UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 8-9, 1987


Pages 1-16



January 8-9, 1987

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Pine Auditori-

um, Student Union, University of Nevada, Reno.

Members present: Mr. Daniel J. Klaich, Chairman

Mr. James Eardley

Mr. Joseph M. Foley

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Joan Kenney

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

Mrs. Carolyn M. Sparks

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

Deputy Chancellor Mark Dawson

President William Berg, NNCC

President Anthony Calabro, WNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President John Gwaltney, TMCC

President George Hidy, DRI

President Paul Meacham, CCCC

Vice President John Unrue, UNLV

Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Dr. Warren Fox, Vice Chancellor

Mr. Ron Sparks, Vice Chancellor

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs John Fordham (DRI), Larry

Goodnight (WNCC), John Heise (CCCC), Phyllis Henderson (TMCC),

Donald Jessup (UNR), Gary Jones (UNLV), Jim Williams (Unit), and

Student Association Officers.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Klaich at 8:25 A.M.

on Thursday, January 8, 1987. Upon motion by Mrs. Kenney, sec-

onded by Mrs. Gallagher, the Board moved to a closed personnel

session for the purposes of officer evaluations and discussing

the character, alleged misconduct, professional competence or

physical or mental health of a person in accordance with NRS


The open session of the Board of Regents began at 10:40 A.M. on

Thursday, January 8, 1987.

1. Approved the Consent Agenda

(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held Decem-

ber 12, 1986.

(2) Approved the gifts, grants and contracts listed in Ref.

C-1, filed with the permanent minutes.

(3) Approved the following persons be added to the College

of Agriculture Advisory Board at UNR:

Matt Benson, Gardnerville

Bill Frade, Yerington

Kenneth Garey, Amargosa Valley

Tim Hafen, Pahrump

Molly Knudtsen, Austin

Herb Manig, Sparks

(4) Approved an Interagency Agreement between the State Job

Training Office and the UNS from October 1 to December

30, 1986, not to exceed $2000 for the Governor's Sym-

posium on Economic Development held November 18-19,


Mrs. Kenney moved adoption of the Consent Agenda and approv-

al of the prepared agenda with the authority to change the

order of items as specified throughout the meeting. Mrs.

Sparks seconded. Motion carried.

Item #2 missing.

3. Introductions

Chairman Klaich introduced the Honorable Cliff Young, Jus-

tice, Nevada Supreme Court; Dr. Pete Perriera, Director of

Student Relations at UNR; Mrs. Barbara Eardley and Mr. Larry

Eardley, wife and son of Regent Eardley; and Dr. John Unrue,

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost at UNLV.

President Crowley acknowledged the newly created UNR flag.

President Calabro introduced Mr. Brian Kale, newly appointed

USA President at WNCC.

Dr. Unrue introduced Dr. Mary Ann Michel, Dean of the Col-

lege of Health Sciences at UNLV.

4. Oath of Office

The Oath of Office was given by the Honorable Cliff Young,

Justice, Nevada Supreme Court, to re-elected Regents Dorothy

S. Gallagher and Chris Karamanos and newly elected Regent

James Eardley.

5. Approved Amendment, Board of Regents Bylaws

In December, 1986 the Board heard the first reading for a

proposed change to its Bylaws concerning the election of

Officers. The amendment process to change the election from

January to the last Board meeting of the fiscal year of each

odd-numbered year, term of office to commence July 1, and

defining the term, with a proviso added that if adopted the

tenure for the incumbents of offices of Chairman and Vice

Chairman be extended to July 1, 1987.

Regents Bylaws, Title 1, Article IV, Section 2

Article IV

Officers of the Board

Election Section 2. The Chairman and Vice Chairman

shall be elected from among the membership of

the Board at the organizational meeting of the

Board held during the Board's last meeting of

the fiscal year ending during an odd-numbered

year and shall serve 2-year terms, to commence

on the following July 1. The Chairman or Vice

Chairman may serve only two successive terms

in the respective office, but may be re-elect-

ed to such office after an intervening term.

