Committee on Institutional Service Areas

In 2013, Chancellor Dan Klaich commissioned a study to identify specific strategies to achieve cost savings and efficiencies at each institution while maintaining or enhancing the academic programs, service to students and Northern Nevada communities. The purpose of the evaluation was to determine whether strategically implementing a variety of shared services could provide significant cost savings at each institution. For this study, functions and activities that are currently performed independently by each college but could be “centralized” to a single entity were evaluated. The objective was to identify opportunities to share services in order to:

  • Achieve cost savings to allow reallocation of resources to institutions’ core mission
  • Develop long term sustainability strategies by evaluating new revenue streams
  • Gain economies of scale through centralized transaction processing
  • Standardize practices, processes and polices among the community colleges
  • Re-focus college staff on mission-critical functions
  • Improve on current levels of services to students, staff , the community and other stakeholders


Additional Information



Committee Members

Jason Geddes, Chair
Andrea Anderson
Robert J. Blakely
Kevin C. Melcher

Non-voting advisory members:

Chet Burton, WNC
Mark Curtis, GBC
Bart Patterson, NSC
Maria Sheehan, TMCC
Ron Zurek, UNR
Alex Porter, NSA/ SGA-GBC
Alejandra Leon, ASWN-WNC