UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 4-5, 1958

Volume 7 - Pages 399-411

January 4, 1958

The Board of Regents met in regular session in Room 205, Morrill
Hall, University of Nevada, on Saturday, January 4, 1958. Pres-
ent: Regents Anderson, Bastian, Elwell, Grant, Hardy, Lombardi,
Sawyer, Thompson. Regent Broadbent had been called to Utah be-
cause of a death in the family. The meeting was called to order
at 9:15 A.M. by Chairman Grant.

Reporters Bryn Armstrong of the Reno Evening Gazette, Jim Hulse
of the Nevada State Journal, and William Brown of the United
Press covered the meeting.

1. Minutes of Previous Meetings

Motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried
unanimously that the minutes of the previous meetings,
December 5, 1957 and December 18, 1957, be approved.

2. Comptroller's Claims

Mr. Hayden presented the following claims:

Regents Checks, numbers 78-126 to 78-146 inclusive
for a total of $424,342.55 for December.

State Claims, numbers 78-53 to 78-67 inclusive for a
total of $244,245.01 for December.

Motion by Mr. Hardy, seconded by Mr. Thompson, carried
unanimously that the claims be approved.

3. Gifts

Gifts which had been received by the University were pre-
sented for acceptance, as follows:

a) From the Estate of Hayden Ellicott - check for $50 and
securities with an approximate value of $31,001, as the
final payment from the estate.

b) From the Nevada State Nurses Association - $200 as a
special scholarship for Bartis Nordloch, a student in
the School of Nursing.

c) From E. R. Uhlig, B. S., U of N 1948 - $25 under the
General Electric Corporate Alumnus Program.

d) From Sears Roebuck Company of Las Vegas - one Geiger
counter and one scintillator (estimated value of equip-
ment $500) for Nevada Southern.

Payments on existing scholarships, as follows:

a) From Colonial Hotel Company - $60 for the Clough
Scholarship Fund.

b) From Raymond I. Smith - $7,600 for the Harold's
Scholarship Fund.

c) From Bruce R. Thompson - $100 for the Reuben C.
Thompson Scholarship Fund.

d) From William R. Woodward - $100 for the Emporium of
Music Scholarship Fund.

Mr. Grant read the following letter from the Standard Oil
Company, and the check was presented to Mr. Grant personal-
ly during the meeting:

January 2, 1958

Board of Regents
University of Nevada
Reno, Nevada


We are pleased to advise you that we wish to award two
Leadership Scholarships at the University of Nevada,
the scholarships to be used during the academic year

These scholarships are in an amount of $400 each and
a check for $800 payable to the University of Nevada
is attached.

University of Nevada will select the two winners from
any undergraduate class, with consideration being given
to leadership, financial need and scholarship. We place
no limitations or restrictions on making these awards.

After the awards have been made, we will appreciate
your assistance in securing a picture and biographical
sketch of each winner, so that we can prepare our annual
poster covering this phase of our "Aid to Education"


W. H. Haines, Regional Manager
/s/ George A. Mc Clean

Motion by Mr. Hardy, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried
unanimously that the gifts be accepted and that the
Secretary write a note of thanks to each donor.

4. Personnel Recommendations

a) Regent Hardy presented the report of the Committee on
the Interim Operation of the University, as follows:

January 3, 1958

Mr. A. C. Grant
Board of Regents
University of Nevada

Dear Mr. Grant:

The Committee of the Board of Regents which you
appointed on December 18, 1957 to make recommenda-
tion for the interim operating of the University,
met with Dr. William R. Wood on Saturday, December
21, 1957. Regents Hardy, Lombardi and Thompson
were present, Dr. Anderson was called out of town
to attend a meeting of the Rhodes Scholarship

Your Committee requested Dr. Wood to become Acting
President of the University of Nevada until June
30, 1958 or until such time as a President has been
selected by the Board of Regents, with all the
duties and responsibilities of the Office of the
President, in addition to his present position as
Academic Vice President.

