UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 2-3, 1911

Volume OD - Pages 231-237

                         Reno, Nevada
                       January 2, 1911

The Board of Regents met at their Office in Morrill Hall at
two o'clock P.M. Monday, January 2, 1911.  Present:  Regents
Henderson, Williams, Sullivan and Codd, and President Stubbs;
also the new members of the Board, Dr. H. E. Reid and J. W.
O'Brien.  Absent:  Regent Sutherland.

The minutes of the meeting held November 25, 1910 were read
and, upon motion, approved.

The President of the University read his report as follows:

To the Honorable
The Board of Regents
    of the University of Nevada


This report will do for both the old Board and the new Board of

The Report of the President to the Regents and the Regents to
the Governor was finished, and was sent on the 28th of December
to the Governor at Carson City, and at the same time a copy was
sent to the State Printer.

On the 24th ultimo I met Governor-elect Oddie at the Palace
Hotel in San Francisco and went over with him our budget as
contained in the Regents' Report to the Governor, explained to
him the budget, which the Regents had approved at their meeting
on the 25th of November, 1910.  The Governor expressed himself
in this wise:  That he wanted to give the University every dollar
that it needed to continue the progressive policy that had marked
the University for some years.

On the evening of the 27th of December, Mrs. Stubbs and I had
the Governor's Private Secretary, Mr. Charles A. Norcross and
his wife to dinner.  After dinner I went over the budget with
Mr. Norcross, which I had suggested to the Governor would be a
good plan, and which he had approved.  On the 29th of December
I sent to Mr. Norcross a copy of the Regents' Report to the
Governor and the President's Report to the Board of Regents.

On Saturday evening, December 31st, I had a number of the members
elect of the coming Legislature take dinner at my house, along
with the members of the Board of Regents who could be present,
and went over with them our budget with a view to informing them
in advance of what we desired and securing their active coopera-

                          Fuel Oil

At the Regents meeting held September 24, 1910, I presented two
bids to supply fuel oil.  Both of these bids (one from the Reno
Fuel Oil Company and the other from the Ridenour Fuel Company,
Mr. J. I. Allenbaugh, Manager) were exactly the same - 4 1/2
cents per gallon.  The President was authorized to purchase fuel
oil for this year from Mr. Allenbaugh at the rate of 4 1/2 cents
per gallon.  A week or two after this, oil unexpectedly tumbled
in price on account of the unexpectedly large supply from the
wells, and could be bought in Reno for 4 cents a gallon.

The Reno Fuel and Oil Company sent me a letter saying that they
would agree to supply the oil for the rest of this year at 4
cents a gallon.  I mentioned to Mr. Allenbaugh the reduced rate
at which oil was offered to us, but he was not willing to make
a change in the price and he has charged us 4 1/2 cents per
gallon up to the present time.  I wrote the following letter to

                                        December 22, 1910

    Ridenour Fuel Company
    Mr. J. I. Allenbaugh, Manager

    My Dear Sir:

    In noticing your bills for oil for the University, I perceive
    that you have charged 4 1/2 cents a gallon.  When the Regents
    gave you the privilege of furnishing us oil this year both
    you and your Reno competitor bid 4 1/2 cents a gallon.
    Shortly after that oil took a tumble on account of the over-
    production.  The University will pay 4 1/2 cents a gallon up
    to and including December 31, 1910, but from January 1, 1911
    on, I would request you to furnish the oil at 4 cents a

    Kindly let me know at once if this will be agreeable to you,
    and believe me,

                             Yours sincerely,

                             J. E. Stubbs, President

I had no written contract with him.  It seemed to me but fair,
as a citizen of Reno, that he should give us the advantage of
this reduction in price.  I now submit to you the question of
buying the oil from the first of January at 4 cents, or less, a
gallon, as I can make a contract - to give him the first oppor-
tunity for furnishing it at that price, and if he is unwilling
to do it, to give it to the Reno Fuel Oil Company.

                     Instructor in History

I recommend the appointment of Miss Nellie Godbolt as Assistant
in History at a salary of $400 for the months of January, Feb-
ruary, March, April and May, or $80 per month.  She is very
highly recommended by Professors of the University of California,
where she has been a student.  She has made History her major
subject for 4 1/2 years.  She passed the teachers' test as one
of the two highest in the class and she has had experience in

                  Visit to Southeastern Nevada

I left on the 10th of December for a trip through southeastern
Nevada.  I visited Goldfield; Las Vegas, where I made an address;
Caliente; Panaca, where I remained one day examining the county
high school and made an address in the evening to a large audi-
ence; Pioche; and then on returning spent one day in Las Vegas
schools, where I was joined by Regent Williams; and returned
home on Sunday night, December 18th.  While on this trip I
looked into the matter of selecting a man for Deputy Superin-
tendent for the 5th District.  I advised that we transfer Mr.
J. G. Mc Kay from Goldfield to Las Vegas to acquire citizenship,
and appoint him to the place.  He is a trained educator and I
am convinced will give that district most excellent service.

