UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 4-5, 1915

Volume OD - Pages 543-556

                         Reno, Nevada
                       January 4, 1915

The Regents met at their Office at 10 A.M. Monday, January 4,

Present were Regents Reid, Codd, Pratt, O'Brien, Henderson,
President Hendrick and Secretary Taylor.

The minutes of the meeting of December 14, 1914 were read and

Director S. B. Doten of the Experiment Station was asked to ap-
pear before the Board and report his visit to Washington.  He
appeared and made a statement of his trip to Washington and his
discussion with Dr. Allen, Assistant Director of the Office of
Experiment Stations.

Under the heading of business arising out of the minutes of the
meeting of December 14, the President presented some corres-
pondence he had with Dr. George Ordahl, advising that he had
presented his resignation from the Professorship of Education
and Psychology in the University of Nevada, conditioned upon
his leave of absence salary being paid in full to September 1,

Motion made by Henderson, seconded and carried, that the Regents
accept the resignation of Dr. George Ordahl as presented to the
President and his leave of absence salary be paid in full to
September 1, 1915.

The President presented a letter from Dean Scrugham concerning
the filling of the Instructorship that was lately held by Mr.
George D. Powers.  Motion made by Codd, seconded by Pratt, that
the President ask Mr. Powers to present his resignation, effec-
tive July 1, 1915.  Motion made and seconded that for the month
of January, Mr. Palmer be tentatively appointed at a salary of
$125, and that the President be directed to fill the position
as soon as possible with an Instructor who might become a per-
manent Instructor.  Permission was granted Professor Jones to
give a lecture at the University of California provided a Pro-
fessor of equal rank of that institution be loaned by the Uni-
versity of California for a lecture here.

The President presented a telegram of New Year's congratulations
from Mr. Mackay, as follows:

    President Hendrick,

    I wish you and my friends at the University a very Happy
    Christmas and a Properous 1915.

Motion was made by Codd, seconded by Pratt, that the recommenda-
tion of President Hendrick of Mr. E. Harold Mosher to be In-
structor in the Department of Chemistry be confirmed, salary to
be $1200 per annum, engagement to expire July 1, 1915, unless
renewed by the Board of Regents.  Motion made by Henderson,
seconded by Pratt, that the recommendation of the President of
James A. Nyswander, as Instructor in the Department of Mathe-
matics be confirmed, salary $1200 per annum, engagement to ex-
pire July 1, 1915, unless renewed by the Board of Regents.

Motion by Codd, seconded by Pratt, that the recommendation of
the President that the Comptroller be authorized to employ in
his office an assistant, which position will be temporary for
two weeks, and if satisfactory, to give employment continuously
at $100 per month, appointment to take effect at once.  Recom-
mendation that Mr. James T. Collins be appointed was confirmed.

Motion made by Codd, seconded by O'Brien, that the Regents
designate the official who shall have the exercise of the frank-
ing privilege under the Smith-Lever Act, shall be the Director
of Extension in the University of Nevada.

Motion by Henderson, seconded by Codd, that the President be
authorized to enter into negotiations with Professor E. A.
Howes of Vermilion, Alberta, Canada, with a view of securing
his services for the University of Nevada as Director of Exten-
sion Department, that the President be authorized to set his
salary at $3000 per year.

Motion by Codd, seconded by Henderson, that the Comptroller be
authorized, out of any funds available, to take up the note of
$500 with interest now held by the Washoe County Bank, which
note was made to cover the expenses of the late Dr. Stubbs,
which expenses were authorized by the Board of Regents; the fund
used to be reimbursed out of State funds as soon as they become

The President read his biennial report, together with the re-
ports of the Heads of the Departments and the Deans of the Col-
leges, and of the various Heads of the Public Service Depart-
ments of the University.  Upon motion made by Codd, seconded by
Pratt, the report was received, approved and adopted.

The Chairman, Dr. Reid, presented a tentative report of the
Board of Regents which was discussed, and upon motion, duly made
and seconded, it was resolved that the report in some parts be
rewritten, copy to be made and sent to the Board of Regents for
their approval before it is printed.

