages $ 1,500 $ $ 1,500

Fringe Benefits 100 100

Operating 15,400 9,500 24,900

Equipment 1,500 1,500

Reserve for Contingencies 7,300 1,300 8,600

Total $24,200 $12,400 $36,600

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

16. Utility Easement, UNR

President Milam recommended approval of a request from the

College of Agriculture that a utility easement be granted

to Sierra Pacific Power Co. for a power line 2,026.5 feet

long on the Central Nevada Field Laboratory in Lander

County. Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. John

Buchanan, carried without dissent.

17. Estimative Budgets, Summer Session, UNR

President Milam presented the estimative budgets for 1976

Summer Session programs at UNR (identified as Ref. 20 and

filed with permanent minutes). These budgets, he reported,

reflect an anticipated per-credit fee increase of about $3

which will be brought to the Board for approval at a later

meeting. Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. John

Buchanan, carried without dissent.

18. Final Plans for DRI Facility, North Reno Site

President Smith introduced Mr. Harry Wood, who recalled that

this project was one which was initially funded in 1973 and

supplemented by funds from the Legislature in 1975 for a

permanent DRI facility in Northern Nevada. Preliminary

drawings had previously been approved by the Board. Mr.

Fred Dolven of the architectural firm of Selden, Nespor,

Dolven and Larson presented the final plans. He reported

that these plans were in the hands of the State Public

Works Board for review and that they should be out for bid

about February 1. President Smith and Chancellor Humphrey

recommended approval.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Anderson,

carried without dissent.

19. Solar Research Facility, DRI

President Smith commented on the preliminary plans for the

Solar Research facility to be constructed in Boulder City,

noting that particular attention has been paid to the pos-

sibilities for future expansion and to the need for flexi-

bility, since it is not yet known what type of solar energy

unit will be installed. Mr. Harry Wood reported that the

building will have two separate mechanical systems, one of

the conventional type and the other a solar energized heat-

ing and cooling system. Project architect Mr. Leo Borns

presented the preliminary plans. President Smith and

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval and authorization

to proceed to final plans.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval and authorization to proceed.

Motion seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried without dissent.

20. Request for Location of a Branch Campus, CCCC

At the request of Chairman James Buchanan, there was a dis-

cussion of plans for location of branch Campuses and serv-

ices of Clark County Community College. Respresentatives

of the communities of Henderson and Boulder City attended

the meeting to make a presentation requesting location of

such a branch Campus in Henderson.

President Donnelly first reviewed the criteria for site

selection of Community Colleges; these were accessibility,

cost, topography, location, environment, size and avail-

ability of utilities. These were combined with predictions

of population growth to arrive at the optimum locations for

Community Colleges. In Clark County, a study of these fac-

tors had made it desirable to establish Campuses in three

general areas: (1) the North, (2) the West and (3) the

Southeast. The firm of Tadlock and Associates, Inc., was

employed to do a site selection study. Their recommenda-

tion for Clark County was that Campuses be established,

first in the West Charleston area and second in the North

Las Vegas area, with the Southeast Las Vegas-Henderson area

one which should be considered in the long-range plans of

the Community College Division. Dr. Donnelly reviewed the

events and decisions which had led to the establishment of

the first Campus site in North Las Vegas. He suggested that

the proposal from the delegation from Henderson and Boulder

City should be presented to the Clark County Community

College Advisory Board, which had been closely involved in

site selection and planning.

Chairman Buchanan recognized Mr. Caesar Caviglia, who intro-

duced Mr. Glen Taylor, Mr. Lou La Porta, Mr. Hal Smith and

Mr. Don Dawson. A report was presented on population fore-

casts for the area bounded by Sahara Avenue on the north

and I-15 on the west, as well as a petition requesting loca-

tion of a branch Campus in Henderson.

Dr. Marvin Sedway, Chairman of the Clark County Community

College Advisory Board, expressed the opinion that on the

basis of the population to be served, the next Campus of

CCCC must be located in the West Charleston area, with the

Henderson-Boulder City area as a site for future develop-

ment. Mrs. Sharon Adams, a student and resident of the

West Charleston area, spoke in favor of a Campus being loc-

ated there.

21. Estimative Budget, Summer Session, UNLV

Vice President Arthur Gentile presented a request from

President Baepler for approval of the estimative budget for

the 1976 Summer Session at UNLV (identified as Ref. 21 and

filed with permanent minutes). Chancellor Humphrey recom-

mended approval.