In the event of a vacancy in office, the Board

shall fill the vacancy for the remainder of

the term by election at the next regularly

scheduled meeting of the Board. No person

serving more than 3 successive years as Chair-

man or Vice Chairman shall be elected to suc-

cessive terms in those respective offices.

Note: Upon adoption of this amendment, the terms of the

incumbents of the Offices of Chairman and Vice Chairman of

the Board shall be extended until July 1, 1987.

Regents Bylaws, Title 1, Article V, Section 2

Section 2. The last meeting of the fiscal

year ending during an odd-numbered year shall

be an organizational meeting for the purpose

of electing officers, in addition to other

business that may be brought before the Board.

Mrs. Sheerin move approval of the amendment to the Board of

Regents Bylaws. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

6. Approved Sabbatical Leave, 1987-88, NNCC

Nevada Revised Statutes and Board of Regents policy provide

for the total number of sabbatical leaves which may be

awarded each year.

Utilizing the criteria followed in previous years, the max-

imum available leaves for 1987-88 for NNCC is one.

A. Northern Nevada Community College - President Berg rec-

ommended the sabbatical leave available to NNCC be

awarded to the following:

Sara Campsey, Art, Academic Year 1987-88

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the Sabbatical Leave at

NNCC for 1987-88. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

7. Approved Honorary Degree, Community Colleges

Approved the establishment of an Honorary Associate Degree

award for Community Colleges, which would require Board

approval and would be handled in the same manner as the

awarding of Honorary Doctorate Degrees from the Universi-


This award would be incorporated into the Handbook.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of an Honorary Associate degree

award for Community Colleges. Mrs. Whitley seconded. Mo-

tion carried.

There was a short discussion on agenda Item 12 that appeared on

the agenda which was withdrawn. Mrs. Sparks commended President

Meacham for the professional manner in which he handled the pro-

posal of land exchange with the City of Las Vegas.

8. Approved Salary Changes, TMCC

Approved salary changes for two Deans commensurate with

duties as assigned in the administrative reorganization at

TMCC. These changes would be effective retroactively to the

implementation of the reorganization on November 1, 1986.

Current Proposed

Rita Gubanich

Dean of Instructional Services $50,400 $53,200

Ronald Remington

Dean of Instruction $50,400 $53,200

President Gwaltney announced Mr. Mike Rainey has been ap-

pointed as the Business/Industry Liaison Officer at TMCC.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the salary changes at TMCC.

Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

9. Approved Deeds for Evans Avenue Extension, UNR

Approved transfer of two deeds regarding Evans Avenue exten-

sion from Mc Carran Blvd. to Brook Street. This extension

was a condition of approval for the Lawlor Events Center.

Under this agreement, the University, Western Pacific Rail-

road and United States Bureau of Mines will provide the

right-of-way; the Regional Transportation Commission will

fund and build the extension, and the City of Reno will hold

title and easements to the roadway property.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the transfer of two deeds

regarding Evans Avenue extension. Mrs. Kenney seconded.

Motion carried.

10. Approved Grant, UNR

Approved the acceptance of a $5,000,000 grant from the Gen-

eral Services Administration for the construction of facili-

ties for the Center of Strageic Materials Policy Analysis in

the Mackay School of Mines at UNR.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval to accept a $5,000,000 grant from

the General Services Administration. Mrs. Whitley seconded.

Motion carried.

President Crowley stated that this grant will be used to re-

habilitate the School's museum, create additional library

space to house mines/engineering collections, and house data

documentation from major mining companies throughout the

world. This grant will aid Mackay School of Mines in its

quest to become the best Mining School in the Nation. He

stated that $2 million in private donations will be focused

on the School of Mines Library.

