UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

January 4-5, 1917 

Volume OE - Pages 6-7

                         Reno, Nevada
                       January 4, 1917

The meeting of the Board was called to order on January 4th,
1917, at 11:40 A.M. by Chairman Abel.

Present:  Regents Baker, Curler, Sullivan, Abel and President
Hendrick.  Absent:  Regent O'Brien.

Mr. C. H. Gorman appeared before the Board.  President Hendrick
read a letter to the Board from Mr. Gorman as follows:

                                  Reno, Nevada, January 3, 1917

    A. W. Hendrick, President
    University of Nevada

    Dear President Hendrick:

    I understand that the Board of Regents desire to have at the
    earliest possible moment, a statement of the balances in the
    various funds of the University, as of January 1, 1917, and
    a statement likewise of the amount which has been expended
    from the State Tax fund which was payable in December.

    I wish you would convey the information to the Board of Re-
    gents that I can furnish these balances in the various funds
    of the University, if they feel it is my duty to do it, by
    10 o'clock on Friday morning.  I can also at the same time,
    tell them the amount of money expended out of State funds
    available for this semester.

    Furthermore, if they feel it is my duty, I will post the
    ledgers from November 30 to January 1st, and give them by
    Monday morning a statement of the expenditures by Depart-

    I have been told that Mr. Gaston finds difficulty in the
    matter of the Revolving Fund vouchers which have been arrang-
    ed for submission to Carson.

    If you will kindly instruct him to lay them to one side I
    will undertake the responsibility of seeing that they are
    filed at Carson and that the money is returned to the Uni-
    versity Revolving Fund.

                             Yours very truly,

                         /s/ C. H. Gorman


After considerable discussion of the accounting system and fi-
nances of the University, it was moved by Regent Sullivan that
the proposition outlined in Mr. Gorman's letter be accepted.
Motion was seconded and unanimously carried.

At 1:35 the Board adjourned until January 5 at 10 A.M.