Academic & Student Affairs Committee

Jason Geddes, Chair
Sam Lieberman, Vice Chair
Andrea Anderson
Cedric Crear
James Dean Leavitt

Charges: The Academic and Student Affairs Committee shall:

  • Provide guidance in the development, review and recommendation of academic programs and degrees of the NSHE.
  • Consider and recommend to the Board policies concerning academic master plans.
  • Consider and recommend to the Board policies and practices concerning articulation and the transfer of students between and among the member institutions.
  • Consider and recommend to the Board policies relating to admission requirements, student services, academic standards, grading practices and requirements for graduation.
  • Consider and recommend policies to the Board regarding implementation of distance education, telecommunicated education and applications of educational and information technology in support of teaching, learning, research and creative activities.
  • Oversee and review campus management of faculty workload to assure equity, efficiency and effectiveness in the disposition of faculty effort.
  • Facilitate the development, review and implementation of policies to the Board relevant to the learning climate, working climate and support mechanisms for faculty, staff and students.
  • Review and make recommendations concerning campus plans for the provision of child care and disability services.
  • Jointly, with the Business and Finance Committee, consider and recommend to the Board policies concerning NSHE enrollment management plans, tuition and fees and the development of a student financial aid system for the NSHE that promotes access to public higher education for all Nevadans.