UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 4-5, 1952

Volume 6 - Pages 339-344

                    UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA
                       REGENTS MEETING
                       January 4, 1952

The Board of Regents met in regular session in the President's
office on Friday, January 4, 1952.  The meeting was called to
order by Chairman Ross at 9:50 A.M.  Present:  Regents Hardy,
Arentz, Crumley, Ross; Comptroller Hayden and President Love.
Regent Lombardi was unable to return to Reno because of storms,
but hoped to be present during the day.  Reporter Gillis was
also present.

 1.  Previous Meetings

     Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the minutes
     of the last regular meeting, October 26-27, 1951 be approved
     and that the reading thereof be dispensed with, in view of
     the fact that each Regent had received a copy by mail.

     Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the actions
     of the Executive Committee be approved by the Board as per
     minutes of the meetings of December 6, 1951 and December 13,
     1951, and that those minutes be made a part of the permanent

 2.  Comptroller's Claims

     The following claims were approved by the Executive Commit-
     tee and now presented for the approval of the Board:

         Regents Checks, Nos. 12-49 to 12-66 inclusive for a
         total of $153,492.68 for October 1951.

         State Claims, Nos. 12-35 to 12-47 inclusive for a
         total of $90,949.28 for October 1951.

         Regents Checks, Nos. 12-67 to 12-84 inclusive for a
         total of $152,365.81 for November 1951.

         State Claims, Nos. 12-48 to 12-59 inclusive for a
         total of $83,028.51 for November 1951.

         Regents Checks, Nos. 12-85 to 12-102 inclusive for a
         total of $133,694.17 for December 1951.

         State Claims, Nos. 12-60 to 12-71 inclusive for a
         total of $90,660.42 for December 1951.

     Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the claims be

Mr. J. E. Springmeyer came into the meeting at 9:55 A.M. and
remained throughout the day.

 3.  Comptroller's Report

     Mr. Hayden presented a financial report showing Budget
     Allotted 7/1/51 to 12/31/51 and Actual Expenditures for
     the same period, together with a Statement of Income

 4.  Heating Plant

     Russell Mills met with the Regents at 10 A.M., (a) to dis-
     cuss the Heating Plant and (b) to present plans for remodel-
     ing Lincoln Hall.

     (a)  Heating Plant.  Report of Heating Plant alterations
          under date of November 14, 1951 had previously been
          mailed to the Regents for study.  Mr. Mills discussed
          further his recommendation that separate heating units
          be used for groups of buildings, rather than a central
          Heating Plant.

          Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the Pres-
          ident be authorized to proceed with the work of Heating
          Plant alterations in accord with the plans outlined by
          Mr. Mills as follows:


          University of Nevada Heating System - Covering proposed
          recomposition of certain selected Heating Plant instal-

          1.  Lincoln Hall and Hospital

              Existing buildings are now heated from the central
              plant using hot water.  Lincoln Hall will be com-
              pletely modernized with two adequate inside fire-
              proof stairs.  In this connection new and more
              efficient convection radiation will be installed
              using steam.  The Hospital has water type cast iron
              radiation, but the total heating load is small.

              We recommend that in the process of Lincoln Hall
              alternation sufficient space be acquired in the
              basement to install a new steam boiler and domestic
              hot water tank and heat exchange, building new flue
              or stack and completely fireproofing the space.
              Concurrently and with the thought to effect a sav-
              ing in expense, we propose to retain the hot water
              radiation in the Hospital as no alterations are to
              be made at this time.

              Steam lines will be extended from Lincoln Hall
              boiler room and a heat exchanger or convector will
              be installed to supply hot water heating to the
              Hospital.  Reconversion can be made without much
              expense in the future.

              The estimated total heat load deducted from central
              plant will be 30 horse power.

          2.  Artemisia Hall, Dining Room and Manzanita Hall

              Owing to the complex piping of these buildings as
              they exist and the possibility that at some future
              time Manzanita Hall may be modernized commensurate
              with Lincoln Hall, changing the radiation from hot
              water to steam would be justified.

              Evidence of much expense also, would be involved to
              change the piping and radiation in Artemisia Hall.