11. Approved Lease, DRI

After considerable discussion on the 26-year lease agreement

between DRI and Research Park Associates, the Board of Re-

gents requested additional information to be brought back

the following day (see Page 14 for approval).

President Crowley invited the Board of Regents to tour the Church

Fine Arts Complex and he gave a progress report on a private cam-

paign to raise $2.2 million for the facility. The State of Ne-

vada provided $6 million for the project, which cost $8.2 mil-

lion. Volunteers formed a committee, Chaired by newspaper colum-

nist and philanthropist Rollan Melton, to raise the additional

$2.2 million. President Crowley stated that the committee ex-

pected to reach its goal by February.

The meeting reconvened at 1:30 P.M. All Regents were present ex-

cept for Mr. Karamanos

12. UNS Health Care Symposium

A Health Care Symposium was offered to brief Regents on the

current and future programs and offerings within the UNS.

Included were recommendations for consideration of future

UNS involvement. Each Campus was represented during the

discussion and gave presentations outlining existing and

future plans. In addition, a report describing Nevada's

health care education needs through the year 1993 was pre-

sented and is filed in the Regents Office.

The wide-ranging discussion focused on topics such as:

future manpower needs, needs of an aging population, rural

health care, accreditation of programs, articulation of

nursing courses, capital construction plans and bills being

drafted for the 1987 Nevada Legislature which involve UNS.

Citing the need to address the State's immediate and long-

term health care needs, the Board requested another meeting

on January 29, 1987 to discuss strategic planning.

13. Report and Recommendations of the Academic Affairs Committee

A report and recommendations of the Academic Affairs Commit-

tee meeting, held January 9, 1987, were made by Regent Jo

Ann Sheerin, Chairman.

(1) Approved changes in the existing Hydrology/Hydrogeology

program at UNR, as contained in Ref. AA-1, filed in the

Regents Office.

Rather than one major, three separate majors will be

offered: Hydrology, Hydrogeology and a combined Hy-

drology/Hydrogeology major. These are currently op-

tions within the program. This will provide for less

confusion when explaining the programs to potential

students, and in administration of the program. The

proposed changes will not result in any new faculty,

courses or facilities.

(2) Approved the Phase I Proposal for an AAS degree in

Ophthalmic Technology at CCCC, as contained in Ref.

AA-2, filed in the Regents Office.

Graduates of this program will be trained as assistants

to Ophthalmologists. They will be qualified to take

histories, perform vision testing, repair and maintain

instruments, conduct contact lens procedures, as well

as performing other duties.

This program could provide a cost-effective means of

staffing and operating Ophthalmologists' offices.

Trained individuals at the technical level are in short

supply in the southern portion of the State, and re-

cruitment can be costly. This program will be the only

one of its kind in Nevada, and one of only a few in the

western United States. Date of initiation is planned

for September, 1987.

This program is consistent with the CCCC master plan,

which emphasizes the increased need for vocational pro-

grams. It is anticipated that 15 students will be en-

rolled in the program by the 4th year. Health core,

science and humanities courses are already in place,

and students will be admitted every other year in order

to avoid overload of clinical facilities.

Funding needs include a 1/2 time program coordinator,

adjunct faculty, salaries for extra laboratory sections

and travel, and is estimated at $12,200 in the 4th

year. Indirect costs of $4,500 will be required for

administration, overhead, limited-entry processing and

laboratory support.

Mrs. Sheerin asked why training in this program was not

the same as Dental Assisting and Dr. Alison Mc Pherson,

Director of Science and Health at CCCC, responded that

the programs were different, and Ophthalmic Technology

requires different more complex training. Mrs. Sheerin

asked if there would be adequate space for this program

and Dr. Meacham responded that there is a need for this

program and space will be made available. Mrs. Kenney

queries if the job market had been surveyed and Dr. Mc

Pherson stated that a person-to-person survey was


(3) Approved the Phase II Proposal for a Ph. D. in Anthro-

pology at UNR, as contained in Ref. AA-3, filed in the

Regents Office.