                    The State Historical Society

I beg leave to submit herewith a copy of the letter which I
addressed to Miss Wier on December 21st, and her reply to it
under date of December 24th.

                       Lincoln Day Address

I have invited and have the acceptance of, Samuel W. Belford to
deliver the address commemorative of the birthday of Abraham
Lincoln on Saturday, the 11th day of February.  We have planned
exercises for that day which will include an address by Governor
Tasker L. Oddie, as well as that by Samuel W. Belford.  At that
time we expect the pleasure of entertaining the members of the
Legislature and attaches, and the State Officers at the Univer-
sity to listen to those addresses.  We will probably provide a
luncheon for the members of the Legislature, so that they will
have ample time to inspect the buildings and grounds of the

                       Letter from E. W. Allen

I have this morning received a letter from the Assistant Di-
rector of the Office of Experiment Stations.  I sent to Dr. True,
the Director, a copy of our report.  In the absence of Dr. True,
Mr. Allen has answered it.  I will read you the letter.

                        Legislative Committee

I would suggest that the incoming Board of Regents, together
with Dr. Sullivan, be constituted a Committee to look after our
bills and general appropriations in the Legislature.  There are
3 members of the incoming Board who reside in Reno and Sparks,
who can look after matters very carefully.  Also one of our
members has been a member of the Legislature and knows how things
are done in that body.  I submit as a part of this report a let-
ter to the Joint Committee of Ways and Means of the Senate and
Assembly to be signed, if you see proper.  This letter suggests
to the Joint Ways and Means Committee the appropriation for the
needs of the University amounting to $158,502.70; building a
dam, $5,000.00; for permanent improvement, $10,000.00; for the
College of Education, $24,000.00; for maintaining a greenhouse,
$3,000.00; for the support of the Experiment Station and the
Mt. Rose Weather Observatory, $5,000.00; for the support of the
State Hygienic Laboratory, $10,000.00; for the support of Pure
Food and Drug Control, $12,000.00; for the support of the Elko
County Dry Farm, $10,000.00.

In addition, I herewith submit bills which I have prepared for
the different buildings and the farm which we have asked for.
These bills are as follows:

1.  An Act to provide for the erection of a Biological building
    at the University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada - $70,000.  It has
    been suggested that we give this bill to Dr. Ascher and let
    him introduce it immediately upon the convening of the Leg-
    islature in the Senate.

2.  An Act to provide for the erection and equipment of an Elec-
    trical building at the University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada,
    appropriating $40,000, $25,000 for the building and $15,000
    for equipment.  This bill should be presented in the House
    at the beginning of the session.

3.  An Act to provide for the purchase and equipment of a Univer-
    sity Farm - $5,000.

Assemblyman Mark G. Bradshaw of Nye County wants to introduce
the bill providing for the purchase of the President's House in
the sum of $9,439.05.  He thinks that the bill will go through
the Assembly at this session.  If the Regents favor it, I will
present this bill.  I should say that $1,550.00 of these various
small claims will be given to the University for a loaning fund
to students.

                         Hartung Estate

I have been informed that the Odd Fellows cannot and will not
comply with the conditions which Mr. Hartung as preliminary to
the conveyance of his Estate, or the interest of it, to the
I. O. O. F. and it is probable that we can get the Supreme Lodge
of the I. O. O. F. to take official action that they will not
accept the gift under the provisions which the late Mr. Hartung
made.  It is probably also that the School District of Reno will
refuse to comply with the conditions, and they may take such
action as will release the Estate and permit it to revert to the
University under the conditions of the Will.  This is, of course,
a confidential matter which I propose to look into and see just
what can be done.  I urged Mr. Hartung originally to make this
bequest direct to the University, but his mind was fixed on
making the present Will and nothing that I could say or do would
change it.

                            Russell Estate

I have asked Mr. Charles Lewers of Henderson and Lewers to look
into the adjustment of the Russell Estate as soon as he could.
I understand that the claimants as heirs have withdrawn their
suit and that it remains simply to be adjusted.  The University
of Nevada will get a certain portion of the interest or income
each year, which is to be placed to the benefit of poor students.

                         Payrolls for January

I have left word for Professor Lewers, Vice President of the
University, to announce that no salaries or claims would be paid
until from the 15th to the 20th of February.  I expect now to
return home by the 6th of February, in case my plans carry all
right, and I want a little time to adjust matters in the office
after my return.

                        Letter from Chief Webster

This morning I received the following letter from Chief Webster:

Dr. J. E. Stubbs
President N. S. U., Reno

Dear Sir:

You are respectfully notified to equip Morrill Hall, Stewart
Hall, Hatch Hall and Lincoln Hall with approved fire escapes as
soon as possible.  City Ordinance No. 124 requires that the
above named buildings be so equipped.