              Our recommendation to isolate this group from the
              central plant would be as follows:

                  Extend the existing boiler room recently erect-
                  ed to accommodate the kitchen boiler and the
                  two boilers for the Dormitories' domestic hot
                  water.  This new edition would be centrally
                  located, an advantage in this instance for
                  steam distribution.

              Proposed for the new addition would be one or two
              standard steam boilers, pumps and induced draft
              equipment, automatic oil burners and a larger size
              oil storage tank.  The architectural features would
              match the existing unit.  A short stack about five
              feet high projecting from the roof would not be
              unsightly and since induced draft would be incor-
              porated in the smoke breeching a considerable sav-
              ing would be effected.  Without this equipment a
              new 40 or 50 foot chimney would be necessary and
              again here there would be a dearth of smoke using
              induced draft.

              Steam lines would be extended to Artemisia and
              Manzanita with heat exchangers to furnish hot
              water to the 3 buildings.  Reconversion then can
              be accomplished at any time with minimum of ex-
              penses, without any change to the Heating Plant.

              The total connected heating load would be reduced
              by 70 horse power.

          3.  New Engineering Building and Temporary Classrooms

              The present steel tropical hospital units now used
              for temporary classrooms are heated with high
              pressure steam being reduced at each building to
              low pressure, and thence through composite convec-
              tor radiation in each room.  The steam is supplied
              by two outmoded boilers in a specially constructed
              Quonset hut.

              The new Engineering building is heated from the
              central Heating Plant by steam.  In this instance,
              the radiation in the building is adequate.  We
              would recommend that both boilers together with
              return pump and other appurtenances be removed
              from the Quonset hut and one new standard make
              low pressure steam boiler be installed instead.

              This boiler should be automatic in operation and
              be equipped with a standard oil burner induced
              draft equipment and a new condensation pump.

              The new Engineering building can be separated from
              the central plant and connected to this new boiler
              at minimum cost.  The classroom buildings would
              require some change in piping and all reducing
              valves removed.

              This installation would simplify and reduce main-
              tenance markedly.  The total load in this connec-
              tion, which does not include classrooms, removed
              from the central plant would be 60 horse power.
              The oil tank for the installation is on the site
              but not placed.  There is also one 60 H. P. high
              pressure non-standard "package" boiler in the
              basement corridor of the new Engineering building
              which can be disposed of.

              The above recommendation has been made in the
              interest of economy and coordinated with the
              thought that the Agricultural building when con-
              structed, in the future would be the distribution
              point for the proposed classroom building and the
              Engineering building, and at that time the boiler
              and equipment would be moved to the new building.

          4.  Central Heating Plant

              Since 160 horse power would be separated from the
              central plant, two 250 H. P. boilers will furnish
              heat for the remaining building in the central
              group.  Here again, in the interest of economy,
              hot water heating must be retained, and it will be
              necessary only to reconvert the piping to Mackay
              Science Hall for hot water.

              We recommend that the one old steam boiler and the
              condemned steam boiler be removed and replaced with
              a new 250 H. P. unit similar to the one now in use.
              The smoke stacks are adequate and there is ample
              space for the installation of the new equipment.

              The new unit would be water type for 125 lbs. work-
              ing pressure and will be connected into the present
              lines.  The hot water convector in the Mackay Sci-
              ence Hall would be removed and the building then
              connected to the new plant.

              There is a new Johnston 250 H. P. boiler on the
              site, purchased for the central plant, but which
              should be disposed of owing to its inadequacy.
              About 60 lb. pressure or more is required to force
              the hot water through the mains which is about City
              water pressure, but the aforementioned boiler is
              rated at 30 lbs. working pressure and would be
              considered dangerous.

          5.  Summary

              In order of importance and to implement the course
              of work to reduce the central plant to minimum
              capacity the following sequence of work is recom-

              1.  Conversion of Lincoln Hall and Hospital to
                  steam and disconnect from the central plant.
                  Plans for this work are nearly completed as
                  of this date.

              2.  Install new steam plant for Manzanita and
                  Artemisia and Dining Halls and disconnect from
                  central plant.

