Agenda review

Prior to every Board meeting, the Chair, Vice Chair, Chancellor and Board CEO go through the agenda to prepare for the meeting. Putting together an agenda takes months as the campuses, committees and staff put items together. These range from routine approval of minutes to major budget and program decisions. The amount of hours it takes to put an agenda together is truly staggering and staff does a great job. The Committee Chairs put their respective agendas together. In order to make the meetings more efficient, the Board is trying to place more routine items onto committee consent agendas. Committee Chairs Alden, Anderson, Crear, Leavitt, Melcher and Wixom did a great job in putting their agendas together.

On August 19, Regent Page, Chancellor Klaich, CEO Wasserman and I reviewed the main agenda, committee agendas and meeting schedule to ensure all items receive the proper time for Board consideration and discussion. We also try to ensure that all information is available for Board review and for the members to make an informed decision. It is truly an enjoyable time for those who take pleasure in putting together and running a good meeting. I am looking forward to the September meeting. Between now and then, Regent Page and I will be brushing up on our knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Jason Geddes
Nevada Board of Regents