Dr. Wood agreed to assume the work of the Presidency
in addition to his work as Academic Vice President
with assurances of the Committee that his present
position would not be disturbed.

Additional remuneration while mentioned to Dr. Wood,
was not discussed, since the Committee felt that
that was a matter for the consideration of the full

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Roy A. Hardy, Chairman
Fred Anderson
L. E. Lombardi
Bruce Thompson

Motion by Mr. Elwell, seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried
unanimously that the recommendation of the Committee
be accepted, and that the salary of Dr. William R. Wood,
as Acting President, be set at the rate of $16,000 per
year based on 12 months service, with an entertainment
allowance of actual expenditures not to exceed $200 a

Dr. Wood came into the meeting, having accepted the
above appointment and terms.

b) Dr. Wood presented and discussed the personnal recom-

Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried
unanimously that the following personnal recommendations
be approved.


Appointment of Robert Lee Kersey as Director of the
Student Union, effective February 1, 1958, at a salary
rate of $7200 per year based on 12 months service (new


Resignation of Rosemary Girolamo as Assistant, effective
January 1, 1958 for personal reasons.


Appointment of Jennie O. Allison as Assistant in Home
Economics at a salary of $300 for the period January
1 to January 25, 1958 (temporary replacement for Jennie
Harper, resigned).

Reappointment of C. E. Fleming as Associate Director of
the Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station for the year
1958-59 (eligible for retirement).


Reappointments as follows:

Evelyn P. Falk as Assistant in Mathematics at a
salary of $900 for the Spring semester 1958.

Jack Myles as Lecturer in Journalism at a salary
of $600 for the Spring semester 1958.

Salary Changes as follows:

James Olivas from $700 (previously approved) to
$1550 for the period November 1, 1957 to April 30,
1958 (based on salary equivalency of an Instructor)
as Boxing Coach.

Chelton Leonard from $600 (previously approved) to
$1450 for the period November 1, 1957 to April 30,
1958 (based on salary equivalency of an Instructor)
as Skiing Coach.


Resignation of Gordon Barnewall, Associate Professor,
effective the end of the current semester, in order
that he may accept an assignment at the University of


Appointment of Eugene C. Sprout as Graduate Assistant
in Civil Engineering at a salary of $1000 for the Spring
semester 1958 (new position).


Appointment of Burton C. Newbry (supplementary contract)
to teach a course in Education in the Evening Division
in the Fall semester 1957 at a salary of $225.

Resignation of Francis V. O'Leary as Technical Assistant
effective December 31, 1957, in order that he may con-
tinue his work for the master's degree at Stanford Uni-

c) Recommendation was also presented for the appointment
of William L. Duning as Dairy Law Inspector in the Food
and Drugs Department effective January 1, 1958, at a
salary rate of $5600 based on 12 months service. Action
was deferred until later in the meeting, upon request
of Dr. Anderson, to give an opportunity for a check on
the position.

5. Student Employment

Dr. Wood distributed "A Report of the Problem on Student
Employment and Placement" prepared by the Committee appoint-
ed to study this area.

Motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Sawyer, carried
unanimously that the report be accepted for study and
that action be deferred until the next meeting of the
Board, at which time Dean Basta would be invited to meet
with the Regents.

6. Fence Line - Ladino Dairy

Attorney Clark Guild, Jr. came into the meeting represent-
ing Paul Elcano of Reno, who has purchased the Richardson
property adjoining the University Experimental Dairy Farm.
Letter dated November 26, 1957 from Mr. Guild to President
Stout stated: "Mr. Elcano has caused surveys to be made of
the property which he purchased and the survey discloses
that property which he acquired has a common fence line with
the Experimental Farm which is somewhat different than the
actual property which he purchased from Mr. Richardson ...
Mr. Elcano would like to acquire by quitclaim the interest
of the University in Nevada in the foregoing place of prop-
erty, which is not used by the University." A map was
attached which showed that the land involved approximated
46.88 feet at one corner and 16.28 feet at the other corner.