              3.  New steam boiler for classrooms and connect
                  Engineering building thereto.

              4.  Central plant conversion changing Mackay Sci-
                  ence Hall piping, and abandoning piping to
                  projects 1, 2 and 3 above.

          Signed:                      Date:  November 14, 1951

          /s/ Russell Mills
              Architect and Engineer

          /s/ S. R. Sgymanski
              Mechanical Engineer

          Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that a thorough
          investigation be made in connection with the Johnston
          boiler to see if there is a possibility of utilizing
          it, and that a report be made to the Regents at a later
          date, stating reasons, if any, for not using it.

          Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the
          water heating installation in Lincoln Hall be studied
          to determine cost and desirability of installation of
          separate hot water heater at some future time.

          Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that Mr. Horn
          be consulted regarding his experiences with the Dutton
          boiler, to determine what the difficulties are, and
          that those difficulties be studied.

     (b)  Lincoln Hall.  Mr. Mills presented plans for remodeling
          Lincoln Hall and discussed them with the Regents.

          Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the Pres-
          ident be authorized to proceed with the work in Lincoln
          Hall according to the plans, and that he advertise for
          bids as soon as the plans and specifications are com-

The meeting recessed at 12:20 noon for luncheon in the Presi-
dent's home.

The recessed meeting was called to order in the President's of-
fice at 1:40 P.M.  Present:  Regents Hardy, Arentz, Crumley,
Ross; Comptroller Hayden and President Love.  Mr. Gillis and Mr.
Springmeyer were also present.

 5.  Personnel Recommendations

     (a)  The resignation of Dr. Ernest L. Inwood, Professor in
          the Department of Economics, Business and Sociology,
          effective at the end of the current semester, in order
          that he may accept a post with the U. S. State Depart-

     (b)  Reappointment of A. J. Palmer, Jr. to teach Geography
          in the Las Vegas Branch program at a salary of $750 for
          the Spring semester 1952.

     (c)  Reappointment of Mrs. Lee Pivornick to teach French in
          the Las Vegas Branch program at a salary of $750 for
          the Spring semester 1952.

     (d)  Reappointment with tenure, effective July 1, 1952, of
          the following faculty members:

              Russell R. Elliott, Assistant Professor of History
                  and Political Science
              Thomas M. Little, Assistant Professor of Biology
                  and Animal Husbandry
              John A. Bonell, Assistant Professor of Civil
              E. Richard Larson, Assistant Professor of Geography

     (e)  Appointment of Thomas W. Kennelly as Lecturer in Psy-
          chology on a part time basis at a salary of $300 for
          the Spring semester 1952.

     (f)  Appointment of Dr. Francis Norton Neville, Jr. as
          Associate Veterinarian in the Department of Veterinary
          Science of the Agricultural Experiment Station, effec-
          tive March 1, 1952, at a salary of $6000 per year, in
          the place of Dr. L. R. Vawter.

     Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that these recom-
     mendations, (a) through (f), be approved.

 6.  Report on Gifts

     The following gifts have been received and acknowledged:

     (a)  Mr. Lyle Ball of the Ball Sign Company returned a Uni-
          versity check in the amount of $75 which had been paid
          to him for printing Buck-of-the-Month cards.  This was
          credited back to the Alumni Fund.

     (b)  Mr. Charles Mapes cancelled the charge against the Uni-
          versity for rental of the Fable Room on October 27.
          This was for the Homecoming Dance.

     (c)  Mrs. Edward North of Los Angeles sent her annual
          Christmas gift to the Student Union Building Fund - $10
          in memory of her son, Edward Guy North, who was a stu-
          dent at the University of evada.

     (d)  The Standard Oil Company of California has furnished
          our Music Department with records of the 1950-51 radio
          broadcasts of the Standard Oil Company.

     (e)  The Emporium of Music and the Modern Music Center co-
          sponsored the newspaper announcement of "The Messiah".

