UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 4-5, 1957

Volume 7 - Pages 294-300

January 4, 1957

The Board of Regents met in regular session in Room 205, Morrill
Hall, University of Nevada, on Friday, January 4, 1957. The
meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman Grant at 9:10 A.M.
Present: Regents Hardy, Lombardi, Thompson, Anderson, Grant;
Comptroller Hayden and President Stout. Engineer Poolman and
Academic Vice President Wood were present for items in their
areas. Reporters Laxalt, Finch, Hulse and Eaton covered the

1. Election of Officers for the Coming Biennium

Vice Chairman Grant called for nominations.

a) Dr. Lombardi nominated Regent Grant for Chairman. Mo-
tion by Dr. Anderson carried unanimously that the nomi-
nations be closed and that the Secretary cast a unani-
mous ballot for Mr. Grant as Chairman of the Board.

b) Mr. Hardy nominated Dr. Lombardi for Vice Chairman.
Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the
nominations be closed and that the Secretary cast a
unanimous ballot for Dr. Lombardi as Vice Chairman
of the Board.

c) It was agreed, by unanimous assent, that the 4 Reno
members of the Board shall comprise the Executive
Committee, and that any 3 of the 4 members shall con-
stitute a quorum.

Mr. Grant thanked the members of the Board for the con-
fidence shown in him, and said that he would do his best
to carry out the traditions of the school.

2. Minutes of Previous Meetings

Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the minutes
of previous meetings be approved, and that the actions of
the Executive Committee be approved, as follows:

a) Regular meeting of December 13, 1956

b) Executive Committee meeting of December 19, 1956

3. Comptroller's Claims

Claims which had been approved by the Executive Committee
were presented for approval of the Board.

Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the claims,
as follows, be approved:

Regents Checks, numbers 67-95 to 67-119 inclusive for a
total of $369,622.77 for December 1956.

State Claims, numbers 67-58A to 67-75A inclusive for a
total of $197,180.36 for December 1956.

4. Name for New Building

Dr. Lombardi proposed that the Classroom building now being
erected on the site of the old Chemistry building be named
for Mr. Silas E. Ross, whose first teaching assignments were
carried on in that building.

Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that a resolution
be prepared by Dr. Lombardi naming the building in honor of
Mr. Ross, and that the resolution become a part of the
minutes of the Board.


One of the 200 young men and women enrolled in the
University of Nevada in 1905, Silas Earl Ross, a
native of the Truckee Meadows, began a distinguished
career of public service. The Board of Regents of the
University of Nevada, of which Dr. Ross was a member
for 25 years and Chairman for 18 years, at a regular
meeting held the 4th day of January, 1957, adopted
resolutions, of which this preamble is a part, naming
this building in honor of one of the institution's
most beloved graduates.

WHEREAS, it has been said truthfully that if the Univer-
sity of Nevada is the lengthened shadow of a man, that
man is Silas E. Ross, and

WHEREAS, the University of Nevada in the 51 years that
Dr. Ross has been part of it as student, teacher, gradu-
ate manager and Regent, has moved forward and upward
to become one of the nation's distinguished institutions
for higher education, and

WHEREAS, the vision, the human understanding, the busi-
ness acumen and the painstaking effort, all a part of
building the institution are reflected in the work and
life of Dr. Ross,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Regents
of the University of Nevada that this new modern class-
room building be named the Silas Earl Ross Hall, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this resolution,
signed by the members of the Board of Regents and the
President of the University be placed in the cornerstone
of this building, be spread in the minutes of the Board
of Regents, given to Dr. Ross and his family and releas-
ed to the Press.

Executed this day of January 4th, 1957.

Board of Regents of the University
of Nevada

by Archie Grant, Chairman
Royce A. Hardy
Louis E. Lombardi
Bruce R. Thompson
Fred M. Anderson
Minard W. Stout, President

5. School of Nursing

President Stout read a letter from the Nevada State Medical
Association approving the projected School of Nursing, with
the recommendation that instruction be so developed as to
permit a student interested in the Nursing profession to
qualify as a Registered Nurse at the conclusion of 3 years
of study.

Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the letter
be referred to Dr. Yingling without recommendation.

6. Nevada Taxpayers Association

At 9:30 A.M., members of the Board of Directors of the
Nevada Taxpayers Association met with the Regents. Mr. M.
E. Lundberg, Chairman, presented his group as follows:
Mr. Neil Humphrey, Executive Secretary, and members Harris,
Tracy, Young, Carter, Crosser, Garwood, Horgan, Knisley,
Lovelock and Thomas. Mr. Lundberg stated that the Associ-
ation is interested in helping the University in its ac-
complishments, but that further information is desired on
the University Budget. Mr. Humphrey distributed prepared
material on "Time Sequence: University of Nevada Budget"
and "A Statement Concerning the 1957-59 Budget Request of
the University of Nevada".

President Stout read his prepared statement on (I) Steps
in the University's Budgetary Procedure, (II) Relationship
of the University to the Nevada Taxpayers Association, and
(III) Future Plans. He reiterated his statement that in-
formation is available at the University for the asking.

It was agreed by the University President and Regents that
more detail would be provided in the salary items, such as
brackets, and list of positions.

Mr. Lundberg thanked the Regents for the time given them
and for the information gained in the meeting.

7. Holmshaw Estate

Mr. Sidney Robinson, Attorney for the surviving partners of
the Nevada Auto Supply Company, Mr. E. J. Couture, General
Manager, and Mr. W. B. Kottinger, Accountant, came into the
meeting to discuss matters pertaining to the Estate of Alma
M. Holmshaw, of which the University is a beneficiary. Mr.
Priest, Deputy Attorney General, was present as the legal
advisor of the University.

Mr. Robinson stated the purpose of the meeting as being for
the exchange of information and ideas. He explained that
the partners have carried on the business since the death of
Mrs. Holmshaw, but that the customary withdrawals of $200
per month for each partner, and $600 for the 1/2-interest of
Mrs. Holmshaw have not been made since her death. He sug-
gested that these withdrawals be permitted, and that the
withdrawal of $600 for Mrs. Holmshaw's interest go to the
Executor to be held in trust for the University until set-
tlement is made.

Mr. Kottinger distributed copies of the financial statement
of the firm to the Regents, the Deputy Attorney General, the
Comptroller and the President.

Mr. Robinson represented his clients as desiring to continue
in the business and as desiring to arrange with the Univer-
sity for purchase of the University's 1/2-interest, on an
orderly method of purchase which would protect the Univer-
sity during the settlement.

It was agreed, by consensus, that Mr. Robinson submit a con-
crete proposal on behalf of the surviving partners, and that
the Attorney General's Office study the situation and render
an opinion as to the legal status of the University in such

8. Experiment Station Farm - Fallon

The Truckee-Carson Irrigation District entered an order to
the effect that the Irrigation District should bill the Uni-
versity for water, in line with their established policy of
selling water, if and when available, to lands without a
water-right. A copy of the deed to the land from the Fed-
eral Government to the State of Nevada was submitted to the
Attorney General for his opinion as to whether or not the
University could be so charged. His opinion, dated December
17, 1956, was as follows:

It is clear that the State and government have in no
way or manner agreed to an acceptance of the burdens
by the State, proposed by the T. C. I. D. (Truckee-
Carson Irrigation District) to be imposed upon the

From all of the foregoing, we have arrived at the con-
clusion that there is a complete subrogation and sub-
stitution of parties (State government substituted for
national government) to the rights, powers, privileges,
duties and immunities of the Federal Government in its
relationship with the T. C. I. D., and that the one
occupies the legal position of the other in all respects
as to the operation of the farm, except as expressed in
the patent to the contrary.