Mr. Poolman discussed the request from the University stand-
point and suggested that a survey be made immediately of the
Ladino Dairy Farm, since such a survey would be a necessary
part of the preparation for sale of the Farm.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Thompson, carried
unanimously that the Administration look into the cost of
securing a licensed land surveyor and other necessary
details of a survey, and report to the Board at the Febru-
ary meeting.

7. Home Economics Building

Engineer Poolman reported that his office has made a study
of the construction of the Home Economics building and that
it is substantially complete, and therefore ready for ac-
ceptance. Mr. Hayden reported that he had received releases
signed by all the sub-contractors under Mr. Capriotti, the
contractor for the building.

Motion was made by Mr. Thompson, and seconded by Dr.
Lombardi, that, after the University receives final cer-
tificates from the architect, as provided in the contract,
the Administration be authorized to advertise in the cus-
tomary way and after the time called for in the advertise-
ment has elapsed, the University be authorized to pay the
balance due the contractor.

Mr. Hardy amended the motion to include acceptance of the
building. Mr. Saywer seconded the motion and it carried
with Mr. Thompson voting "no", and all other Regents voting

The amended motion, as follows, carried unanimously: That
after the University receives final certificates from the
architect, as provided in the contract, the Administration
be authorized to advertise in the customary way and after
the time called for in the advertisement has elapsed, the
University be authorized to pay the balance due the con-
tractor, and to accept the building.

8. Alterations, Agriculture Dean's House

Meeting for opening of bids for alterations to the Agri-
culture Dean's House was held on Friday, December 20, 1957
in the President's office. Present: Engineer Poolman,
Assistant Engineer Rogers, President Stout, and 3 members
of bidding firms. The bids were opened by President Stout,
having been duly advertised in local papers.

Base Bid Alternate

Barnesco, Inc. $1500.00 $130.00
Hardesty & Son 1941.25 77.50
Paul Hasson 2108.00 130.00
Carl H. Mac Phee 2364.15 132.00

Recommendation: I would like to recommend the acceptance
of the low bid of Barnesco, Inc., in the amount of $1500
for the Base Bid work, with the acceptance of Alternate
#1, contingent upon a conference with Dean Adams as the
work progresses.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Robert C. Poolman
University Engineer


/s/ P. W. Hayden, Comptroller
James Adams, Dean
M. W. Stout, President

Motion by Mr. Sawyer, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried unani-
mously that the bid be awarded to Barnesco, Inc., the low
bidder, in accord with the recommendation.

9. Reserve and Unassigned Funds

Comptroller Hayden distributed reports on reserve and unas-
signed funds for the information of the Board.

10. Food and Drugs

a) Dunning - (see item 4c) - Dr. Anderson reported on his
contact with the State Health Department concerning the
position of Dairy Law Inspector. He suggested that
further study be given to the matter.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried
unanimously that the appointment of William L. Dunning
as Dairy Law Inspector, effective January 1, 1958, at
a salary rate of $5600 per year based on 12 months
service, be approved on a temporary basis, until such
time as a study can be made of the position.

b) Committee - There was further discussion on the study
and examination to be made of the Department of Food
and Drugs. The consensus of opinion was that the Com-
mittee should be a strong one, and should make a compre-
hensive report. Mr. Bastian was asked to provide cer-
tain information and records, which he offered and
indicated he could secure. It was the consensus of the
Board that further consideration should be given to the
make-up of the Committee, possibly to including some
members who are not on the University faculty.

Motion by Mr. Sawyer, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried
that the Secretary notify Mr. Randall not to make any
changes in personnel until the Board of Regents takes
further action. Vote:

"Aye" - Anderson, Elwell, Grant, Hardy, Lombardi,
Sawyer, Thompson
Not Voting - Bastian

11. Housing and Home Finance Agency Loan

Mr. Dunseath, Deputy Attorney General, was present for this
item of business.