The Board next discussed the matter of what the Board should ask
of the Legislature for the support of the Departments of the Uni-
versity other than amount which is covered by the eight (8) cent
rate.  Motion by Codd, seconded by Henderson, it was resolved to
ask the Legislature for $40,000 to cover the expenses of the
Public Service Divisions of the University for the years 1915
and 1916; that the policy recommended by the President to con-
solidate the various Public Service Bureaus of the University
into one Department, supported by one fund, be adopted, and that
this Department be known as the "Public Service Department" of
the University.

Motion by Henderson, seconded and duly carried that the Regents
request of the Legislature appropriation of dollars for the
purpose of meeting the Federal law under which the University is
now receiving donations for the assistance of its various Depart-
ments in Agriculture, and that Regent Henderson be appointed a
committee of one to prepare the law which should be passed in
conformity with this resolution.

Motion by Henderson, seconded and duly carried, it was resolved
to ask of the Legislature an appropriation of $70,000 for the
purchase of a College Farm and for buildings and equipment there-
on.  Some discussion took place in the Board of Regents as to the
amount of money which should be asked for a College of Agricul-
ture building.  Motion by Henderson, seconded and duly carried,
it was resolved to ask of the Legislature an appropriation of
not less than $120,000.

Motion was made, seconded and carried, that the Regents request
of the Legislature an appropriation of $10,000 to cover the
purchase price of the President's House.

Motion made and carried that the Regents ask of the Legislature
an appropriation to cover improvements to the buildings and
grounds and repairs to the equipment within the buildings.

At this point the President was asked to withdraw.  Motion made
by Henderson, seconded by Pratt, that the Comptroller be in-
structed to pay out of any available funds the entire moving ex-
penses of the President and his family.

Upon motion the Board adjourned.

                             Charles B. Henderson

Geo. H. Taylor

                          January 4, 1915
                          Regents Office

The New Board of Regents elected to serve the biennial 1915 and
1916 met in the Office of the Board of Regents, this date, and
proceeded to organize.

Mr. Charles B. Henderson was unanimously elected Chairman, Mr.
George H. Taylor, Secretary, and Mr. Charles H. Gorman, Assistant

There being no business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet
on February 5, 1915.

Members present:  Regents Codd, O'Brien, Henderson, Pratt and
President Hendrick.  Absent:  Regent Sullivan.

The new members of the Board presented their credentials to

                             Charles B. Henderson

Geo. H. Taylor

               Summary of 1914 Regents Meetings


Meeting of January 8, 1914

    Offer made to Professor Howes to return              493
    Installation of Fess burner referred                  "
    Bids Fuel Oil Co. referred                            "
    Advertising for Safety First recommended              "
    Allowance for Safety First Banquet                    "
    Advertising Winter Course in Dairying                 "
    Pay Bishop Hughes $50 for Lincoln Address            494
    Receipt of passes acknowledged                        "
    Mr. Weinstock address - Washington's birthday         "
    Various increases in salary                           "
    Sadie Frandsen be engaged                             "
    Carl Milentz employed for Short Course               495
    Cheney, Downer & Price $50, paid                      "
    Head Janitor appointed                                "
    Howe Scholarship adjusted                             "
    Ann Arbor Glee Club pro rata                          "
    Investigate University Bonds at Carson, Committee     "
    Graduates, first semester 1913-14                     "

Meeting of January 15, 1914

    Purchase of land from Mrs. Evans                     496
    Repairs to roofs on various buildings                 "
    Work authorized to complete Library                   "
    Apparatus for Chemistry building authorized           "
    Fess Burner in Mechanical building authorized         "
    Loans for needy students authorized                   "
    Salary of Mr. Murdock from A & M                      "
    Sell old piano for $30                                "

Meeting of February 6, 1914

    Mr. Henderson added to Evans Land Committee          497
    Increase of salaries laid over                        "
    Salary of Captain Applewhite                          "
    Library authorizations to complete                   498
    Floor in Gymnasium order put in shape                 "
    Resolutions regarding right of President & faculty
        to enter into matters outside of the University
        and not connected therewith                       "

