Efficiency & Effectiveness

The Efficiency and Effectiveness Initiative, headed by Regent Kevin Page, advises the Board of Regents and makes recommendations to the Board on the following items:

  • consideration of amendments to current policies which are either outdated or unduly cumbersome or which inhibit the ability of campus management to respond to changing circumstances;
  • review of the eight institutions for models of cost savings and efficiency so that best practices can be shared across the System;
  • review of models that will improve student recruitment, retention and degree completion rates;
  • review of models for maximum utilization of campus facilities;
  • review of opportunities for privatization and outsourcing that do not further impact the System’s budgets;
  • review of employment and personnel practices and policies, including, but not limited to, faculty workload and participation in the State Classified System;
  • review of models for more efficient and flexible capital financing, construction and renewal, including a review of the viability and utility of the participation of the State Public Works Board; and
  • review of governance models to determine areas where the Board of Regents can govern more efficiently, whether that is in the form of fewer meetings, fewer reports or the like.

A model currently being reviewed is the University of Maryland System's Effectiveness and Efficiency Initiative.

Read the March 4, 2011 preliminary report to the Board of Regents.
Read the June 10, 2011 Phase 2 report to the Board of Regents.