Cultural Diversity and Title IX Compliance Committee

Cedric Crear, Chair
Sam Lieberman, Vice Chair
Andrea Anderson
Patrick R. Carter
Carol Del Carlo
Allison Stephens

Charges: The Cultural Diversity and Title IX Compliance Committee shall study issues and recommend policies to the Board in an effort to promote cultural and ethnic diversity including, but not limited to, socio-economic, historical, cultural, capability, identity, gender, expression, linguistic and intellectual differences and similarities, throughout the System in order to ensure access and equity for all students, staff and faculty.

The Committee shall:

  • Review and examine issues, information and activities that promote diversity among the students, staff and faculty of the System.
  • Examine information and indicators of student access and equity.
  • Make recommendations to the Board intended to create, enhance, promote and support an educational environment that welcomes all cultural and ethnic minorities.
  • Take actions appropriate to increase awareness, visibility and emphasis of campus diversity programs.
  • Examine information and indicators regarding Title IX compliance and make any policy recommendations to the Board.
  • Make recommendations to the Board regarding Title IX initiatives that foster awareness of and enhance commitment to a non-discriminatory campus environment.

Diversity Reports: Annual overview of the current status of enrollment and employment of members of diverse groups across the NSHE.

NSHE Institutional Diversity Reports: Various diversity-related reports submitted to the Cultural Diversity Committee from 2008 to the present.