From this conclusion, we draw the secondary conclusion
that it was never the intent of the United States, or
of the State of Nevada, that the State be required to
pay to the T. C. I. D. any part of the construction
costs of the Newlands Project or any sums on account of
the annual cost of operation and maintenance of the
Newlands Project, and that the T. C. I. D. has no au-
thority to collect such sum or either of them under
the contract of December 18, 1926, or under any statu-
tory law, and that therefore the authority asserted by
the T. C. I. D., to collect said sums or either of them,
from the State of Nevada, does not exist.

Recent information is that the Truckee-Carson Irrigation
District might cut off the water to the farm if payment is
not made.

Deputy Attorney General Priest reiterated the opinion of the
Attorney General, stated above, and said it had been given
very careful study. If water is cut off, it would become a
matter to be settled in Court.

The meeting recessed at 12:55 noon for luncheon in the University
Dining Hall.

The recessed meeting was called to order at 1:45 P.M. by Chairman

9. Personnel Recommendations

President Stout presented his recommendations as follows:


Appointment of Crystal J. Strickler as Assistant Home Agent
in Clark County, effective January 1, 1957, at a salary rate
of $5000 per year based on 12 months service (new position).

Appointment of Joseph F. Stein as Assistant Animal Husband-
man in the Agricultural Experiment Station and Extension
Animal Husbandman, effective January 1, 1957, at a salary
rate of $7000 based on 12 months service (new position).

Resignation of Joe B. Williams as Agronomy Research Tech-
nician, Agricultural Experiment Station, effective January
18, 1957.


Reappointment of Jack Myles as Lecturer in Journalism at a
salary of $600 for the Spring semester 1957.


Resignation of Henry P. Ehrlinger as Assistant Research
Metallurgist in the Atomic Energy Project, effective March
4, 1957, in order that he might accept a position in the
mining industry.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the person-
nel recommendations be approved.

In approving the appointment of Joseph F. Stein and he
resignation of Joe B. Williams, the Board acted also as a
Board of Control for the Agricultural Experiment Station.

10. Gifts

Gifts received by the University were presented for ac-
ceptance by the Board of Regents, as follows:

a) From Mrs. Frank Humphrey of Reno, $100 for the Music
Department of the University.

b) From Arthur E. Orvis, $20,000 as second installment to
the fund for the Orvis School of Nursing.

c) From Mr. J. E. Masek, Mrs. Irma D. Masek and Mr. William
Cosulas, partners in the Las Vegas Distributing Company,
and from customers of that company, $500 to establish an
annual scholarship for deserving students of Nevada
Southern, the awards to be made on the basis of need,
ability and integrity, effective immediately.

d) From General Motors Corporation, $500 to establish a
scholarship program, effective immediately as follows:


Each year General Motors will provide the participating
institution with information as to the number of schol-
arships allocated to it under the College Plan.

The institution is to have full discretion in the award
of the scholarship. There are to be no limitations as
to the course of study, and the award is to be open to
any qualified young man or young woman who is a citizen
of the United States.

These awards are intended for outstanding individuals
who are seeking admission to the participating insti-
tutions. The standards of scholarship and all-around
ability which these institutions apply should be in
keeping with this objective. Consideration is to be
directed to the applicant's high school academic record,
the participation in extracurricular activities, a well
developed psychology of responsibility and leadership

It is intended that awards be made to the students en-
tering the Freshman year. The awards will be renewed
for the other undergraduate years provided the students
continue to meet the high standards established for
holders of this award. The institution is to be the
sole judge in reaching this decision.

Should the holder of the award withdraw or fail to main-
tain a record in line with the standards established by
the institution, the scholarship may be awarded to
another qualified candidate who is a member of the same

There will be no obligation on the part of the holder of
the award to accept employment with General Motors, nor
will there be any responsibility on the part of General
Motors to offer employment.