Meeting of March 4, 1914

    Comptroller's report on 90,000 Acre Grant            499
    Letter to Attorney General in respect to bonds       500
    Dr. Mark Boyd appointed                               "
    Dr. Johnstone resigns                                 "
    Plans for Summer School ordered completed             "
    Dr. Ordahl be granted leave of absence               501
    Date for the University calendar, opening             "
    Appointment of Miss Florence Mc Gavic                 "
    Article in Sunset Magazine, 100 copies ordered        "
    Authorizing printing of Safety First proceedings      "
    Two shower baths, Department Physical Ed. Men         "
    Committee for planting trees rear of Lincoln Hall     "
    Visting of Schools authorized                         "
    Repairs to roof of Mackay Mining School               "
    Form for Department letter heads, no names            "
    Orr Ditch repairs, confer with Mr. Gault              "
    Purchase of seismograph authorized                   502
    Library building ordered completed                    "
    Committee appointed to visit eastern Colleges         "
    T. W. Clark made assistant in Animal Husbandry        "
    Recommendations of Finance Committee approved         "
        Mr. Lynch in charge of University pond
        No increase of salary for M. B. Kennedy
        Miss Sissa be increased to $100
        Sadie Frandsen be employed
        V. E. Scott be given increase
        Cadet Battalion be allowed to visit Panama Exposition
        Quarterly bulletins be authorized
        No recognition of Mr. Dinsmore receiving $50 for
            milk inspection
        All increases be made at end of fiscal year
        Budget for year to June 30, 1914                 504-11

Meeting of April 1, 1914

    Selection of third member to visit east              512
    Sending Mr. Layman to Library Association             "
    Letter from Mrs. Gignoux                              "
    Letter from Mrs. Vanderbilt                           "
    Letter from Mr. Sproule                               "
    Plans for Orr Ditch laid over                         "
    Resignation of President                              "
    Resolutions regarding resignation                     "
    Resolutions regarding new President                   "
    Resolutions regarding abolishment of Vice President
       and creating a Dean of the Faculties              513
    Using the name of the University for organizations
        as Suffrage League                                "
    University subscribe for 500 copies of annual         "
    $10 per month to George Wharton James for 1 year      "
    Mr. Dinsmore's report, deputies for his work, etc.   514

Meeting of June 2, 1914

    Board of Visitors to meet the Regents                515
    Mr. Gorman be elected Treasurer of University         "
    Prof. Wright declined the position in Animal Husb.   516
    Letter from Miss Martin, discrimination against
        the Suffrage League                               "
    Offer made to F. W. Wilson in Animal Husbandry        "
    Extension work, take steps to carry out               "
    Try to hold Mr. Elliott                               "
    Deficiency fund to purchase Evans land                "
    Change of Insurance                                  517
    Purchase of Fire Extinguishers                        "
    Candidates for graduation, 1914                       "
    Mrs. Wagner get $150 for Music Summer School         518
    Frank Bannigan appointed assistant in Chemistry       "
    Miss Wygals board allowed                             "
    Resolutions on Death of President Stubbs              "
    Oath of Office of employees be filed                  "
    No credit extended by Dining Hall                     "

Meeting of June 15, 1914

    Appointment of Deans                                 519
    Permission given to use Mackay Field for Moose
        Eagle Carnival                                    "
    Memorial page in catalogue for President              "
    Cards be sent out announcing death of President      520
    Invite Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows to visit the
        University                                        "
    Rugs for Mrs. Kay's room                              "
    Two weeks vacation on pay for employees of
        University be allowed                             "
    Night Watchman                                        "
    Write to Professor Thompson                           "

Meeting of July 10, 1914

    Appointment of Lincoln, Wilson, Roseman, Lehenbauer  521
    $4000 set aside to buy stock                         522
    Tentative Smith-Lever Plan                            "
    Promotions - Thompson, Hill, Jones, Bardenwerper      "
    Night Watchman appointed                             523
    Secure a Director Physical Training Men               "
    History fees referred to Acting President             "
    Allowance of traveling expenses for F. W. Wilson      "
    Sunset Magazine bill allowed                          "
    Letter to Miss Ann Martin                             "

Meeting of July 11, 1914

    Purchase of land from Mrs. Evans authorized          525
    Course of study be approved as approved by Deans
        and Acting President                              "
    More land for College of Agriculture                  "
    Option on Wheeler Farm                                "
    Dean of Faculties be abolished and Vice President
        be created                                        "
    File of students from date of graduation             526
    Salary of Richard Brown                               "
    Audit of books authorized                             "