Miss Mason moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Anderson,

carried without dissent.

22. Report of Investment Advisory Committee

The minutes of the meeting of the Investment Advisory Com-

mittee for November 21 were presented and confirmation was

requested for the actions of the Committee as indicated in

the minutes.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

23. Mini-Term Fees, UNLV

Regent Mason had asked for a discussion of the possibility

of restoring the former policy of allowing students to reg-

ister without fee for the mini-term if they were enrolled

as full-time students the previous semester. CSUN President

Mr. Joe Karaffa supported this request. In response to

questions concerning the number of students enrolled in the

mini-term and the courses offered, Dr. Gentile asked that

he be allowed to assemble the pertinent information and come

back to the Board with it.

Mr. Ross moved that the question be referred back to the

Campus and that a recommendation be presented to the Board

concerning the mini-term at a later meeting. Motion second-

ed by Mrs. Fong, carried without dissent.

24. In-State Preference for Bidders

Chancellor Humphrey recalled that the Board had discussed

the possible reinstitution of in-state preference for bid-

ders on University purchases and had asked for a recommenda-

tion from the Administration. Accordingly, he recommended

that in order that the University purchasing policy be con-

sistent with State law, no in-state preference be granted

unless the present law is again changed by the Legislature.

He further recommended that if the Board did wish to follow

this recommendation and did wish to adopt an in-state pref-

erence policy, the following guidelines be adopted:

The purchase would be made from the in-state business firm

if the bid is:

1. Not more than 3% higher than that of an out-of-state

supplier for purchases up to $25,000 (maximum $750);

2. Not more than 2% higher for purchases between $25,000

and $50,000 (maximum $1,000);

3. Not more than 1% higher for purchases between $50,000

and $100,000 (maximum $1,000); and

4. No preference for purchases in excess of $100,000.

Mr. Ross cited the possible loss of better service from

local suppliers as well as good will toward the University

which might result from the lack of the in-state preference.

Mr. Ross moved that the in-state preference for bidders on

University purchases be reinstated with the limitations as

outlined by Chancellor Humphrey. Motion seconded by Mrs.


Mr. Tom Bell, University Counsel, questioned the legality

of accepting a bid from other than the lowest responsible

bidder without legislative authorization for such a policy.

Dr. Anderson expressed concern that bidders might believe

the in-state preference to be in effect if the motion were

passed, even though such a policy might later prove to be


Mrs. Fong asked that she be allowed to withdraw her second

to the motion; Chairman Buchanan ruled that the second was

not subject to withdrawal.

Motion failed by the following roll call vote:

Yes - Mrs. Fong, Miss Mason, Mr. Ross, Mr. James Buchanan

No - Dr. Anderson, Mrs. Knudtsen

Abstain - Mr. John Buchanan

The University purchasing policy thus remains consistent

with State law applicable to other agencies, and no in-state

preference is granted.

25. Presidential Recruitment Fund, DRI

Chancellor Humphrey requested that $5,000 be made available

from the Board of Regents Special Projects Fund for expenses

which are expected to be incurred by the DRI Presidential

Recruitment and Screening Committee for advertisement, post-

age and interviewing.

Mrs. Knutsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

26. Proposed Amendment to University Code

President Baepler had requested that Section 1.3.8 of the

University Code be amended as follows:

SECTION 1.3.8 The Chancellor's Advisory Cabinet

(a) The Chancellor's Advisory Cabinet shall consist of the

Presidents of the four Divisions, the Chairman of each

Division Senate, and the Chairman of the Unit Senate,

and two student body Presidents as representatives.

One representative to be from the University Division,

and one from the Community College Division. The

student representative positions on each Division level

shall alternate with each Chancellor's Advisory Cabinet

meeting. The Chancellor may designate additional mem-

bers for special purposes. The Chancellor shall, at

the request of any Division President, invite the

President of the student body of that Division to

participate in discussion of specific items.

(b) The Chancellor's Advisory Cabinet shall serve as the

principal method of liaison among the Divisions and

shall provide counsel to the Chancellor. Review of the

proposed agenda of the Board of Regents, budgets and

planning will normally be discussed with the Cabinet.

