Running my first Board meeting

On September 8-9, I chaired my first Board meeting. It was a great experience. I was fortunate enough to follow Regents Wixom and Leavitt and serve as Vice Chair to both. That experience prepped me for preparing the agenda and working through the details of organizing a meeting with Chancellor Klaich and CEO Wasserman. It didn’t prepare me for actually running the meeting during the day. Fortunately, it went off with very few glitches.

The meeting started exactly at 8:30 a.m. on September 8 and we were able to finish early on Friday afternoon. We had a fire alarm on Friday during our strategic planning session. We all exited the building in a timely fashion and assembled outside. Our elementary school teachers would be proud. DRI staff worked diligently to arrange to get the beam from the World Trade Center out of the building for the 9/11 tribute at Fremont Street without any disruption to public comment. At the end of the meeting, we read through a list of all of the new business brought up during the meeting as we started to prepare for the December meeting.

Jason Geddes
Nevada Board of Regents