Mr. Poolman read a letter from the Federal Housing and Home
Finance Agency granting an extension of an additional 30
days for submission of application for loan.

Minutes of the meeting of the Building Committee were read
as follows:

The Building Committee of the Board of Regents met in
the office of Mr. Poolman in Morrill Hall on Thursday,
December 26, 1957 at 4 P.M. Present were Dr. Anderson,
Mr. Thompson and Mr. Poolman. Mr. Bastian was unable
to attend.

The estimated construction cost for the Married Students
Housing Project was discussed. The estimate of $460,000
for the structures designed greatly exceeded the con-
struction budget of $315,176. Possible cutbacks pro-
posed in the letter dated December 23, 1957 from Ferris
& Erskine to the State Planning Board were deemed unac-
ceptable, and there seemed to be no feasible method of
altering the design to provide an acceptable plan with-
out a complete re-analysis of the project, the time for
which would endanger the financing program for the Men's
Dormitory and Dining Hall. It was therefore,

RESOLVED, that the Married Students Housing Project
be eliminated from Application No. Nev-26-CH-1 (DM)
to the Federal Housing and Home Finance Agency for
Loan Assistance under Title IV of the Housing Act
of 1950, and that the University should proceed
expeditiously to process such application for loan
assistance for construction of the Men's Dormitory
and the Dining Hall.

It was the opinion of the members present that Ferris &
Erskine be requested to prepare plans within the limi-
tations of the construction budget and that the Archi-
tects should be requested to appear before the Board of
Regents at the meeting on January 4, 1958 to discuss
the problem.

December 26, 1957

/s/ Bruce R. Thompson
Fred M. Anderson

In accord with the recommendation of the Committee that
Married Housing be eliminated, and that the University pro-
ceed to apply for loan assistance for the Men's Dormitory
and the Dining Hall, a resolution was prepared by the At-
torney General on that basis and in compliance with regula-
tions of the Home and Housing Finance Agency, as follows:


WHEREAS, Chapter 360, 1957 Statutes of Nevada author-
izes the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada
to borrow money and to issue and sell revenue certifi-
cates for the construction of certain projects speci-
fied therein; and

WHEREAS, it is necessary, in furtherance of that en-
deavor, to make application to the United States Govern-
ment Housing and Home Finance Agency for loan assistance
under Title IV of the Housing Act of 1950;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Regents
of the University of Nevada, that application for loan
assistance be made to the United States Government Hous-
ing and Home Finance Agency in accordance with the form,
practice and procedure of said agency;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the President be, and
that officer hereby is, designated and authorized, for
the purpose of the submission of said application, to
execute and sign the said application on behalf of the
Board of Regents of the University of Nevada, and to
otherwise perform such duties as may be attendant upon
the submission of said application;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, President be, and that of-
ficer hereby is, designated and empowered, for the
purpose and facilitation of transmittal, to hereafter
receive all communications from said Federal Agency ap-
pertaining to said application and loan.

Dated: January 4, 1958

Board of Regents of the
University of Nevada

/s/ A. C. Grant, Chairman
Roy A. Hardy
Grant Saywer
Cyril O. Bastian
Wm. H. Elwell
Fred M. Anderson
Bruce R. Thompson
Louis E. Lombardi

Deputy Attorney General Dunseath gave the opinion of the
Attorney General's office that the appplication has met
legal requirements.

Motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Sawyer, carried
unanimously that the resolution be adopted, and that the
President be authorized to sign the application.

Motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried
unanimously that the report of the Building Committee be
adopted, that the Board go on record as agreeing with the
letter to the Housing & Home Finance Agency, as follows,
and that the letter be spread on the minutes of this meet-

January 4, 1958

Housing & Home Finance Agency
989 Market Street
San Francisco 3, California

Attn: Mr. Paul Emmert, Regional Director,
Community Facilities Activities

Transmitted herewith you will please find completed
copies of Form H 1000, application for loan assistance
under Title IV of the Housing Act of 1950, for projects
contemplated at the University of Nevada.