This degree will be a cooperative program between the

Department of Anthropology and the Desert Research

Institute. The program will focus on the anthropology

and archaeology of the Great Basin and Far West.

The curriculum will consist of 3 options, with a total

of 72 credits required. 54 to 55 credits in Environ-

mental Archaeology, Historical Archaeology or Ethno-

graphy and Ethnohistory will be required, plus 18

credits in field work and dissertation.

Funding for the program is projected at $20,500 by the

4th year, and will include a request for one teaching

assistant and reimbursement for Desert Research Insti-

tute faculty who will be teaching in the program. Ex-

isting faculties and equipment are adequate at the

present time. Consultants were brought in from the

University of California at Davis and the University

of Oregon to review the program proposal. Recommenda-

tions made by the consultants have been integrated into

the proposal.

The Phase I Proposal was approved by the Board of Re-

gents in June, 1986.

President Crowley answered Mrs. Sheerin's question re-

garding the funding for the one teaching assistant and

DRI faculty by stating that the funds will be reallo-

cated internally at this time, and UNR will seek fund-

ing from the Legislature in the future; it was too late

to be included in this year's budget request.

Mrs. Sheerin queried if there would be adequate library

resouces for the 40 students and 7 faculty, and Presi-

dent Crowley responded in the affirmative.

(4) Approved the Phase II Proposal for an M. D., Ph. D. in

the School of Medicine, as contained in Ref. AA-4, fil-

ed in the Regents Office.

This program will lead to a combined M. D., Ph. D. de-

gree, awarded through the School of Medicine, with

jurisdiction for the program to be shared by the UNR

Graduate School. The dual program will consist of bio-

medical research and clinical medicine. Graduates will

be able to participate in research, teaching and clini-

cal care.

Completion of the program will require 6 to 7 years.

The curriculum will consist of 88 credits of basic med-

cal sciences and 44 credits of graduate work and re-

search, plus seminars, colloquia, and a qualifying ex-

amination. The Clinical Medicine portion will involve

56 credits of Clerkships.

The M. D. degree will be obtained through existing med-

ical curriculum, while the Ph. D. course work can be

completed through the Departments of Anatomy, Biochem-

istry, Pharmacology, Physiology and the interdiscipli-

nary program in Cell and Molecular Biology.

Students in this program must meet the entrance re-

quirements for admission to the Medical School as well

as the Graduate School. Completion will require a 3.0

GPA in graduate courses, a 2.5 in the School of Medi-

cine, as well as competency in a foreign language.

Enrollment in the program will be small, beginning with

2 students and increasing to 8 by the 4th year of the

program. Funding is projected at $80,000 by the 4th

year to support a secretary, operating funds and sti-

pends for 8 students. The stipends will be provided

from individual research grants to faculty, and eventu-

ally by training grant support. Existing facilities

and equipment are adequate for the program.

The Phase I Proposal was approved by the Board of Re-

gents in October, 1986.

Dr. David Westfall, Chairman of the Pharmacology De-

partment, responded to Mrs. Sheerin's question regard-

ing the number of students within the program, by stat-

ing that those enrolled would come from existing stu-

dents in the medical program; therefore, there would be

no increase of enrollment.

(5) Approved the Phase II Proposal for an MS and Ph. D. in

Pharmacology in the School of Medicine, as contained in

Ref. AA-5, filed in the Regents Office.

This 4-year program will be centered in the Department

of Pharmacology. The master's degree will be offered

as an intermediate degree en route to the Ph. D.; stu-

dents will not be accepted solely as masters' candi-

dates. The curriculum for the program will consist of

97 credits which will include knowledge of the bio-

logical sciences, mathematics, chemistry and many as-

pects of medicine. Students must meet the entrance

requirements set forth by the Graduate School and com-

plete certain prerequisites in science courses.

