UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 2-3, 1917

Volume OE - Pages 3-5

                         Reno, Nevada
                       January 2, 1917

The organization meeting of the Board of Regents of the Univer-
sity of Nevada was held in the Office of the President, Tuesday,
January second, 1917, at 12 P.M.

Members present:  Mrs. Edna C. Baker, Mr. J. W. O'Brien, Dr.
J. J. Sullivan, Mr. J. F. Abel and Mr. B. F. Curler.

It was moved by Regent Curler, seconded by Regent Baker, that
the Board proceed with the election of a Chairman and a Secretary
of the Board.

Regent Curler nominated J. F. Abel as Chairman of the Board;
nomination seconded by Regent Baker.  No further nominations were
made and Mr. Abel was elected Chairman of the Board for the en-
suing two years.

Regent O'Brien nominated Mr. George H. Taylor as Secretary; nom-
ination seconded by Regent Sullivan.  Mr. Taylor was unanimously
elected Secretary of the Board.

The Board took a recess until 2:30 P.M.

The adjourned meeting of the Board of Regents met at 3 o'clock
in the Office of the President of the University.

Present:  Regents Baker, Curler, Sullivan, O'Brien, Chairman
Abel and President Hendrick.

The Board proceeded to the filling of the Committees of the

For members of the Executive Committee, Regent Curler nominated
Mrs. Edna C. Baker and Regent O'Brien nominated Mr. J. J. Sulli-
van.  It was moved by Regent Curler that Mrs. Baker and Dr.
Sullivan be elected two members of the Executive Committee by
acclamation.  Motion was seconded by Regent O'Brien.  All voted

Chairman Abel appointed the following named Committees:

    Finance:  Mrs. Edna C. Baker, Mr. J. W. O'Brien, Mr. B. F.

    Instruction:  Mr. J. W. O'Brien

    Student Welfare:  Dr. J. J. Sullivan

    Property:  Mr. B. F. Curler

    Library:  Mrs. Edna C. Baker

The request of Captain Mc Clure for the installing of an indoor
shooting gallery in the basement of Lincoln Hall was presented.
It was moved by Regent Curler and seconded by Regent O'Brien
that the request be granted.  Motion was carried.

President Hendrick announced that Mrs. W. A. Clark Jr., of Los
Angeles had given to the University a scholarship of $250 annual-
ly during her lifetime, the same to be named the "Catherine Hays
Mc Manus Scholarship", after her mother, and to be presented al-
ternately to a boy and then a girl.

It was moved by Regent Curler that the Chairman appoint a Com-
mittee of the Board to act in conjunction with the President to
draw a resolution accepting the scholarship and expressing to
Mrs. Clark the thanks and appreciation of the University for the
gift.  The motion carried.  The Chairman appointed Regent Curler
a Committee of one to draw the resolution.

The President presented the request of the S. P. L. A. & S. L.
Railway, through Mr. Douglas White, that the University of Nevada
join with the road in a demonstration train.  The matter was dis-
cussed and laid over until January 3rd for conference with Di-
rector Norcross of the Agricultural Extension Division.

President Hendrick presented a communication from Joe Mc Donald,
Graduate Manager, on behalf of the Associated Students, asking
that the Board of Regents assume an old bill due Spalding Bros.,
San Francisco, for $496.88, which was laid over from the meeting
of December 28.  It was moved by Regent Curler that the request
be denied.  Record vote taken as follows:

     Dr. Sullivan        Aye
     Mr. Curler          Aye
     Mrs. Baker          Aye
     Mr. O'Brien         Aye
     Mr. Abel            Aye

President Hendrick presented the matter of a possible contract
with Faber and Mc Farland, successors to the J. I. Allenbach
Fuel Co., for oil for the University at 5 cents per gallon, de-
livered.  The Board instructed the President to notify the Oil
Company that the University did not wish at this time to contract
for oil.

The President presented a communication from Mr. J. W. Robeson,
Night Watchman, asking for an increase in salary.  The matter was
held over until the matter of increase in salaries was taken up.

The President brought before the Board the question of raising
the price of board at the University Dining Hall, as the Dining
Hall was now losing from $400 to $500 per month, having lost
$1500 thus far in the school year.  Matter was discussed and held

The Board adjourned at 5:15 to meet at 10 A.M., January 3.