UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 2-3, 1892


Volume OB - Pages 159-161

Reno, Nevada

January 2, 1892

At a regular meeting of the Board of Regents held this day the

following members were present: Governor Colcord, E. T. George,

J. D. Torreyson and H. L. Fish.

On motion of E. T. George and seconded by Governor Colcord, H. L.

Fish elected President of the Board for the ensuing year.

Minutes of the meeting held November 28, 1891 read and approved.

Professor Miller read a communication with reference to specimens

at store for the Museum and the exclusive use of the Assembly

Room in the main building. Laid over until next meeting.

Professor Jackson submitted his report of the Mining Laboratory

for December and after due consideration it was ordered placed on

file. Matter of mechanic and supplies laid over for one month.

Lieutenent Neall was authorized to move ores to State Pavilion

building and have cases strengthened.

Claims were allowed as follows:

Mining Laboratory Fund

Joseph Durkee 35.80

G. Haskins 68.00

E. B. Hancock 78.00

W. O. H. Martin 70.79

George A. Booth 78.50

Union Trans Work 58.00

F. C. Updike 208.85

Sub total $597.94

Contingent University Fund

Mary W. Emery 154.16

Geo H. Taylor 25.00

S. G. Kendall 75.00

Donald Mc Kay 75.00

Mrs. Schulke 40.00

S. C. Durkee 20.00

J. D. Torreyson 14.50

W. Mc N. Miller 8.25

J. N. Evans 45.00

Reno Water Co. 189.20

M. A. Rosenthal 19.50

Robert Lewers 58.25

Geo. H. Taylor (freight) 23.89

Mrs. Belle Kendall 8.00

M. W. Emery 5.40

W. J. Suke 19.40

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 236.31

Charles Sehn 70.00

Antone Beal 52.50

Charles Bryant 35.00

Charles Newquist 37.50

W. H. North 12.00

F. C. Updike 82.00

Total $1,305.86

Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund

S. A. Jones 216.66

W. Mc N. Miller 166.66

R. D. Jackson 166.66

J. W. Phillips 150.00

Robert Lewers 150.00

T. W. Cowgill 150.00

Henry Thurtell 150.00

J. M. Neall 150.00

Richard Brown 125.00

H. K. Clapp 100.00

D. C. Heath 2.48

Grant Co. 13.77

Scientific Publishing Co. 12.40

Charles F. Libbie Co. 29.62

Mac Millan & Co. 17.01

D. Nostrand 22.51

Naragansett Machine Co. 27.00

E. E. Hardach 5.00

Geo. H. Taylor (Freight bills) 19.08

James Paterson 72.00

Gus Lundberg 67.50

W. Flood 5.00

A. Nadon 1.25

Folsom Mills 44.00

Detroit Heating & Lighting 8.40

W. S. Sparks 8.60

Keuffel & Essen 3.71

A. A. Manning 142.48

Bausch & Lomb Optical 33.47

Elmer Snead 4.80

Osborne & Alexander 24.70

A. E. Foote 84.15

S. A. Jones 23.10

Saul Carson Co. 70.20

Total $2,267.21

No further business appearing the Board adjourned.

H. L. Fish


Geo. H. Taylor