(c) The Cabinet will meet upon the call of the Chancellor.

The University Code provides that proposed amendments to the

Code shall be referred to the Faculty Senates for consider-

ation and recommendation and that at least two months shall

be allowed for consideration. Chancellor Humphrey noted,

therefore, that this proposed amendment will be scheduled

for action at the April Board meeting.

27. Health Manpower Planning Report

Regent Fong had requested a report on Health Manpower

Planning Activities. Chancellor Humphrey introduced Dr.

A. W. Stoess, Chairman of the ad hoc Health Manpower Plan-

ning Group, who commented on his progress report (identified

as Ref. 27 and filed with permanent minutes). A final

report is tentatively scheduled for completion by

June 30, 1976.

Dr. Anderson suggested, and Chancellor Humphrey concurred,

that the charge to the committee should be expanded to in-

clude coordination of the long-range planning goals of the

University of Nevada System with those of the State as a

whole, rather than with the goals only of Clark County.

28. Atmospherium-Planetarium

Chancellor Humphrey expressed the appreciation and pleasure

of the University in receiving a challenge grant from the

Max C. Fleischmann Foundation in the amount of $450,000,

dependent upon the University's being able to raise $350,000

by December 15, 1976. He reported his recommendation, con-

curred in by Presidents Smith and Milam, that administrative

control of the Atmospherium-Planetarium be transferred from

DRI to UNR, effective January 15, and that President Milam

be responsible for the fund drive.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen,

carried without dissent.

29. 1976-77 Faculty Compensation

A. All Divisions and Units Except CCD

Chancellor Humphrey recalled that the November, 1975

Information Agenda had included the recommendation of

the UNS Salary and Benefits Committee for 1976-77 pro-

fessional compensation. The Committee had recommended

that professional compensation be increased by 7.8%

over 1975-76, allocated as a 6.8% increase at each step

(thereby utilizing 87% of the monies generated by a

7.8% increase), with the remaining monies (i. e., 13%)

utilized for merit increases and inequity adjustment.

(Salary schedule identified as Ref. 29.A.2 and filed

with permanent minutes.) The recommendation for the

7.8% increase was made in conformity with the Board's

adopted compensation goal for the 1975-77 biennium:

to achieve an all-ranks average compensation equal to

the average of fifty selected public Universities (one

for each state) or to achieve an increase in average

compensation sufficient to offset the increase in the

cost of living as measured by the annual change in the

Consumer Price Index (CPI). The implementation of this

goal for 1976-76 resulted in an average compensation

increase of 12.1%. The annual increase in the CPI for

the 12-month period ended September 30, 1075 was 7.8%,

and the anticipated increase in the fifty state average

is 7%; hence, a 7.8% increase is necessary to implement

the goal if the 12-month period ended September 30, 1975

is used as the bench mark.

The UNR and DRI Senates had concurred in the recommenda-

tion of the UNS Salary and Benefits Committee. The UNLV

Senate had made a slightly different recommendation,

whereby the increase in compensation would be 7.8%, but

would be allocated differently: 40% of the increase

would be utilized as an across-the-board dollar increase

($570), 40% as an across-the-board percentage increase

(3.1%), and 20% would be utilized for merit increases

and inequity adjustment. Dr. Humphrey announced, how-

ever, that the UNLV Senate, after reviewing the recom-

mendation of the UNS Salary and Benefits Committee, had

concurred in that recommendation.

Chancellor Humphrey therefore recommended adoption of

the salary schedule proposed by the UNS Salary and

Benefits Committee, effective July 1, 1976, and he fur-

ther recommended that existing faculty be moved to the

new schedule at the same rank and step held in 1975-76

excepting only those changes caused by promotion or

award of merit increases.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

John Buchanan, carried without dissent.

B. Community College Division

President Donnelly recommended to the Board that the

same total percentage increase of 7.8 be used but that

the CCD salary schedule be made more consistent with the

Universities' schedule. This would be accomplished by

continuation of a 20-step, 4-range schedule, with the

first two ranges identical to the schedule for instruc-

tors and assistant professors at the Universities. The

fourth range of the CCD schedule would be the same as

the associate professor or rank 3 schedule at the Uni-

versities, and the third range would be half way between

the second and fourth ranges. This schedule would be

intended to recognize at the third and fourth ranges

the differences in educational preparation, performance

criteria and market factors which separate Community

College and University faculties. (Proposed schedule,

to be effective July 1, 1976, identified as Ref. 29.B.3

and filed with permanent minutes.)