The amount of the award has been made flexible and will
range from an honorary award of $200 up to an award of
$2000 per year, depending upon the need of the individ-
ual for financial assistance.

The financial need is determined by the participating
institution in cooperation with Sponsored Scholarship
Services of Educational Testing Service of Princeton,
New Jersey.

The gifts were accepted, by unanimous assent, and the Secre-
tary was instructed to write a note of thanks to the donors
on behalf of the Board of Regents.

11. Stadtmuller Bequest

President Stout reported receipt of the following from the
Estate of Clara Field Stadtmuller:

Estate Check No. 39, dated December 18, 1956, in the sum
of $12,496.64.

115 shares of California Packing Corporation capital
stock as evidenced by certificates No. SC13415 and No.
SO41018 (approximate value - $4900).

5.76 shares of Edek Corporation capital stock as evi-
denced by certificate No. 2076 (no known value).

40 shares of The Timken Roller Bearing Company capital
stock as evidenced by certificate No. C07765 (approxi-
mate value - $4020).

The above "are received in trust to be maintained as the
Stadtmuller-Field Fund, pursuant to the terms of the Will of
Clara Field Stadtmuller, deceased, and the terms of the
decree of distribution in the above entitled estate." Ac-
cording to the Will, these assets are to be held in trust
in the "Stadtmuller-Field Fund", the earnings and dividends
thereof to be used for student scholarships.

Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the bequest
and its terms be accepted, and that an appropriate letter
be sent to the Executor of the Estate, Mr. Edwin W. Stadt-

12. Right-of-Way - Main Station Farm

A request was presented from the Sierra Pacific Power Com-
pany for right-of-way across the edge of the Main Station
Farm to serve the new Hidden Valley Development and Golf
Course. The proposed location of the lines has been checked
by Dean Adams, College of Agriculture, and by Mr. Poolman,
University Engineer, and has the approval of both.

Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the right-of
-way be granted, as requested by the Sierra Pacific Power
Company, and that the Chairman of the Board of Regents be
authorized to sign on behalf of the Board.

13. Petition for Extension of Sewer System - Las Vegas

As directed in the meeting of December 13, 1956, the fi-
nancing of the sewer system was checked, to determine what
obligation, if any, the University would assume by signing
the petition. Mr. Poolman reported that the system is fi-
nanced by General Obligation Bonds, and it is intended that
the extension would be financed in like manner. However,
the University, being a State agency, would be exempt from
resulting taxation. The only expense to the University
would be the usual fee for connecting to the system and
the regular monthly service charge.

Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the Chairman
be authorized to sign the petition, on behalf of the Board,
to include the property owned by the University in Clark
County Sanitation District No. 1.

14. Application for Campus Site - Las Vegas

Action on the University's request for conditional use
permit for a Campus site in Las Vegas was presented in the
form of a motion by the Clark County Planning Commission,
as follows:

Commissioner Colton moved, seconded by Chairman Albright
and carried, that the application of Board of Regents,
University of Nevada to establish a Campus site for
Southern Regional Division be approved subject to the
conditions as outlined by Planning Commission that dedi-
cation of a minimum of 40 feet on the West, North and
South boundaries of the property for rights-of-way pur-
poses, or as required by the County Engineer, be main-

Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the Secre-
tary notify the Clark County Planning Commission that the
University accepts the use permit on conditions specified.

15. State Planning Board

At 2:10 P.M. the following members of the State Planning
Board came into the meeting - Mr. Isbell, Chairman, Mr.
Gibson, Professor Sandorf, Mr. Sutton and Mr. Cox. Mr.
Hancock and Mr. Bissell of the Planning Board staff were
present also.

Mr. Isbell expressed the desire of the Planning Board to
help the University in its building program. In the dis-
cussion, the attention of the Planning Board was called to
priority of the University's building needs, which was
changed by the Planning Board without consultation with
University officials. Mr. Hancock replied for the Planning
Board that requests had been received on a Statewide basis
amounting to $100,000,000 while only $1,800,000 is available
with which to work.