Your attention is called to the fact that although the
preliminary application contemplated a total request of
$1,382,000, site and engineering problems have made it
necessary for us to drop the Student Family Apartments
in the amount of $352,000 from this final application.
On the basis of this, then, our revised loan request
is for a total of $1,030,000.

Because of the fact that we expect to be able to solve
the present problems in our Family Apartments in the
reasonably near future and therefore contemplate ad-
ditional financing for this work, we would desire that
this loan be open-ended to allow the eventual accom-
plishment of this additional portion of our project.

Very truly yours,

/s/ William R. Wood
Acting President

Mr. Dunseath reported that he had contacted Dawson, Nagel,
Sherman & Howard, bonding company in Denver, Colorado, re-
garding the revenue bond issue with the Housing and Home
Finance Agency, and that he is prepared to negotiate further
should the Regents desire it.

Motion by Mr. Sawyer, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried
unanimously that the Deputy Attorney General be authorized
to seek further information from the firm of Dawson, Nagel,
Sherman & Howard, including approximate cost of supplying
the services.

12. Committees on the Selection of a President

Acting President Wood reported that, in accord with the re-
quest of the Board of Regents, the various groups had met
and had elected members to the respective committees, as

Faculty Committee on the Selection of a President:

Dr. E. M. Beesley, College of Arts & Science
Dr. Willem Houwink, College of Business Administration
Dr. T. T. Tucker, College of Education
Professor William Van Tassel, College of Engineering
Dean Elaine Mobley, University Services
Dr. James Dickinson, Nevada Southern
Dr. Fritz Kramer, Mackay School of Mines
Dr. Verle Bohman, College of Agriculture
Dr. Charles Seufferle, elected by Faculty Forum
Dr. Russell Elliott, elected by Faculty Forum
Dr. Everett Harris, elected by Faculty Forum

The Faculty Committee met on Saturday, January 4, 1958, and
elected Dr. Elliott as Chairman.

The Deans Committee on the Selection of a President is
composed as follows and has met under the Chairmanship of
Dr. Wood:

Dean Garold Holstine, College of Education
Dean Joe Moose, Graduate Studies
Dean Vernon E. Scheid, Mackay School of Mines
Dean William D. Carlson, Nevada Southern
Dean Robert C. Weems, College of Business Administration
Dean James E. Adams, College of Agriculture
Dean Ralph Irwin, College of Arts & Science
Dean Helen Gilkey, School of Nursing

The Advisory Committee for Selection of a President is
composed as follows:

Dr. Beesley from the Faculty Committee
Dr. Elliott from the Faculty Committee
Dr. Seufferle from the Faculty Committee
Dean Scheid from the Deans Committee
Dean Weems from the Deans Committee
Mr. Myneer Walker, President of the Alumni Association
Dr. Don Travis, President of the Student Body

The Board recessed at 12:20 noon for luncheon in the University
Dining Hall. The recessed meeting was called to order by the
Chairman at 1:45 P.M.

13. Ladino Dairy

Mr. Hayden reported that Mr. Mc Neil, appraiser, expects
to have his report completed in time to present to the Re-
gents at the February meeting.

14. Furniture, President's House

Mr. Hayden presented a letter from Dr. Stout stating that
he would like to purchase the dining room set and a bedroom
set now in the house at 1080 Mt. Rose Street.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Thompson, carried
unanimously that the Regents thank Dr. Stout for his offer,
but that they do not wish to sell the furniture.

15. Nuclear Engineering

Dr. Leifson, Chairman of the Committee on Nuclear Engineer-
ing, came into the meeting to give a progress report. Dr.
Leifson described the process by which the University must
apply for a reactor or other nuclear equipment through the
Atomic Energy Commission. He stressed that assistance from
the AEC is based upon the applicant having a qualified
person to make use of the equipment.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried
unanimously that $15,000 be set aside from unassigned
endowment funds for the purpose of developing a Nuclear
Engineering program; the fund to be used for the establish-
ment of a position in Nuclear Engineering, or for other
purposes pertinent to the project, the creation of such a
Department to proceed as rapidly as possible.