In order to do this, and keep full-time instructional

faculty on the same step as at present, a 9.5% increase

in the schedule was recommended by President Donnelly.

This increase would be compensated for by small percent-

age increases for non-instructional full-time profes-

sionals, and the schedule for part-time faculty would

remain unchanged.

President Donnelly's recommendations had been endorsed

by the Faculty Senates of WNCC, NNCC and CCCC. Chancel-

lor Humphrey concurred in President Donnelly's recom-


Dr. Anderson moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Fong, carried without dissent.

30. Cooperative Ed. D. Program

A review had been requested of the Cooperative Doctorate in

Education program which was developed by UNR and UNLV at the

request of the 1973 Legislature. Responsibility for the

review had been assigned to Dr. A. W. Stoess, Director of

Program Planning. His progress report, identified as Ref.

30 and filed with permanent minutes, was presented to the


Regent Fong questioned the necessity for the cooperative

feature of the program; she read a letter from an Ed. D.

candidate from Las Vegas which commended the quality of the

program at UNLV and which outlined the financial hardship

which would result from the student's having to spend a

Summer at UNR.

Dean Anthony Saville commented on that problem, recognizing

the financial and other difficulties faced by students who

must travel to the other end of the State. He noted, how-

ever, that to remove this requirement would invalidate one

intent of the program.

Chancellor Humphrey recapitulated the history of the pro-

gram, recalling that it had come about through the combining

of independently developed but unapproved programs at each

of the two Universities. The intent had been to utilize the

strengths of both faculties and both libraries through the

cooperative feature, as well as to lessen provincialism by

giving students the experience of living and studying in a

different area of the State. He cautioned against changing

the requirements without referring the matter back to the

faculties of both Universities.

Dr. Gentile stated that all of the Ed. D. students at UNLV

had signed a petition asking that the Administration request

the Regents to eliminate the requirement for course work at

UNR. This request had been approved by the faculty in the

program, the Graduate Council, and the Graduate Dean. It

had not been presented to the Regents because it was felt

the program was satisfactory to UNR in its present form.

Dean Edmund J. Cain urged that the program be continued

without alteration of the requirements for at least two

years. He noted the difficulties which could be expected

in accreditation if the program were not cooperative.

Mr. Ross expressed the opinion that it would be unwise to

make a change in the program at the present time. In the

absence of any motion to modify the requirements, Chairman

Buchanan commented that Mr. Ross' statement appeared to

express the feeling of the Board on this matter and that

the program would remain as it had been originally pro-

posed and approved.

31. Nepotism Policy

Chancellor Humphrey recalled that during a recent informal

review of UNR and UNS policies by the regional office of

H. E. W., exception was taken to the nepotism policy con-

tained in Title 4, Chapter 4, Section 5 of the Board of

Regents Handbook, as follows:

Unless otherwise provided by State law there shall be

no nepotism constraint upon the employment or advance-

ment of the University faculty except that no one may

employ, promote or otherwide advance a relative with-

out the explicit consent of a majority of the members

of the Department, College or other appropriate Uni-

versity subdivision involved. The By-laws of the

Department, College or appropriate subdivision shall

provide for the exact voting method to be used in con-

formity with this policy.

The basis for this objection was that under this regula-

tion, an individual could be denied advancement based on a

popular vote if he or she were related to someone, but only

in that instance.

The UNS affirmative action officers had recommended that the

nepotism policy be rescinded and that the University simply

comply with State law, the applicable statute being NRS

281.210. This material was included in the Information

Agenda for the November 20-21, 1975 meeting in order that

the recommendation of the affirmative action officers might

be reviewed by the Senates and the Administration.

Chancellor Humphrey presented, with his endorsement, the

recommendation of the Officers that the following actions

be taken:

(1) The nepotism policy in Title 4, Chapter 4, Section 5

of the Board of Regents Handbook be repealed and that

State law be followed;

(2) An opinion from Counsel be sought as to the constitu-

tionality of the State law and the meaning of "employ-

ing authority" in the University context; and

(3) That further work be done to develop legislation which

will conform to H. E. W. regulations and to A. A. U. P.

policy which, while seeking to minimize nepotism reg-

ulations, suggests that "faculty members should neither

initiate nor participate in institutional decisions

involving a direct benefit (initial appointment, reten-

tion, promotion, salary, leave of absence, etc.) to

members of their immediate families."

