UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 2-3, 1903


Volume OC - Pages 271-272

Reno, Nevada

January 2, 1903

The Board of Regents met at their Office at 2 o'clock P.M.,

Saturday, January 2, 1903. Present J. N. Evans, W. E. F. Deal

and W. W. Booher.

The report of the Board for 1901-02 to the Governor was read,

considered and, upon motion, adopted.

It was moved, seconded and carried, that the opening of the

University be postponed for one week on account of the prevalence

of Diptheria.

Claims were allowed on January 2, 1903 by Regents Evans and

Booher as follows:

Experiment Station Payroll for December,

1902 - No. 3543-3560 $1363.38

Agricultural & Mechanic College Payroll

for December, 1902 - No. 3447-3472 $2581.16

No further business, the Board adjourned sine die.

J. N. Evans


Geo. H. Taylor