16. North Virginia Street Property

Mr. S. J. Nielsen came into the meeting to discuss his re-
quest that he be permitted to retain a triangle of his
property because of a sewer connection located there. The
Board of Appraisers made the appraisal including the tri-
angle. It was agreed, by consensus, that the property be
reappraised, including the triangle of land, that the ap-
praisers come up with a price; and that the University then
make its offer, and go ahead with condemnation proceedings
if the offer is not accepted.

17. Married Housing

In accord with the report of the Regents Building Committee
(Item 11) which recommended that the married housing be
dropped from the application, architects Ferris and Erskine
met with the Regents to discuss the difficulties encounter-
ed. Present from the State Planning Board were: Chairman
Sutton, Vice Chairman Isbell, Engineer Hancock and Manager
Bissell. Mr. Erskine took the floor on behalf of the archi-
tectural firm, and explained the problems presented because
of the contour of the land, meeting the Federal Housing Code
and limitations of the budget. Mr. Erskine suggested that
they study further the problems and prepare a new set of
plans, or that the University consider applying to the Urban
Renewal Program through the City of Reno for a portion of
Highland Terrace, which is to be abandoned as a Federal
Housing project.

Motion by Mr. Sawyer, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried unani-
mously that the architects re-analyze the situation of this
site, and the Chairman be authorized to write a letter di-
rected to the City of Reno inquiring as to the possibility
of acquiring a portion of the Highland Terrace area for
married housing.

Chairman Grant thanked Mr. Ferris and Mr. Erskine for their
presentation of the situation and their willingness to work
with the Regents in trying to provide married housing. He
also thanked the members of the State Planning Board for
their interest and their presence at the meeting.

18. Flood Control

Ditches on the Campus were discussed in the light of flood
control. The question arose as to whether the provision for
matching funds by the City of Reno is based on the sum al-
lotted for the Block N ditch and the Siphon, or for the
Siphon only.

It was agreed that Mr. Bastian and Mr. Bissell seek an in-
terpretation from the Attorney General.

19. Mackay School of Mines Report

Dr. Anderson referred to the report prepared by Mr. Hardy
and himself as a Committee of the Board of Regents and asked
if the Regents are in accord with certain portions of the
report, as read by Dr. Anderson and as indicated below,
that these portions be adopted.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried
unanimously that the indicated paragraphs from the report,
as follows, be adopted and that the Administration be re-
quested to put them into effect wherever feasible.

#10 - Your Committee can assure the Board of Regents that
the Advisory Committee has a make-up different from
that of all Mining Engineers; that they are some of
the most prominent engineers in the State of Nevada;
and embrace all branches of the mineral industry. All
present agreed that the Advisory Committee should con-
tinue to be appointed by the President. It was felt
that appointment by the Dean, as suggested in the Mc
Henry Report, might conceivably reflect largely one
line of thought. It was agreed that wide variation
of training and experience among the members of the
Committee should always be sought. The present Com-
mittee is thought, however, to show more variation of
this type than was indicated in the report.

#27 - The Advisory Committee on the Mackay School of Mines
should be dissolved. Appointment of a new committee
should be at the discretion of the Dean of the School.

We feel this recommendation has no merit. The pur-
pose of the Advisory Committee is to advise the Presi-
dent of the University regarding the functions of the
Mackay School of Mines and the Advisory Committee
should be composed of men whose viewpoint is objective
in obtaining the best possible results from the Mackay
School of Mines and not, necessarily, a reflection of
the views of the Dean.

