Fresh Look at Nevada's Community Colleges


The Fresh Look at Nevada Community Colleges task force was formed by Chancellor Dan Klaich in June 2010 to examine the mission of Nevada’s four community colleges, and to define and identify required resources to accomplish those missions.

Over the past 10 years, enrollment in Nevada's community colleges has grown by 22.6 percent with more than 66,500 students enrolled in fall 2009. In light of this growth, the task force will examine how the Nevada System of Higher Education can continue to meet increasing student demand while positioning Nevada as a national leader in workforce development and training.

Accordingly, the Fresh Look at Nevada Community Colleges task force has been charged with examining the following three issues:

  • Identify the critical role of community colleges in the future of Nevada and how each college’s mission addresses this role.
  • Understand and define what resources are needed to accomplish each college’s mission.
  • Identify state employment trends, community college best practices, and sources to strengthen community colleges.

The task force is chaired by Bruce James, president and chief executive officer of Nevada New-Tech, Inc.