                             Yours truly,

                             W. W. Webster,
                             Chief R. F. D.

I replied to this letter as follows:

W. W. Webster, Chief
Reno Fire Department, Reno

Dear Sir:

I have received your letter in regard to equipping Morrill Hall,
Stewart Hall, Hatch Hall and Lincoln Hall with fire escapes.  As
soon as the Legislature makes our appropriation we will see that
the fire escapes are put on as required by Ordinance No. 124.

                             Very truly yours,

                             J. E. Stubbs

                        Advertising Board

I thought it might be a good step to erect an advertising board
on the right of way of the Southern Pacific Company setting forth
briefly the advantages of Reno as an educational center.  There
are hundreds of people going through every day, east and west,
that would be attracted by an advertisement of this kind.  I sub-
mit now in a general way what we propose to do for your approval,
or disapproval.

I have the honor to remain, very respectfully,

                             Your obedient servant,

                             J. E. Stubbs,

Upon motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Sullivan, the
appointment of Miss Nellie Godbolt by the President of the Uni-
versity as Assistant Teacher in History at a salary of $400 for
the months of January, February, March, April and May, or $80
per month was approved.

Upon motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Dr. Sullivan, the
President was authorized to have sufficient copies of the letter
of Dr. E. W. Allen printed to supply the members of the Nevada

Upon motion of Henderson, seconded by Williams, the incoming
Board, including Dr. Sullivan, was appointed a Legislative Com-
mittee to attend to all Legislative matters relating to the

Upon motion to Dr. Sullivan, seconded by Regent Henderson, the
President of the University was authorized to place or erect an
advertising board on the right of way of the Southern Pacific
Company west of the depot setting forth the advantages of Reno
as an educational center.

Regent Williams moved and was seconded by Regent Henderson, that
the Secretary of the Board of Regents be authorized and directed
to have published a letter in the Gazette and Journal denying
the published reports regarding Professor Thurtell being paid a
salary from the University since September 1, 1905, the date of
the beginning of his leave of absence from the University.

The following letter was prepared and published in the two Reno
dailies on January 5, 1911:

    At the meeting of the Board of Regents, held January 2,
    1911, I was instructed to have published in the Gazette
    and Journal, a denial of the articles published in the
    Gazette at various times with reference to Professor Henry
    Thurtell receiving a salary from the University while
    holding another State Office.

    Professor Thurtell was granted a leave of absence from the
    University by the Regents from September 1, 1905 to Septem-
    ber 1,1907, without salary.  From September 1, 1905 to the
    present time no compensation whatever has been paid to him
    by the University.

    Professor Thurtell, during the years 1908 and 1909, did
    such teaching at the University as his duties of Railroad
    Commissioner permitted, but for this service he has never
    asked or received any compensation whatever.

                             Yours very truly,

                             George H. Taylor,
                             Secretary of the Board of Regents
                                 of the University of Nevada

Upon motion of Dr. Sullivan, seconded by Regent Henderson, there
being no further business, the Board adjourned sine die.

The new Board of Regents met at four o'clock P.M., January 2,
1911, at their Office in Morrill Hall.  Present:  A. A. Codd,
Frank Williams, Charles B. Henderson, Dr. H. E. Reid, and J. W.
O'Brien, also President Stubbs.

Upon motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Williams,
A. A. Codd was elected Chairman of the Board.

Upon motion of Williams, seconded by Henderson, George H. Taylor
was elected Secretary of the Board.

After some discussion the Board took a recess to eight o'clock
P.M. January 2, 1911.

The Regents of the University of Nevada met at Room 9, Gazette
Publishing Company building, at 8 o'clock P.M. January 2, 1911.
Present:  Regents Codd, Reid, Williams and O'Brien.  Absent:
Regent Henderson and President Stubbs.

Representing the Nevada Historical Society were Miss Jeanne E.
Wier, Dr. Hershiser and Senator A. W. Holmes.

The object of the meeting was for the purpose of discussing the
Nevada Historical Society, its building and management.  After
a lengthy discussion, Regent Williams offered the following reso-
lution, which was seconded by Regent Reid and carried, all mem-
bers present voting yes.


    (1)  That we, the Board of Regents of the University of
         Nevada, recommend that a piece of ground between
         Stewart Hall and the Chemistry building, of sufficient
         size for a Historical Society building, be leased for
         a period of ten years, with an assurance of successive
         renewals, to the Nevada Historical Society.

    (2)  That any building erected thereon shall be the property
         of the said Nevada Historical Society.

    (3)  That two members of the Board of Regents, through virtue
         of their election as such, become ex-officio members of
         the Executive Council of the Nevada Historical Society.

    (4)  That, as a condition to successive renewals of the above
         mentioned lease, the building shall be used exclusively
         for Nevada Historical Society purposes, and that no
         changes be made at any future time on the exterior of
         said building without the consent of the Regents at an
         authorized meeting of the Board of Regents; and, fur-
         ther, that a specified portion of the building be re-
         served for the use of the University for Library pur-
         poses until such time when a new Library building be
         provided for the University Library.

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet at
the call of the Chairman.

                             A. A. Codd

Geo. H. Taylor