A total of 8 students will be accepted in the program

by the 4th year. 4th year funding requests will total

$80,000 and will provide for a part-time secretary,

operating funds and stipends for 8 graduate assistants.

Existing facilities and equipment are adequate for the

two programs.

The Phase I Proposal was approved by the Board of Re-

gents in October, 1986.

Dr. Westfall indicated that stipend funding for stu-

dents will be sought at the Legislature, or funding

will be absorbed through research grants.

Mrs. Sheerin asked what the prerequisites were to be

accepted into the M. S., Ph. D. program since an M. D.

is not required in the program. Dr. Westfall replied

that students can be accepted by taking prerequisites

such as chemistry, biology, biochemistry, psychology

and other disciplines.

(6) New Business - The Committee requested Vice Chancellor

Fox to report at the April meeting on the subject of

articulation, especially articulation in nursing and

other health related programs between Community Col-

leges and Universities. Equivalency between 2-year

and 4-year scientific programs should also be included

in this report.

Vice Chancellor Fox stated that at the December meet-

ing the Board approved a new process for the review

of programs, and informed the Committee that there are

only a few Phase I and Phase II programs to come before

the Committee under the previous process of reporting.

Mrs. Sheerin moved approval of the report and recommenda-

tions of the Academic Affairs Committee. Mrs. Gallagher

seconded. Motion carried.

Mrs. Sheerin requested that two full day meetings per year

be scheduled for the Academic Affairs Committee for Program


Chairman Klaich acknowledged Mr. Rowland Oakes and Mr. Frank

Byrne. Mr. Oakes is Executive Director of the Associated General

Contractors and Chairman of Construction Opportunity Trust, rep-

resenting management. Mr. Byrne is Secretary of the Northern

Nevada Building Trades Council and Co-Chairman of Construction

Opportunity Trust, representing labor.

These gentlemen are instrumental in the donation from Construc-

tion Opportunity Trust to provide for the construction of a metal

building on the WNCC Campus. This donation will total approxi-

mately $150,000 in labor and materials needed to complete the

building. The metal building donated by the American Buildings

Company of Carson City, will house the machine shop laboratory

at WNCC.

Mr. Karamanos entered the meeting.

14. Report and Recommendations of the Budget and Finance Com-


A report and recommendations of the Budget and Finance Com-

mittee meeting, held January 9, 1987, were made by Regent

Sparks, Chairman.

(1) Approved the following Self-Supporting Budgets for

Summer Sessions at the following institutions:

A. University of Nevada-Reno

1986 1987

Projected Budget

Actual Estimate


Opening Account Balance $216,074 $225,278

9601 Fees 594,379 653,817

9709 Special Programs 36,000 12,000

Total Source of Funds $846,453 $891,095


Professional Salaries $434,594 $478,053

Fringe Benefits 6,228 6,405

Class Salaries (FTE 2.5 & 5)50,722 89,872

Fringe Benefits 12,407 21,224

Wages 8,006 4,000

Fringe Benefits 808 404

Operating 73,525 82,163

Out-of-State Travel 4,424 7,000

Transfers Out

IELC 25,000 11,000

Judicial Studies 1,461 0

Administration Expense 4,000 4,000

Ending Account Balance 225,278 186,974

Total Use of Funds $846,453 $891,095

B. University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Opening Account Balance $ 236,771 $ 470,000

Student Fees 1,080,771 1,080,000

Total Source of Funds $1,317,542 $1,550,000


Professional Salaries $ 803,584 $1,000,000

Fringe Benefits 9,268 11,500

Classified Salaries 19,460 20,000

Fringe Benefits 3,868 4,000

Wages 500 3,000

Fringe Benefits 5 30

Operating 35,000 40,000

Out-of-State Travel 2,500 3,000

Ending Account Balance 443,357 468,470

Total Use of Funds $1,317,542 $1,550,000

C. Clark County Community College


Opening Account Balance $ 55,000

Registration Fees 252,500

Total Source of Funds $307,500


Professional Contracts $215,000

Classified Personnel 10,000

Wages 6,000

Fringe Benefits 8,000

Operating 25,000

Out-of-State Travel 3,000

Ending Account Balance 40,500

Total Use of Funds $307,500

D. Truckee Meadows Community College


Opening Account Balance $ 47,535 $ 58,857

Registration Fees 67,874 76,680

Total Source of Funds $115,409 $135,537


Professional Salaries $ 49,070 $ 81,698

Fringe Benefits 1,059 1,757

Classified Salaries 158 174

Fringe Benefits 3 4

Wages 1,364 1,500

Fringe Benefits 29 32

Operating 4,869 5,600

Out-of-State Travel 0 1,000

Ending Account Balance 58,857 43,772

Total Use of Funds $115,409 $135,537

E. Western Nevada Community College


Registration Fees $ 27,000


Full-Time Professional Salaries $ 8,400

Part-Time Professional Salaries 14,200

Fringe Benefits 525

Operating 800

Ending Account Balance 3,075

Total Use of Funds $ 27,000

F. Northern Nevada Community College


Opening Account Balance $ 1,452 $ 1,514

Student Fees 10,230 11,000

Total Source of Funds $ 11,682 $ 12,514


Professional Salaries $ 7,297 $ 8,000

Fringe Benefits 234 240

Operating 1,788 2,000

Out-of-State Travel 0 300

Transfers Out 849 400

Ending Account Balance 1,514 1,574

Total Use of Funds $ 11,682 $ 12,514

(2) Approved to use $100,000 of Capital Improvement Fee

Funds for reinstatement of deleted Phase IV improve-


(3) Approved rental rates to be increased and the Handbook,

Title 4, Chapter 17, Section 17.2 and 17.4, be amended,

as follows:

Sec. 17.2 Stead Campus Apartments

Current Effective

Student Rate July 1, 1987

1-bedroom $210 $225

2-bedroom 240 260

studio 75 80

Current Effective

Employee Rate July 1, 1987

1-bedroom $275 $295

2-bedroom 300 325

studio 85 90

Sec. 17.4 Other Apartments and Houses Owned by UNR

Current Effective

Apartments Rate July 1, 1987

1262 N. Sierra St. $295 $315

1 & 5 Artemesia 295 315

90 Twilight (5-plex) 285 305

120 E. 9th, Apt. A 350 375

120 E. 9th, Apt. B 225 240

120 E. 9th, Apt. C 285 305

120 E. 9th, Apt. D 275 295

Current Effective

Houses Rate July 1, 1987

1039 Evans Ave. $495 $550

1065 Evans Ave. 450 485

1147 Evans Ave. 525 565

135 Anelli Lane 450 485

819 Center St. 295 315

819 Center St. (garage) 50 55

821 Center St. 450 485

11 Artemesia Way 395 405

(4) Vice Chancellor Sparks presented the Report of Actual

Expenditures vs. Operating Budget 1986 FY.

Mrs. Sparks moved approval of the report and recommendations

of the Budget and Finance Committee. Mr. Eardley seconded.

Motion carried.

11. Approved Lease, DRI (continued)

Approved a 26-year lease agreement between DRI and Research

Park Associates, a Nevada general partnership, to lease ap-

proximately 19,000 square feet in a structure located in the

Dandini Research Park on Dandini Boulevard across from the

present DRI Headquarters building at an annual rental of

$275,000. The building to be constructed by the developer,

Clark and Sullivan, will house the Biological Sciences

Center's plant growth facilities, DRI administrative offices

and other research and development oriented tenants being

sought by the owner. The building will revert to the UNS

at the end of the lease agreement. The agreement will as-

sist DRI in launching development of its research park.

General Counsel Klasic recommended approval, subject to

review of final legal documentation.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the lease between DRI and Re-

Park Associates. Mr. Eardley seconded. Motion carried.