#32 - The 3 curricula in Geology should be consolidated into

The Committee feels that this is a sound recommenda-
tion and that some consideration should be given to

#44 - In conclusion, the Committee further wishes to state
that the Mackay School of Mines has a disproportionate
number of out-of-state students. An enlarged effort
to induce good Nevada High School graduates to enroll
in the School of Mines seems very desirable, as there
is apparently a need in industry for well-trained
graduates. Students all through high school should be
exposed to favorable publicity regarding the School.
Members of the faculty do visit the high schools at
times, but the frequency and scope of these visits
should be increased and also supplemented by the
Alumnae Association. The University, as a whole,
might contact high schools and Librarians throughout
the State and get each to set aside a space for a
permanent University exhibit. The spaces could then
be kept supplied with up-to-date and appropriate
brochures, catalogs, periodicals, etc. about the
University that would be easily found, ready at hand,
and would serve to make the high school student Uni-
versity-minded and particularly University-of-Nevada-
minded. Special scholarships, available reassurance
on accreditation, increased job opportunities after
appropriate education and special advantages in Nevada
such as Winter Sports, etc. might be listed. During
the discussion there seemed to be some resistence on
the part of the faculty to undertaking a more aggres-
sive selling campaign to the high schools. This seems
of special importance for the School of Mines when we
note that, of 117 students registered in it in 1956,
58 were from California, 44 from Nevada and 15 from
other states. Some unattached scholarships should be
made available to prospective Nevada students for
this College and be made known to them.

#45 - It is thought by the Committee that the following
might be recommended to the Faculty Committee on
Curricula for consideration:

(1) Elimination of the degree course in Geology-
Geography at present offered by the College of
Arts & Science.

(2) Consolidation of the two curricula called Geology
and Geological Engineering into one curriculum
with additional mathematics, at least 3 calculus,
required. It was felt the course in Statistics
might be omitted to allow for this.

(3) An additional staff member with special training
in Geophysics should be given first priority and
this course be given adequate place in the cur-
riculum. Strengthening the College with an addi-
tional Instructor in Metallurgy should come next.

#47 - In traveling around the State and discussing the
School of Mines with leaders in the mining and metal-
lurgical industries, the opinion has been heard sev-
eral times that there might be a closer liaison be-
tween the School of Mines and industry. It is recog-
nized that it would be highly undesirable to have a
School of Technicians rather than leaders in industry.
However, regular consultations between the two groups
would serve to make industries more interested in
helping the University and would tend to give the
faculty and the students a better appreciation of
what is needed in industry, and to have a chance to
graduate students who would be better prepared for
practical application of their training. Some of the
industrial leaders, at present, feel that the only
"pass" the University makes at them is a financial
"pass". The impression was obtained that the Dean
and most of the faculty members present were disin-
clined to take the lead in formulating a closer
liaison with industry. The Committee feels that a
Committee of the Mackay School of Mines should be
formed for integration, and for finding positions
during vacation and after graduation for students.

Finally, it should be noted that there is, in general, a
progressive attitude in the School and that its members seem
to take justifiable pride in what is being accomplished.
Also, there has been an increase of 50% in graduate and
undergraduate students in the Mackay School of Mines since

20. Exchange Students

Regent Anderson discussed the value of the exchange student
program and expressed his opinion that the University of
Nevada would profit by participation.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Sawyer, carried
unanimously that the Administration appoint an appropriate
committee to study the feasibility of an exchange student
program for both American and foreign Universities.

21. Out-of-State Tuition Scholarships

Regent Anderson discussed the out-of-state tuition scholar-
ships, which were set at 40 by the 1945 Legislature. He
pointed out that that number was set when the University
enrollment was much smaller than it is now, and stated
that there is need for attracting the better students from
neighboring states.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Sawyer, carried
unanimously that the University initiate a request for 15
additional out-of-state tuition scholarships to be pre-
sented at the next session of the Legislature.

22. Next Regents Meeting

Inasmuch as the Regents have not met in Las Vegas for six

Motion by Dr. Anderson, carried by consensus that the next
meeting, on February 1, 1958, be held in Las Vegas.

The meeting adjourned at 5:25 P.M.

A. C. Grant

Alice Terry