Meeting of July 15, 1914

    Necessary repair work to buildings authorized        527
    Salary Mrs. Blaney, $100 per month                    "
    Metal lockers for Department of Military Science      "
    First Aid and Field Rescue Meet for Labor Day         "
    Changes in salaries, 18 names                         "
    Bill of City Engineer Meskimons for inspection of
        Lincoln Hall after earthquake                     "

Meeting of September 9, 1914

    Registration of Fall term                            529
    Vote of thanks to Goldfield Consolidated              "
    Appointment of Miss Norma J. Davis, Home Economics    "
    Appointment of Jerome B. Frisbee                      "
    Resolutions regarding letter written by
        Gordon H. True                                   530
    Election of President Hendrick                        "
    Salary of Miss Pollock                               531
    Salary of George Schweiss                             "
    Pension matter for Mrs. Stubbs                        "
    Rental of house to new President                      "
    Telegram from Mr. Henderson, absent at meeting        "
    Matter of Industrial Insurance Comptroller to take up "

Meeting of September 14, 1914

    Matter of house for President                        532
    Estimate of repairs on Stubbs house                   "
    Suitable man for Secretary to the President           "

Meeting of October 21, 1914

    Telegram from Mr. Mackay on election of President    533
    Bliss and Faville as University Architects            "
    Certain members to attend eastern conventions         "
    Mackay School of Mines taken out of Engineering
        College and made a separate organization          "
    Resolution to withhold money for purchase of stock    "
    Resolution for establishment of Normal School        534
    President see Dr. Ordahl and take what action he
        thinks wise                                      535
    Prohibiting members of the faculty to act in other
        capacities                                        "
    Comptroller be authorized to make abstract of lands   "
    Sagebrush to distribute 250 copies of same to High
        Schools                                           "
    Resignation of S. E. Ross be accepted                536
    Bid of Allenbach Co. for oil be accepted              "

Meeting of December 14, 1914

    Engagement of Bliss & Faville as University
        Architects authorized                            537
    Regarding leave of absence of Dr. Ordahl be
        extended to September                             "
    Confirmation of appointments of Dr. Records, Dr.
        Lockett, assistants in Dr. Mack's Department     537-8
    $16 be charged for board in Dining Hall              538
    Dr. Romanzo Adams complete monograph but not on
        University time                                   "
    Guarantee of debating society expenses                "
    Mr. Glascock Coach for second semester                "
    Leave for Dr. Mack                                   539
    Assistant in Mechanical Engineering Department        "
    President's budget explained and approved             "
    Dean Scrugham's plan for experiment in Engineering
        approved                                         540
    Professor Lincoln be loaned to California             "
    Mr. Paul Gaston to audit books                        "
    Public Service Department of the University           "
    Regents carry an appropriation for a College Farm     "
    Mr. Scrugham proceed with Efficiency and Welfare
        Congress                                          "
    Report of Director Doten held over                   541

Meeting of January 4, 1915

    Mr. Doten made his report of visit east              543
    Dr. Ordahl's resignation presented and motion made
        to accept                                         "
    Filling of Mr. Power's place left with President      "
    Mr. Palmer appointed for January                      "
    Permission given Professor Jones to give a lecture
        at the University of California                  544
    Telegram from Mr. Mackay, New Year's                  "
    Mr. Mosher's appointment confirmed                    "
    Mr. Collin's appointment confirmed as assistant
        in Mr. Gorman's office                           545
    Franking privilege - Director of Extension            "
    Offer position as Director of Extension to Mr. Howes  "
    Authorization to take up note of $500                 "
    President's report accepted                           "
    Chairman of the Board's report                       546
    Discussion of what the Board should ask from the      "
        Legislature for the biennial                      "
    Public Service appropriation needed                   "
    Appropriation to meet the requirements of the
        Smith-Lever Bill                                  "
    Appropriation for College Farm and Agricultural
        building                                         547
    President's house, clearing of title                  "
    Repairs to buildings, etc.                            "
    Pay the expenses of the President, moving             "