15. Report of Chancellor Search Committee

Mr. Klaich, Co-Chairman of the Chancellor's Search Commit-

tee, reported on the search selection process, stating that

the Committee had unanimously selected Mr. Mark H. Dawson

as the UNS Chancellor. The Board directed the Chairman to

negotiate terms and conditions of his contract and to re-

port back to the Board.

Mrs. Sheerin moved approval of the appointment of Mr. Mark

H. Dawson as Chancellor of the University of Nevada System

and authorized the Chairman of the Board to negotiate the

Chancellor's contract. Mr. Karamanos seconded. Motion


Mr. Dawson expressed his appreciation for the unanimous

pledge of support from his colleagues and accepted the ap-

pointment as Chancellor.

16. Report and Recommendations of the Audit Committee

A report and recommendations of the Audit Committee meeting,

held January 19, 1987, were made by Regent Joseph Foley,


(1) Information Only - Approved the follow-up report on the

Intercollegiate Athletics audit, UNLV, filed in the Re-

gents Office.

(2) Information Only - Approved the follow-up report on the

Athletic Department Office audit, UNLV, filed in the

Regents Office.

(3) Information Only - Approved the follow-up report on the

Theater Arts Department audit, UNLV, filed in the Re-

gents Office.

Mr. Foley moved approval of the report and recommendations of

the Audit Committee. Mr. Karamanos seconded. Motion car-


17. Approved Master Plan for North Campus, UNR

Approved the Master Plan for North Campus, UNR, recently

completed by the State Public Works Board. This plan was

required in order to properly locate currently approved

facilities, including the recreational fields, tennis

courts, Evans avenue extension, central receiving, North

Campus parking, and to identify future uses of space on the

North Campus.

Mr. Brian Whalen, Director of the Physical Plant, made the

presentation, and discussed parking alternatives on the

Campus. President Crowley informed the Board that several

alternatives have been addressed such as contracting with a

private party to construct parking for a commercial enter-

prise. It has been determined, at this time, that it would

not be feasible to construct and maintain parking structures

on the Campus.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the Master Plan for North

Campus at UNR. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

18. Legislative Workshop

The University of Nevada System Planning Report, 1987-1992,

which describes Campus goals and objectives, academic and

budget priorities, economic development issues, student en-

rollment growth, as well as current and future efforts to

stengthen higher education in Nevada, was presented by Vice

Chancellor Fox. NRS 396.505 calls for the Board of Regents

to prepare a comprehensive System Plan to be submitted to

the Legislature. Such planning reports are published on a

biennial basis as updates to Nevada 2000: Future Directions

for Nevada's Colleges and Universities.

Key points of the report are:

A. Increased Enrollment - The population growth of the

State, the increasing numbers of high school graduates,

and the high ratio of high school graduates planning

postsecondary education will increase UNS enrollment

by 26% to nearly 63,000 by 1991.

B. Increased Demand for Existing and New Programs - In-

creased enrollment, an increasingly diverse student body

(more part-time, older and minority students), and State

demands for higher education to play an ever larger role

in economic development and diversification, will in-

crease the demand for new and improved programs on the

UNS Campuses.

C. Continuing Emphasis on Provision of Quality Programs -

The UNS remains committed to providing high quality

programs to all students enrolled in the System.

D. Continuing Demand for Quality Faculty - In order to

attract and retain high quality faculty, resources must

be committed to attain nationally competitive salaries.

E. Increased Need for New Equipment and Facilities - Ad-

vances in educational technology, and in technology used

in the workplace, will create a continued need to ac-

quire new and upgraded computing, occupational and re-

search equipment and facilities.

Regents budget priorities for the 1987-89 biennium, System

goals, approved enrollment figures and academic degrees are

also included, as are Campus priorities for the next two


Mrs. Sheerin moved approval of the planning report. Mrs.

Sparks seconded. Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 5:05 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Secretary of the Board