Dr. Anderson moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

32. Utility Easements, North Reno Site

With the concurrence of Presidents Donnelly and Smith,

Chancellor Humphrey requested approval of two easements

required by Sierra Pacific Power Co., so that power and gas

may be provided to DRI and WNCC on the North Reno site.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

33. Request for Interfund Loan, UNR

President Milam recalled that the second phase of construc-

tion of the Anderson Health Science building includes a

grant of $375,000 from the Fleischmann Foundation which

will be paid in March, 1976. In order that UNR might be

able to make periodic payments on construction prior to

that date, Dr. Milam requested approval of an interfund

loan of up to $375,000 from the UNR Capital Improvement Fee

Fund to the Anderson Health Science Building Construction

Fund, to be repaid upon receipt of the grant. Chancellor

Humphrey recommended approval.

Miss Mason moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

34. Budget Transfers, UNLV

Vice President Gentile presented a request on behalf of

President Baepler for approval of the following transfers

of funds:

#76-045 $2,000 from the UNLV Contingency Reserve to the

Dean, College of Arts and Letters, to provide for

film studies.

#76-057 $5,194 from UNLV Statewide Program Contingency

Reserve to the UNLV Museum. Of this amount, $3,000

will be used for wages and $2,194 for operating.

This amount was transferred to the Reserve from

Salary Savings in professional and classified

accounts at the Museum.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

35. Budget Transfers, DRI

President Smith requested approval of the following fund


Non-Appropriated Funds

#76-015 $4,000 from the Energy and Atmospheric Environment

Center contingency reserve to provide additional

out-of-state travel money.

State Appropriated Funds

#76-016/ $59,396 from the Reserve for Energy Studies and

019 Reorientation Programs to the Energy and Atmos-

pheric Environment Center to provide salary support

in the following projects: (1) $25,106 to Air

Motion Studies; (2) $4,687 to Solar Energy Studies;

(3) $14,327 to Air Quality Studies; and (4) $15,276

to the Pyramid Lake Project.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

36. New Business

Miss Mason asked whether anything is being done at UNLV to

expand evening course offerings, noting that at present it

is impossible to obtain an undergraduate degree solely

through attending evening classes. Dr. Gentile replied

that evening classes are dependent upon sufficient demand.

President Milam commented that at UNR the Deans have been

encouraged to expand evening offerings, but that on that

Campus also the problem has been one of insufficient en-

rollment for other than a limited number of courses.

Chancellor Humphrey suggested that additional information

should be developed as to what the present offerings are

and what would be involved in expanding those offerings,

and that information brought back to the Board at a later


Miss Mason also brought up the problem which exists regard-

ing billing for payment of fees by State, Federal, and

private agencies for courses at Clark County Community

College. The present policy at CCCC is that all fees must

be paid within six weeks of enrollment; this sometimes con-

flicts with the payment procedures which govern the agencies

involved. Miss Mason asked what could be done to resolve

this conflict. President Donnelly replied that the problem,

which exists in all the Community Colleges, has been recog-

nized and that a committee is presently studying it. After

that study is completed, he will come back to the Board with

a report and recommendations.

The Action Agenda was completed and the Information Agenda was

submitted. That agenda is on file in the Chancellor's Office and

contains the following items:

1. 1977-79 Faculty Salaries and Benefits (scheduled for

action at the February meeting)

2. Personnel Employment Contracts (for action at the

February meeting)

3. Board of Regents Special Projects Fund

4. Alternative Academic Calendar Systems

5. Mackay School of Mines Press Releases

6. Award of Bid for Scanning Electron Microscope

7. Award of Bid for Linen Rental Service, UNR

8. Award of Bid for Computing Center Forms

9. Report of Foreign Travel

10. Code Violations, UNLV

11. Progress of University Projects

12. Transfers from Contingency Reserve

13. CCD Budget Transfers

14. Bid Openings, UNR

15. Budget Transfers Which Do Not Require Board Approval,


16. Report of Purchases in Excess of $8,000, DRI

The meeting adjourned at 4:40 P.M.

Barbara Summers

Acting Secretary to the Board