     (f)  A check in the amount of $100 was received from A.
          Carlisle and Company to be used as a scholarship for
          Carol Rae, Reno High School student who won the Nevada
          Day Poster Contest.  A check in the amount of $50 has
          been received from the Reno Elks Club for a scholarship
          for Barbara Scruggs of Sparks High School who won 2nd
          place in the Nevada Day Poster Contest.

     (g)  Two checks, each in the amount of $500, have been re-
          ceived from the estate of Helena E. Joy, deceased.  One
          check was a bequest to the Normal Department of the
          University of Nevada.  Both have been credited to the
          General Endowment Fund.

     (h)  Dr. Paul Jensen has given the University two boxes of
          slides of University scenes.

     (i)  The Block N Society of the University of Nevada paid
          for repairs to the boxing ring and purchased canvas for
          the floor, as a gift to the University.

     (j)  The Sears Roebuck Foundation is giving $1600 for the
          purchase of cattle for the cattle breeding program.

 7.  Report on Correspondence

     The following notes of appreciation have been received:

     (a)  The Board of Trustees of Reno School District desires
          to express its deep gratitude to the University for
          its fine gift of trees to enhance the beauty of our
          new Reno High School.

                             Very truly yours,

                         /s/ Gordon R. Thompson
                             Clerk, Board of Trustees

     (b)  Your kind expression of sympathy is gratefully acknow-
          ledged and deeply appreciated.  The red roses were
          beautiful.  Please express our appreciation to the
          other members of the Board.

                         /s/ Prof. and Mrs. C. C. Smith

     (c)  Your kind expression of sympathy is gratefully acknow-
          leged and deeply appreciated.

                         /s/ Thelma and Ray
                             Barbara and Jerry

     (d)  Your kindness and sympathy is more deeply appreciated
          than any words of thanks can ever express.  Donna would
          appreciate your thoughtfulness.

                         /s/ Mr. and Mrs. Batt
                             and Frances

 8.  Organization Chart showing "Outline of University of Nevada
     Organization" was distributed.  (Filed with permanent min-

     Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the chart be

 9.  Library Advisory Committee

     The President presented a plan for the appointment of a
     Citizens Library Advisory Committee.

     Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the President
     be authorized to proceed with the appointment of such a

10.  Student Union Building

     A report of the Student Committee on the Student Union
     Building, headed by Leonard Savage, was presented.  The
     report was accepted and the Secretary instructed to write
     a note of appreciation to the Committee for the work they
     have done.

11.  Reno Bowl

     A letter from William Brussard, General Manager Reno Chamber
     of Commerce, was presented which states:

         At the suggestion of the Washoe County Commissioners and
         Toiyable Forest officials, the Reno Chamber of Commerce
         is forming a non-profit corporation to be known as the
         Reno Bowl Recreation Association.  The primary purpose
         of this corporation will be to develop the so-called
         "Reno Bowl" area on Slide Mountain, Washoe County,
         Nevada, as a year-round recreational area for use by the
         general public.  This corporation will be in effect the
         planning and administrative body for the Washoe County
         Commissioners and Toiyable National Forest Service of-
         ficials in connection with the development project.

     The Regents were asked to designate a Trustee to serve with
     the Association, as provided in the Articles of Incorpora-

         One of the said Trustees shall be chosen by the Board of
         Regents of the University of Nevada.

     Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the President
     be authorized to look into the matter further and to make
     the appointment.

12.  Sheeketski Contract

     Mr. Ross referred to the letter from Mr. Furrh, Attorney for
     Mr. Sheeketski, copy of which had been mailed to each Re-

     Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that in view of
     the fact that a full Board is not present at the current
     meeting and in view of the fact that conclusive opinions
     have not yet been received from the Attorney General, no
     action on this matter be taken at this time.

     The Secretary was instructed to notify Mr. Furrh that all
     members of the Board were not present and that his letter
     would be considered at the next meeting at which there is
     a full Board.

13.  Regent's Signature

     In the absence of Chairman Ross, Vice Chairman Newton
     Crumley was designated to sign Regents checks, and the
     Comptroller was instructed to secure a signature card from
     the bank for this purpose.

The next meeting is to be held in March at the call of the Chair-

The meeting adjourned at 3:05 P.M.