The Planning Board asked that a structural survey be made
on buildings which are to be remodeled in the future, and
that a master plan be made for the Reno Campus including
utilities and streets and walks. The master planning
would be handled by the State Planning Board, working in
close cooperation with the University. They asked also
for completion of the master plan for the Las Vegas Campus,
and topographical maps for both Campuses.

The Planning Board had included in its recommendation for
structural survey, buildings which the University listed
as not in need of immediate repair, and Mr. Hancock ex-
plained that it was because these buildings are now in ex-
istence - that the plan is to seek other than State financ-
ing for new construction. All University buildings were
approved, if and when financing is possible.

Mr. Grant discussed the suggestion of the University that
funds other than State appropriations might be secured for
some of the proposed buildings, particularly the dining
hall and dormitories. Permissive legislation would be
required to set up a "Housing Authority" of some kind. He
asked the Planning Board to help the University secure such

Mr. Grant summarized that cooperation between the two groups
could be improved and that better understanding of the
Boards in regard to each other's position would be benefi-
cial to both.

Motion by Dr. Anderson carried unanimously that the Univer-
sity work with the State Planning Board in preparation of a
master plan of the Campus, topographical map and such other
maps as are deemed desirable, in line with the requests of
the Planning Board in meeting today.

Mr. Neil Humphrey of the Nevada Taxpayers Association came into
the meeting at 3:20 P.M. as an observer.

16. Cornerstone - Las Vegas Building

Mr. Bissell informed the Regents that the laying of the
cornerstone in Las Vegas would have to be postponed until
a time when the Planning Board could obtain a suitable
cornerstone, probably March 10 or 17.

Mr. Grant thanked the members of the State Planning Board
for meeting with the Regents and talking through these

17. Alumni Association Petition

President Stout distributed material showing that the Uni-
versity had provided in its budget for 1957-59 the sum of
$93,365 for student help. President Stout read also an
excerpt from the minutes of the Athletic and Eligibility
Committee held on January 2, 1957, as follows:

A report was made of the annual Fall meeting of the
Far Western Conference faculty athletic representatives
at San Francisco State College on December 7th and 8th.
At this meeting it was determined that no F. W. C.
school now has a special or specific program of aid to
athletes. However, information was presented which re-
vealed that the sources of jobs available to all stu-
dents with proper qualifications were in the various
Departments of the College or University and were ad-
ministered by the said Departments.

It is the expressed feeling of this committee that a
program conceived with the primary intent of aiding
athletes would be in conflict with the Constitution
of the Far Western Conference. Therefore, this com-
mittee cannot recommend any program which does not
conform to the letter, spirit and intent of the Consti-
tution of the Far Western Conference.

It was agreed that no action be taken on the Alumni request
for student grant-in-aids.

Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the Uni-
versity add $20,000 to its budget for the next biennium to
employ an Executive Secretary of the Alumni Association who
will devote half time to the Alumni Office and half time in
whatever capacity the University Administration requires

18. Mc Henry Report

Regent Thompson reported on his conversation with Mr.
Springmeyer of the Legislative Counsel Bureau, that the Mc
Henry Report is now in the State Printing Office and will
not be ready for distribution until the Legislature opens
(January 21). In the meantime, the Legislative Counsel
Bureau will meet to consider its recommendations to the
Legislature, based on the Mc Henry Report.

In view of the above, it was agreed that the Regents would
meet to consider the Mc Henry Report on Friday, January 18.

19. Regents Meetings

Discussion indicated that all Regents favored fixed dates
for regular meetings. The President was asked to work out
a tentative schedule for 1957 and submit it to the Board
for consideration.

The meeting adjourned at 4:30 P.M. until the next meeting, set
for January 18, 1957.

A. C. Grant

Alice Terry